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I love toasties! Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesMakes nice toasties! It's cheap..

DisadvantagesSome design issues

"...type of toasting machine in Asda for a rather reasonable £10. There were two types available at the time, a standard white one at a reasonable price of roughly £5 and a Silver / black version priced at £10… As our kitchen appliances are all stainless steel it was a no brainer that we were going to pay the extra for the black and silver version. === *** About the Asda toasted sandwich maker *** === This is a normal type of toasted sandwich machine ..." Read review

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Make Delicious Toasties At Home!

Advantagescheap! easy to use, makes delicious toasties

Disadvantagesshort cable, can only accommodate smaller slices of bread

"Asda offer two different sandwich toasters (toastie machines). They offer a stainless steel toaster for just under £10. They also offer a more basic sandwich toaster which is part of the Smart Price range and costs around £5. I am reviewing the Asda Smart Price version which is model HD-606. ===Sandwich Toaster=== This sandwich toaster is designed to cook 2 sandwiches at any one time. It is white and measures 23.5 x 23 x 10.5cm. The machine weighs ..." Read review

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AdvantagesGood price, easy to use

DisadvantagesNothing major

"...small kitchen appliances aisle in Asda with the sandwich toasters staring at me, I impulse bought the Asda Sandwich Toaster (TXS-9805) which was reduced from £9.99 to £7. I toyed with the idea of purchasing the value one for under a fiver, but for the extra couple of pounds you get what I consider to be a nicer design. ==Design== The sandwich toaster is very simple in its appearance. It is mainly black plastic, but it has a stainless steel ..." Read review

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Toasting sandwiches at a smart price!

AdvantagesCheap and easy to use

DisadvantagesNormal bread doesnt fit

"...student house purchases was the Asda Smartprice sandwich toaster. I loved toasted sandwiches so I knew that this was something that I was prepared to be without. Along with my Smartprice toaster, I bought this sandwich toaster for £5.49. I really like the fact that Asda (as well as other major supermarkets) have come out with extremely cheap kitchen and household electrical items so that you don’t have to pay for a fortune for something so simple. ..." Read review

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Super toastie

Advantageseasy to use, lovely toasties

Disadvantagescan be hard to clean, not made for larger slices of bread

"I purchased this sandwich toaster quite a few years ago now, so I cant quite remember the price, but to say after 4 years and its still in perfect working order then its been a very good buy. THE DESIGN The design of this sandwich toaster is pretty simple and basic but lets face it that’s all you need really, nothing too fancy, as long as it does the job. The bottom and half of the top is in plain black plastic, then you have stainless steel across ..." Read review

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A Smartly Priced Sandwich Maker!

AdvantagesPretty much everything and look at the price of it!

DisadvantagesBulky machine, short power able and I hate cleaning these things!

"...toaster I have is the Asda 'Smart Price' one which is a basic white, 2 sandwich maker model. The Sandwich Toaster: When I found out online that this only cost £4.64 for such a thing I didn't expect much from it at all. Its fair to say its a rather clumbersome item and not as sleek as I would have liked it to be but it looks ok with its white plastic finish and large white clasp to the front of it and two lights to the right hand side of it on the ..." Read review

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Yummy Toasties At A Smart Price!

AdvantagesCheap, easy to clean, toasts sandwiches quickly.

DisadvantagesSome breads are much too big to use, can't really use thick bread or huge fillings

"...my mum bought me the Asda Smartprice toastie maker at an unbelievable £5 odds! It came in a white box and unlike the picture the machine itself is plain white with 2 lights, a green and a red, I assume that the green means it's switched on and the red signals when it's ready although I can't be a hundred percent this way works for me! On the handle there is a clip to hold the sandwich together to make it stick and on the inside are 2 non stick ..." Read review

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Quite A Purchase

Advantagescheap, easy to use

Disadvantagesstiff latch

"...a sandwich toster in the asda basics range for £5, I decided that this would be a good purchase, even if it was only temporary.THE DESIGNMy sandwich toaster differs in appearance to the picture provided above. As part of the basics range, it is just that and is plain white in appearance, no frills here. This is fine by me as I keep it in a cupboard apart from when in use, had I intended to leave it on my worktop I would ..." Read review

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Ah it is lovely and Toastie in Here!

Advantagesgreat toastie maker

Disadvantagesnone really

"...when we were walking through Asda one day to the car (it was nearly dinner time and we were quite peckish), and we saw this we just looked at each other and the next thing we knew we were at the till with the Asda Smart Price Sandwich Toaster, a block of cheese and some bread (we had bread in the house but we decided to treat ourselves to a lovely fresh loaf to use with our new Toastie Maker). Kerching, purchase made, and our pockets where £12.87 ..." Read review

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Asda Smart Price does it again!

Advantageseasy to use, affordable, great results.

DisadvantagesAppearance is cheap.

"...I buy a replacement. The Asda Smart Price Sandwich Toaster fitted the bill when I went to the supermarket to find a suitable replacement, and I have now had a number of months of enjoyment from it. == First impressions == As this is an Asda Smart Price product, the looks are not the most inspiring. We have a plain white body to the toaster, with the contrasting black heat plates inside. It is hard to suggest the look is anything other than ..." Read review

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Delicious Yum!

AdvantagesMakes yummy sandwiches.


"...do my weekly shop in Asda I had a quick nosey in the homewear section as I usually do and to my delight I actually noticed that Asda do indeed sell toasted sandwich makers! WooHoo! They had a plain white Smart Price toasted sandwich maker and a nicer stainless steel and black Asda branded one, I went for the second option as it looked nicer and went with my kitchen appliances at the time and it was only a few pounds more. I believe I paid in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 4katherineh...


Toasted Sandwiches the cheap way!

Advantagesreasonably priced, does the job well, quick to heat up, easy to clean

Disadvantagesnot the most attractive,

"I purchased an asda smart price sandwich toaster when i bought my new home. As a non-essential item, this was not high on my list of purchases when I had toasters, kettles etc to buy. However, I couldn't resist purchasing this when I noticed the price, very cheap and worth a go I thought. I don't use it regularly but when I do, it does the job as well as any other (and more expensive!) sandwich toaster I have used. It's not advanced, it works exactly ..." Read review

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