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Community Level 3sportyminx


Stick it in your bra!


DisadvantagesNot as good as disposables!

"...them a go too! I chose Avent Naturally because they are a brand that I know and trust (use of their other products gave me confidence in them!) I initially only bought one pack of six (plus a couple of boxes of disposables) just in case they weren't for me (glad I did now - at £4.99 a box it's a big outlay for something i only used a handful of times - imagine if I had splashed out and got several boxes before trying them!) Let me tell you ..." Read review

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Community Level 3LisaUK11


They claim to be amazing...

AdvantagesSoft material.

DisadvantagesThey aren't leak proof!

"...friends and family I chose Avent feeding equipment for my child. I bought the breast pump, bottles, teats, soothers, steriliser etc.... All of the products are amazing and very high quality and I am totally in love with each product I have bought except the breast pads. Avent Breast Pads have a four layer construction with a breathable backing sheet which is soft plastic. This is just incase the milk seeps through to the back of the pad and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kirkside


Flying Saucers!

AdvantagesGood Value for money, eco friendly, no leaks

DisadvantagesVisible through clothes

"Product Description These are lace backed cotton breast pads. They come in a pack of six pads and a small mesh wash bag. Advantages They are re-useable and washable. They work out much cheaper than using disposable breast pads and are more environmentally friendly. I didn't have any problems with leaks while using these. I did have to wash them every night ready for the next day so two packs would be better - one for wash, one for wear. Disadvantages They ..." Read review

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Community Level 3razzer246


No milky marks

AdvantagesPrevent leaks

DisadvantagesQuite expensive

"...an hour or so. The Avent breast pads are quite expensive-£3.99 for a box of 40, which is the only size they do. I have found that as I am on the smaller size in the breast department, I find that the breast pads are a good size, though if you are larger you may find them a bit small. There is also a handy sticker on the side that goes against your bra, to keep it in place. A god thing about Avent is the fact that they normally package the pads ..." Read review

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Community Level 3little_mis...


Avent - the best breast pads

Advantagesabsorbent, value for money, reusable

Disadvantagesvisible under clothes, move about a bit

"...the washable breast pads from Avent would be. I received lots of free samples of disposable breast pads from various places but I bought these ones and found them to be the best. Any breastfeeding mum knows how much your boobs can leak - especially at the wrong time! Just the sound of another baby cying in the supermarket can set them off!! The last thing you want is for any embarassing marks and leaks to show up through your clothes. I found ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jodene.hor...


not very good for good milk producers

Advantagesenvironmentally friendly, cheaper

Disadvantagesnot leak proof, visable through clothes

"For my first son I used disposable pads and found that I was spending around £8.00 a week on them. For my second son I decided to buy the washable breast pads from avent. I bought 4 sets of 6 pads for around £5 each. I used them when I first started leaking milk at 20weeks pregnant and found they saved me a great deal of money as they did the job. When my baby was born and the milk came in I had a shock as I fond the absorbancy was inadequate for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jojane2006


cost over effectiveness?

Advantagesreusable and cheaper than disposable

Disadvantagesbulky and small in diameter

"I produced a lot of milk at the start of breastfeeding and seemed to be constantly leaking and so was going through nearly a box of disposable pads a day. I decided to buy these washable pads as although £5 for 3 pairs calculated that it would save me money, even though I had to buy 2 packs. I find that these pads are too small and thick, they absorb a small amount of leakage but when your letdown happens they do not take long to get soaked and then ..." Read review

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Community Level 1knitting_fan


These were a brilliant find

Advantagesvery absorbant, pretty lace design

Disadvantagesslightly thicker and so a little more noticable through clothes

"...a couple of packs of Avent washable breast pads from my local Sainsbury's and they were brilliant. They really showed up the Emma Jane ones. The Avent pads were FAR superior in absorbency, and had a pretty lace design, making me feel miles prettier than the more 'clinical' looking Emma Jane ones. The Avent breast pads have kept their whiteness very well (the others have turned slightly grey over time, despite only being washed with 'whites') ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cjvillarino


a must have for breast feeding moms

AdvantagesWashable and reusable


"...in my other breast leaks. Avent breast pads is a must have for breast feeding moms because it helps in absorbing unexpected leaks when you are in a place where it's embarassing when your breasts leak. Unlike other breast pads, this set contains 3 pairs of washable pads that can be used over and over again. It is also made of cotton that quickly absorbs breast milk leaks and provides a comfortable feeling. The set comes with a laundry bag where you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Nehar


Excellent breast pads with washing bag

Advantagesreasonable price, pretty, comfortable and does its job!

Disadvantagesthey will get worn away after a while but even then its worth it!

"I was originally using disposable breast pads after delivery seeming i got quite a few free packs, after i finished them i brought some but they didnt last long and was costing me quite a bit. I also found they didnt last long and were soaken just on the way to town. After moaning many times that my clothes werre getting soaken my sister brought me some reusbale ones. They were a reasonable price and pretty. I didnt leak using them and they ..." Read review

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