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Community Level 4Ethak


My God she is ugly

AdvantagesGood for community, interesting programme

DisadvantagesThe fact Charlie Dimwit is in it

"OK I admit she is strong and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty but is it worth it? Tie your hair back, buy a bra and you'd look so much better babes. Her hands must be sooo rough and her hair is like straw. OK so I will leave that there I am meant to be rating the programming the presenter. Basically Charlie and her mop design and start a community project, and then does a bunk leaving the locals to dig, and do most of the work and then she ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Natalie


Charlie's Garden Barmy!

AdvantagesWatching someone else working

DisadvantagesThat voice

"Does this women do nothing but dig? Someone needs to take her out, treat her to a nice meal and get her to relax once in a while (and stay off the set for a day or two). Every time I turn on the telly, she's there, slaving away, while it seems everyone (especially the cameraman) is focused on her best assets. Admittedly, she provides value for money, struggling away with each project with enthusiasm and a smiling face, but she doesn't want to overdo ..." Read review

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