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Community Level 5Multtinems


Instant Face Lift, Happy Birthday to Me!

AdvantagesIt Works!


"I'd been getting an Avon Catalogue for some months before I succumbed to this little beauty. I'm a tight so n so by nature so parting with money for yet another pretty bottle to sit on my make up shelf isn't something I'm into. My bedroom already looks like Avon/Boots surplus stock. So I thought about this one. Now I went as I say for month's ordering my bits and pieces from Avon, then one particularly sad saggy morning I'd looked in the mirror. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5lwperkins


My Uplifting Experience

AdvantagesActually works

DisadvantagesBoring Packaging

"...a time I was an Avon Lady. I only really did it so I could say ’Ding Dong Avon Calling’ but as I never actually got to and I didn’t like the job it was all a bit of a dead loss really and I abandoned it pretty quickly! The result though is that I’m a sucker for Avon / Kleezeze / Betterware. I always feel so sorry for the poor souls with the catalogues that I end up ordering something. When the Avon girl came round recently of course I had to ..." Read review

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AdvantagesNone for the 'older woman'!

DisadvantagesDoesn't do what it supposed to!

"OK - after reading some positive reviews on this product I immediately ordered what I hoped was going to be a miracle in a bottle! Hmm. Well, for £4 what did I expect?! Having lost a considerable amount of weight over the last 6 months, I noticed a few fine line at each side of my mouth - and of course there were the 'laughter' lines and those two lines above the bridge of my nose ...ugh! I come from a family of youthful-looking folk so was a little ..." Read review

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Community Level 1flaminghair


instant face lift

Advantagesfeels great

Disadvantagesonly lasts a few hours

"...a friend who is an avon representative, and one day, she said "here, try this, it's brilliant!" being a soap and water, makeup only now and again type of person, i was very skeptical, but gave it a try to be polite, and hey, it was free! (my favourite price) after trying it, i was a complete convert, it tightens your skin, makes it instantly smoother, and feels wonderful. it costs £8.00 through the avon cataloges, for 50ml, but you only need ..." Read review

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Community Level 3cgibson


invisible light



"...I bought a product from avon that i think is not very good. It is called invisible light illuminating make up base. It is in a white 30 ml tube and costs around £8. This is white cream, like foundation cream that you put under neath your make up and it suppose to put a sheen on your face, that when the light shines onto you it is suppose to give the illusion that your skin is flawless and the wrinkles look reduced. But i have used this for weeks ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lunamat





"...latest buy from Avon, The Avon Virtual Lift. Instant Results Serum. Mam didn't think so. She had always fancied the idea of a face lift but the thought of going under the surgeons knife and coming out looking like an Onion Bhaji, and the cost, put her right off. So when she saw Virtual Lift Serum advertised in the Avon Catalogue, priced at a very resonable £7.99, she could not resist buying it. After waiting eagerly for a week, she could ..." Read review

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Community Level 2phia2000


Would be worth trying...if they still sold it

Advantagesleaves face feeling gorgeous

DisadvantagesThey stopped selling it :(

"...lift instant results in the Avon clearance section for about £1.50. apparently it is normally around £8. The description in the brochure wasn't very detailed but i thought at that price its worth a try. When it arrived I found that it was a serum that you can use under makeup or for instantly lifting and revitalising skin before going out etc. I cleansed my face and applied it. It comes in a little greyish - blue bottle with a pump action ..." Read review

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Community Level 2muzzy


No pain face lift

Advantagesnon greasy,goes on easily

Disadvantageswish it was permanent

"...confident. I thought I'd try the Avon virtual lift serum as it was on half price offer,(normally £8 for 50ml, now £5). You hardly need any so it's lasting forever. Brilliant. It's a clear serum which i use about a pea size of, rub my hands together (with the serum on them obviously !) & rub it over my cleansed face. After about 30 seconds you feel it begin to tighten your skin. It's a pleasant feeling as you know it's working. You can apply ..." Read review

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Instant Results with staying power

Advantagesmakes my face look better

Disadvantagescan be expensive

"...been using Virtual Lift since Avon introduced it. Luckily when I realised how good it was I managed to get it on the 2 for the price of one offers so I bought extra stock. I use it daily after cleansing and moisturising, before applying make up. Just a couple of drops from the pump action bottle into the palm of my hand, then applied gently and evenly to the face with fingertips. Leave it to dry for a few moments - not long just time to brush ..." Read review

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Community Level 1moranclan2


8 hours sleep in a bottle

Advantagesit works


"Having reached that dreaded 40 something age,i do avidly seek out all the lotions and potions that may keep my face from looking like it needs ironing.Avons Virtual lift instant results serum helps enormously. Now lets get real its not botox,but it does smooth the complexion and gives it a more vibrant healthy glow. It also makes your foundation glide on alot smoother covering fine lines and wrinkles instead of accummulating in them. I use this product ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mundugnus


Fast facelift

Advantagesfeels great

Disadvantageswears off too quickly

"...I made another purchase from Avon + I now can't believe it lay in the cupboard for a week before I tried it. I instantly felt it tighten my skin - a bit like one of those lemon peel off face masks you think will stick like glue. But it soon subsides to a pleasant firmness. My advice is to use occasionally - everyday use just spoils you! Try it it can be worn alone (great feeling - i don't know when I last felt brave enough to go totally bare-faced)or ..." Read review

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