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Community Level 7Pumpkin


Slippery Lips

AdvantagesConditions and moisturises lips, lovely smell.

DisadvantagesDoesn't work well under lipstick, but doesn't look good if worn on its own.

"...in to the world of Avon cosmetics. From the most recent catalogue I ordered an eye shadow, which had a free gift with it: Beyond Colour Triple Benefit Lip Conditioner. This conditioner would normally cost £5 if purchased separately, so it was a good thing to receive as a free gift - despite the fact that I hate the eyeshadow, but that's another story! This product is designed to condition the lips and can be worn on its own (it claims to be colourless) ..." Read review

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Not just for Women

AdvantagesCan be used by both men and women.

DisadvantagesNot advertised as a male product.

"...of the Beyond Colour Range, Avon has produced a lip balm that cares specifically for the skin of the lips. It is called Triple Benefits Lip Conditioner and is a very versatile product. This lip conditioning product can be worn as a clear lip balm, both day and night or as an under coat for lipstick, acting as good base for colour. It makes the lips feel soft but also improves the condition of the skin. It is a great product, and is taste and odorless. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5lwperkins


Something To Pout About

Advantagesconditions lips

Disadvantagesdoesn't create a trout pout, smells funny

"My Avon girl still loves me. Iím spending a fortune with mail order cosmetics and skincare company Avon at the moment based on the fact that if itís good enough for Mel from Eastenders, itís good enough for me! (Tamzin Outhwaite is the new Ďfaceí of Avon Cosmetics) I donít know what it is about Avon that has me buying really random things because they are 'cheapí when in fact if I saw them in Boots I wouldnít give them a second look. My shelves ..." Read review

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Community Level 3scooby32


Amazed me

AdvantagesReally works

Disadvantagesbest only at night time

"Firstly this is the only lip care I will ever use from now on. I suffer pretty bad with chap lips it gets that bad they look burnt!!!! and I have very small lips. I bought this product as a buy 2 £8.00 offer but can buy on its own for £5.00, I have tried everything going and I thought well got nowt to lose with this. Well, it amazed me. I tried it when i got it and it doesn't have a sticky feel on the lips, its smooth. The colour is pale ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bluemum



Advantagesversitle and vaule for money


"...a lipstick stick from the Avon range last year. Well actually I bought 2 and they are still in my make up bag, its not that I dont use them I do, a lot. I dont only use them for my lips but also my eyes too, they make a great eyeshadow. And because they are not powder they stay on a lot longer. I found them very versitle and vaule for money. Because I bought 2 of them I can use one for my lipstick and the other for my eyes and if applied correctly ..." Read review

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