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Community Level 6kelr101


Does this mean I'll pass my exams now??

AdvantagesExcellent Course Material - good Price

DisadvantagesOnly available in 23 locations in the UK

"...course, I chose to use BPP as my primary source of course materials, and they didnít fail me. I successfully passed all units of this course and am now a qualified Accounting Technician. Since then I have debated as to whether to continue my education with either CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) or ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), and eventually chose ACCA. As my studies are to begin in September 04, I ..." Read review

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A helping hand to success

AdvantagesUseful classes to help with revision

DisadvantagesNo Exam Kit

"...of the sign up process BPP was very easy, simply do it online, or if in my case, where the company is sponsoring, you just fill out a form, get your employer to sign agreeing to 30 day payment terms, email or fax it over to the offices at BPP, and 24 hours later you are all booked in for your classes. Nothing easier in life than that, well I guess it could be a bit easier, if it was all instant, but hey life isnt perfect. In terms of the classes, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mwq5


Bpp Passing Assurance

Advantageseasy to learn and read what ever you want.

Disadvantageslittle expensive.

"...of accounting i learn from bpp very quickly and easily. According to my research about Bpp more. BPP Professional Education is about developing careers. The company that trains people for the qualifications they need to become business professionals. Thousands of accountants, tax practitioners, lawyers, insolvency practitioners, actuaries, financial services professionals, marketing practitioners and MBAs have gained their qualifications studying ..." Read review

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BPP - Get Qualified!

AdvantagesHome and Classroom Study, Competitive Prices

DisadvantagesSome mistakes in the texts

"...that drew me most to BPP was the option of their home study package. Working full time and living a fair distance out of London (meaning a long commute) meant that I would have found it difficult to juggle work commitments around a classroom based course. Although BPP do also offer full time and part time classroom courses as well. So after discussion with my manager we both decided that completing my studies through BPP seemed the best option. ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Fantasyman


Number one accountancy course

AdvantagesExam focused, gets results


"BPP offer a range of courses to help students pass various accountancy qualifications(these are CIMA, ACCA, ICAEW, AAT and various insolvency qualifications). They also offer law, marketing and Human Resources help. There are 23 centres across the UK where you can study. BPP offers a variety of different courses - subject courses and revision courses. The subject courses are around 400 pounds each and last three days. Revision course are closer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gazza166


BPP Education - The way to pass exams

AdvantagesWide range of courses, dates, locations and people!

DisadvantagesNone yet...

"I have now studied with BPP for nearly two years, and so far they have got me through my exams all first time. They offer a wide range of courses, and a well defined 'path to success'. Their standard study courses are often packed into a short times, but the syllabus is well covered and the lecturers experienced in the subject and area, meaning that they apply the knowledge to get you through the exams, apply it to real life, and make it more interesting. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Saucy-Sue


Study less - Party More

AdvantagesCourse exams;Relevant Notes;Tutors phone numbers


"...(CIMA;ACCA;CIPFA;AAT) help is always needed. BPP do various training courses around the country. They give you summarised notes from the textbook, so that there is no need to trail through the textbook. Here is a sample of some of the courses that they provide. There are Feeder Courses (Courses about four months before the exams) where the tutors go through the notes, highlighting different areas and adding "meat" to the notes. Class discussion ..." Read review

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Community Level 1userpa


I'm very surprised there aren't more bad reviews about BPP here

AdvantagesCourses are fine, study materials are OK, tutors are all nice

DisadvantagesVery disorganised company, gives misleading and incorrect information

"...fine, but what really let BPP down was their lack of communication which presumably is a head office problem. Experiences have included being told to travel to Liverpool Street at 9am on a Saturday morning only to find that there is no paper there available for me to take. When I've complained I've been met with indifference from BPP staff. I was told recently to submit a project by post, only to have it returned 2 months later with a note saying ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JimbobJunior


BPP Quality training

AdvantagesTeach you everything you need to know

DisadvantagesCos it's a private business the costs are quite high

"...of today. I started training at BPP last year, and from my experience it really is good quality. The training can be done in block release days (say wednesday to friday 8:30 to 3:45) or as evening classes over a longer period of time. There are two types of course to choose from, Taught or Revision, both cost arounf £300 each. One good feature of BPP is its Pass Guarantee Scheme. If you fail an exam , you can go to the courses next term for ..." Read review

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Don't use BPP

Advantagesbooks are ok

Disadvantagesterrible customer services

"Everything at BPP has been difficult. For the first module, I bought a package with online lectures. The lectures were so bad I couldn't even watch most of them. Money down the drain.For the next module I bought the basic package with online material. This was supposed to have online assessments, a student forum and other things. It did not. It was literally a copy of the books I received in pdf format on my computer. What is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cima_stude...


Poor study materials

AdvantagesTutors are helpful

DisadvantagesBPP materials (also used by the tutors) failed to cover key topics examined by CIMA!!

"...changes in the CIMA syllabus, BPP amended their material to reflect the new changes. However, following the recent set of exams in May I found that BPP had failed to cover key topics that were examined by CIMA in their material. Had I purchased other materials I would have been better equipped to pass the exam. After alerting them of this error, the communication back from them has been poor. Customer Service representatives are either unaware of ..." Read review

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BPP staff

Advantagesgood books

Disadvantagesreally rude staff

"Started doing accountancy with bpp. the books are good and the tutors are too. but too many of the staff are either rude or incompetent. they don't seem to be there to help. they just seem to want your money and don't care about your exams or course. if you complain about something, they just completely fob you off. it made me really angry because i was actually right. eventually they sorted out the problem but they never apologised. ..." Read review

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