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~Emergency Mash~


DisadvantagesNot that tasty

"...and decided to give this Aunt Bessie Frozen mash a try. Of course the fact that it is currently being sold on a special offer in Morrison’s for a mere £1 a bag did sway me slightly but I still understand this is way over price for the fact that it is just potato, butter, milk and salt and pepper. Considering I purchased a reduced bag of potatoes on the same day for 19p which will probably make a ton more mash than the whole of this bag. But still ..." Read review

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Community Level 3shandygirl34


Another quick and easy fix from Aunty Bessie!

AdvantagesQuick and Easy Mash in 2 and a half minutes

DisadvantagesNot really a lot in the packet for the money. The packaging is a nightma

"...new potatos from good old Aunt Bessie and as we both chatted through our love of her Yorkshires we contemplated trying them out. As I reached into the freezer section at Asda I realised Aunt Bessie was clearly being affected by the credit crunch as the pack of these was priced at what I feel a pretty hefty £2.00. I weighed it up as I ummed and aaahed over whether to complete my purchase or go and pick up some spuds from the veg section. It was ..." Read review

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Microwave or potato peeler that is the question

AdvantagesVery quick when you have little people wanting something to eat immediately

Disadvantagesa tiny bit pricey - definately compared to potatoes

"...one day we saw that Aunt Bessie does mash potato and although this was more expensive you could use as little or as much as you wanted at a time. Aunt Bessies Mash potato comes in 900g bags and at the moment costing around £2.00. Inside are 5cm circular or puck size pieces 1cm thick.I am not sure how many are in there but it is at least 25. The potato is real potatoes and it is mashed with milk, butter and salt and peper. Nutritional information ..." Read review

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Community Level 6SexySOS


Smashed …no I am not drunk yet!

AdvantagesYou can be soooooooooooooo lazy

DisadvantagesNot as good as mumma used to make

"...Bessie's Mashed Potatoes. Good Olde Aunt Bessie, she does exactly what it its says on the tin, or the packet in this case. History of the Brand _______________ The aunt Bessie brand has been around since the 1974's, at first it was only related to Yorkshire puddings, but throughout the years their product range has grown to include frozen pies, stuffing, dumplings, vegetable, desserts and pancakes. Packaging ________ Have you ever ..." Read review

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Community Level 4pantyliner


Mrs Goggins Moonlighting with Mash

Advantagesquick and very easy to make

Disadvantagesnone really

"I recently discovered Aunt Bessie's Homestyle Mash. It's in a 650g bag in the freeezer compartment. I bought mine from Tesco for £1.49. On the front of the bag is a picture of a little lady who I think is related to Mrs Goggins from Postman Pat. She looks like a jolly old soul, with hair in a bun, glasses and a pinny. Aunt Bessie does a lot of stuff, from Yorkshire Puddings to pies and I've tried a few but this is the first time I've eaten her mash ..." Read review

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Community Level 5nigelblue


Bye bye boiling

Advantageseasey to cook

Disadvantagesnot very fluffy

"...I was surprised to see Aunt Bessie Home style Mashed Potato. I read the instructions and it seemed easy to cook so I took a packet home to try. I had intended to have chicken breast with new potatoes but decided to give this new product a try. The frozen potato comes in round Puck shaped pieces and they recommend 5 as a serving for one. The packet has approximately 4 servings. Microwaving is recommended as the best results. You can cook on hob ..." Read review

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