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AdvantagesExtra money, a way to socialise and meet new people and a great way to gain business skills

DisadvantagesYou have to pay for samples, brochures, demo products and other stationary

"...to start up as an Avon representative whilst at the same time looking for other work (which I did not the Jobsite website). I was a little bit apprehensive to start this because Avon selling is not an hourly wage, I have to put a lot of effort in, in order to reap the rewards. But I guess that is the same with a lot of jobs. == So what does Avon sell? == Avon sells a huge collection of items in a brochure. These items include: skincare, make-up, ..." Read review

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Avon calling - but never calling back Diamond review

AdvantagesEarn some pocket-money, meet new people, discounted cosmetics

DisadvantagesOh dear : quite some

"My story with Avon begins on a warm and sunny day in September 2005. To be more precise, the 22.09.2005, which must have been a Wednesday as I had my younger daughter with me and Wednesday is her "day off" from the nursery which she attends 3 times a week on a 3 hour basis. I remember that we dropped of the older one at 9.00 o'clock at her primary school and then went back home to do some work in the garden. Which ended in some rather wild games ..." Read review

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AVON to earn more money! (geddit!!) Review with images

AdvantagesDiscounts for yourself, Good comission compard to other similar jobs

DisadvantagesTime consuming especially if its your second Income

"I was an Avon rep for about 2 years. This was in addition to my full time Job. At first I loved it, couldnt wait for the next brochure to arrive to see what discounts I could get and what new products I could try. But combining that with my full time job, trying to work around getting the order picked up from the warehouse almost twice a month became too much (I couldnt book every third or fourth tuesday off). Having said that this could be a good ..." Read review

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Avon Calling!- No Thank You! Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesEarn a bit of extra money

DisadvantagesTakes over your house

"...would try my hand at Avon to make a bit of extra money. Avon is the market leader in direct sales for beauty products, with an annual turnover of $8 Billion. It is also reported that there is over 5 million Avon sales representatives who market the products to over 100 countries. According to Avon, history tells us that in 1886 David McConnell started selling perfumes door to door in New York. At the time McConnell called his company 'The ..." Read review

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(Fairly) Easy Money!

Advantagesnot a scam, making money for little effort, fun, discounted products for reps

Disadvantagesnever enough money, trying to get orders and brochures back from people can be irritating sometimes

"...avon. Becoming a representative with Avon may not make you a millionaire, but it gives you a little bit extra money a month for a fairly small amount of effort, and that makes it a pretty good idea in my book. INTRODUCTION TO AVON Avon is sometimes seen as having quite a stuffy old fashioned image by some - but I bet the people who think this haven't seen a brochure recently! Not only is there a huge range of make-up, including funky products ..." Read review

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Advantagesmake a bit money

Disadvantagesyou may not get money some months

"...started working as an Avon representative in September last year. I wouldn't say it was about the money, although making a bit extra is always appealing. It was for a bit of a hobby as well, as I didn't think it would make me rich. I looked up Avon's website www.avon.uk.com and found a contact number for them 0845 601 4040, phoned and said I was interested in becoming a rep and they sent an area manager to my house about 3 days later. She ..." Read review

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Earn Money - u bet!!!! Review with images

AdvantagesFits in with the Children

DisadvantagesNone - i am earning money!!!

"...thinking – oh my god Avon – how old is this woman 103? Well no I am 32 and I have been selling Avon for over 5 years and I have made a lot of money for very little time and to be honest now I love it. It all started after I had my first child. He was about 6 months old and I loved being at home with him but I must admit the only thing I missed from work was the people. I used to work in an advertising agency where there were 300 people ..." Read review

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Enjoyable Earning

AdvantagesEarning potential, enjoyable work

DisadvantagesIf you are doing streets, bad weather doesn't make it fun lol

"...of items. Another bonus is that Avon have a good returns policy. This will be changing in a couple of campaigns time (a campaign is a book which runs usually every 3 weeks). A customer will have a 90 day guarantee to return an item even if it has been used. This is a great guarantee as it encourages customers to try products even if they are unsure if they will like it. The representative has to reimburse the customer but Avon reimburses the rep ..." Read review

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Ding Dong - Avon calling!

AdvantagesExtra money, make friends

DisadvantagesHeavy stuff to carry round, can be rough in bad weather

"I used to be an Avon rep back in 2001 when my son was born. I needed something to earn a bit of extra money to top up my maternity pay and when an area sales manager knocked on the door and asked me if I would like to be a rep, I jumped at the chance. I did Avon for two years, until my daughter was born and then gave it up as it was hard with two kids, but when Rachel is older I may try again as I did enjoy it. ##How much do you earn?## The ..." Read review

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Ding Dong!

Advantagesearn extra money , flexible hours, great products, get out and about!

Disadvantagesnone i can think of

"...of helping her with her Avon round , and remember it all quite well , and so when I was looking to earn some extra money - Avon was one of the first things that came to mind. I was not looking to do a large round as my mum had done in the past, but to sell to friends, family and a few homes close by to where I live. I work in London from 9-5 every week day, and so I needed Avon to be flexible with that. How does it work? ------------------------- I ..." Read review

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Avon Calling

AdvantagesEarn money, meet people and work from home at your own hours.

DisadvantagesLots of hard work and hastle for little wages,

"I have been an Avon representative when I was 13. It was probably one of the worst jobs I ever did. I had to try so hard to get sales by pushing brochures through peoples door then come back to see if there were any orders. At this time I earned 10 % on every commission and my mum had to pay up front for the orders with a cheque. Then I had to go back to collect the cash and deliver the goods. A lot of the time people were not in or they did not have ..." Read review

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A great way to make money

AdvantagesGood commission, chance to make new friends

DisadvantagesHaving to chase up customers, walking around in all weathers

"...to apply to become an Avon rep so I could meet new people while making a bit of spare cash at the same time. I applied through their website and a few days later received a letter confirming the local sales leader would be in touch, who did contacted me a day after I got the letter. We then arranged to meet at my house. It's such a shame she was so patronising and a tad pushy, otherwise she was very informative and was able to answer my questions ..." Read review

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Too time consuming for very little money!

AdvantagesNice to meet people who lived in my area

DisadvantagesToo much messing about collecting money

"...first decided to become an avon representative about 3 years ago now. I had been warned I may be made redundant in my full time job, so I decided having a second income would benefit me incase I lost my job. I only did avon for a few months as it was so time consuming! I got another full time job, as I was made redundant and it was a lot further to travel, so didn’t have enough time to do avon in the evenings, so I gave it up. I applied on the ..." Read review

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Avon Calling :) Its my business Review with images

Advantages> Meet New People > Earn Some Extra Money >You can grow your Business >Learn new Skills > Wage eve

Disadvantages> Unhappy customers if any products are out of stock >Some customers not having money to Pay

"...Catalogues are distribued via an Avon Representative. What is an Avon Representative You have all heard of the Avon Lady - the term for an avon representative, the lady or gent nowadays who will deliver your avon catalogues. the job of the avon representative, is to distribute the avon catalogues to their range of customers. Customers can be friends , family, neighbors, online friends etc The avon representative collects in the brochures and processes ..." Read review

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Avon, Easy money.

AdvantagesExtra Money, Cheap products

DisadvantagesBad Weather, None Payment from Customers.

"I've been an Avon representative for a year now. I decided to have a go at it when money was getting tighter and I needed something to fit around my full-time job and my (then) 1 year old. i was lucky to have a very good friend who was an Avon sales leader who signed me up and gave me 40 brochures, order forms, a few other pieces of stationery for the first 2 campaigns to get me started. (Although you can register online) I placed order forms ..." Read review

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