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Community Level 5Gill_J


Avons silky steel for nails.

AdvantagesEasy to apply, dries quickly and you get great results.

DisadvantagesNone that I have found yet.

"I bought this product from Avon and my lovely rep Geoff as a last resort realy, I love to have long nails but daily life does not make it easy and wheelchairs are very nail unfriendly items thats for sure, ouch!!!!! I thought it a little expensive at £4.00 for 12m but I am glad I bought it now the results have been excellent, I applied the silk wrap on monday its now friday and not a nail broken, its a record. The Silk Wrap comes in a good ..." Read review

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Community Level 4LIZZIE241079


Wrap your nails in silk

AdvantagesLeaves nails healthy looking

Disadvantageshard to apply

"...product among the pages of Avon products I decied to give it a shot - as I have the worst looking nails in Ireland. all was good I read the instructions - you apply one coat horizon an dthe second coat vertical - no problem at all. Fist coat went on gradn - although it was a bit hard cause of the direction you had to apply it at. Then for the second coat - hmm - after waiting about 10 to 15 minutes for the first coat to dry . I had ago with ..." Read review

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Community Level 3soph71


Hard as Nails - Avon Liquid Silk Wrap

AdvantagesCheap, dries quickly, great results, a bottle lasts for months

DisadvantagesLack of colours available

"When Avon came calling I took the plunge and decided to try their Liquid Silk Wrap to coat and protect my nails that are at the moment just over an inch long. The bottle cost £4.29 just over 9 months ago for 12ml of the fluid. The lid to the bottle combines as a brush and I found that the clear liquid was fairly runny when smoothening it across the nail but it didn't drip from the brush when applying it. I usually use this once a week and have ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Katarys

Quick review of Avon Liquid Silk Wrap

"I bought Liquid Silk Wrap a few years ago and use it quite often. I like growing my nails quite long with a natural look. This product is absolutely wonderful for strength and moisture. Nail color has a tendency to dry nails making them brittle and prone to breakage. When Liquid Silk Wrap is applied as such: one coat in a horizontal direction and the second coat applied in a vertical direction, the sik intertwines creating strength right to the tips. I would recommend it to anyone who chooses to have longer and stronger nails. It is well worth the price with years of proven results via my experience with it. It wears well without requiring touch-ups. I have no dislikes for this product what so ever.I love it!

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Community Level 3celticwicc...


Generally good product; looks classy.

AdvantagesDoes seem to strengthen nails

DisadvantagesNot helpful if you think it is nail polish; didn't prevent my nails flaking

"...this product free with other Avon purchases - it normally costs £4 a bottle. being all eager to try out my new things, I just applied it as nail varnish, and was disappointed as it didn't show up much colour (just a vague creaminess). I then slowed down and read the instructions. This is a nail-strengthening solution - which you are meant to apply both horizontally and vertically on your nails. It comes in a clear bottle, and is a pinky-creamy colour ..." Read review

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Community Level 1laurafinla...

Quick review of Avon Liquid Silk Wrap

"I bought this product a long time ago and still regularly get the Avon cataloge, I have recently ran out and am desperate to get another bottle, just because I thought it worked so well. I used to be a nail bitter until I started using this, now my nails aare long strong and beautiful and Id recommend it to any one.

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