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Community Level 3derpface


A great story, just a very bad game.

Advantagesgood story, nice graphics

Disadvantagesthe most boring game you'll likely ever play

"So with all the teaser footage about this game in the hype of this impending release, gamers were wetting themselves everywhere. Anyone remember, the video.. the guy dressed like a monk, jumps off a building, and wrist spikes someone amongst a pile of guards, then the dramatic chase scene, and then, he looses the guards by blending into a crowd of holy people, and we all thought wow.. that looks amazing. Looking amazing is all this game really does ..." Read review

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Community Level 2PCLM


A Tainted Masterpiece

AdvantagesEndlessly enjoyable combat, wonderful graphics & soundtrack, pretty long game length

DisadvantagesExcruciatingly long and boring cut-scenes, poor NPC audio quality, Altair's voice actor isn't good

"Assassin's Creed would be one of my favourite games if it weren't for the few but significant flaws the game is marred by. Intense, engaging gameplay, gorgeous graphics, wide open cities, well-oiled combat mechanics, fairly intriguing storyline and fantastic voice acting from all but one of the game's characters make Assassin's Creed a truly unique and endlessly enjoyable experience, but it's tainted by mind-numbing detours from the gameplay. ~ [ ..." Read review

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Nearly the perfect game

AdvantagesGreat gameplay and amazing graphics

DisadvantagesGets repetitive

"I am not really a guy that plays games on computer, due to my love of the playstation and their excellent games. However after being given this game as a gift, I was eager to try it out. Of course I stumbled upon a problem that my laptop was not powerful enough to buy it, but I was in the process of buying a new computer anyway. Once my powerful system was bought I popped this CD in and the fun started. I will come to the specs needed later. Initially ..." Read review

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Community Level 2anurag440044


Assassins Creed

AdvantagesExcellent graphics, Fluid gameplay


"Assassins creed, surely one of the best games you'll ever play. The gameplay is just fantastic. It is definately one of the most unique games ever created. The story starts with a bartender, named Desmond, who is held captive by a scientist, who researches on archive DNA of ancestors. He believes that Desmond's DNA contains very important data of his ancestors who were assassins. To do so, he uses a machine called the Animus which simulates 3 dimensional ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Em145202713


Assassins Creed

AdvantagesGreat graphics and story

DisadvantagesSome of the missions are a bit repetitive

"Plot: Great story. I was expecting a lot from this game due to the time era its set in and I have to admit it exceeded my expectations by a long way. Unlike some games that seem to forget to tell you why you’re doing what you doing, this game keeps you updated all the time. It never leaves you behind. The plot kept making me want to keep coming back for more to see what was going to happen next. You play as Altair a free running assassin who is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ethernet5


Assassin's Creed PC - Review & Problems

Advantagesgraphic detailing, can work on 64bit windows with 1.02 patch

DisadvantagesProceesor and Graphically too intensive for minimum specification

"...thrown away easily! I recently bought Assassin's Creed - Director's Cut (PC) for Dell Inspiron 530s 2.3GHz Intel Core Duo- series 8 Graphics card Nvidia everything should work fine but doesn't even though the game specifications can support this hardware. As I have Microsoft Vista I think this might be the problem but its really hard to tell. Whilst the game is running the CPU usage varies between 60%-90%, I have enough memory and hardware shouldn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2S4MMY_74


Buy Or Not?

AdvantagesGreat Graphics and killing.

DisadvantagesBoring and tiresome after a certain period

"This game, in my opinion, was over rated and not as good as expected. The Visual effects and aestheticness of the game is phenomenal, the activision team really have done well for that, although the general plot of the game is poor and needed more thought as the missions are litterally the same for each level. The plot is a man, which is researched to find the history of a great, great relative, an assasin at the time of the crusades, the game focuses ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lokey69666


assassins Creed

Advantagesstunning graphics, wide level freedom

Disadvantagesnot enough fight moves

"I first heard of this game about two years ago, when it was released on the XBox 360 i tried to avoid playing it until it was released on the pc. the game is everything i hoped for and more, it has stunning graphics, an emersive story line and exellent game play. all that and the fact that you can go any where and do anything you want makes this title one for the collection. i recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the stealth element and feeling ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jorkee


Assassins Creed: awesome game

Advantagesgraphic and sounds


"First of all, I would like to thank the publishers of the game for creating such a wonderful game. when i first played it was very exiting but then as you advance in the game it kinda bore me. You just have to keep on repeating the routine you've done in the first place. Like looking for the highest or tallest building to observe your surrounding, saving citizens, etc.. but i like how they came up with the story and the assassination thingy is cool ..." Read review

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