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Ring, Ring, Why Don't You Give Me a Call? Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to use, excellent call quality, range and charging time, inexpensive

DisadvantagesRing volume not loud enough, ring tones are tinny and unappealing, pager tone too quiet

"...than happy to purchase another BT branded phone, having such a positive experience with our last BT model. This BT Graphite 2100 was our phone of choice, as a basic, inexpensive and easy to use option. This is also available as a twin, triple and even four-pack of handsets - so you could potentially have a phone in almost every room in the house, without needing any extra wiring or additional phone sockets. Given that this is a cordless handset ..." Read review

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Cheap and chirpy! Review with images



"...we moved to Virgin from BT and the landline connection was excellent on the generic BT line. But now the same phones are acting up on the new Virgin connection into the house. The problems we get make you feel like you are being bugged by the FBI. Lines go dead; a strange static beeping sound can be heard that won’t click out when you put the receiver back on the base. It’s not been a big enough issue to complain to either BT or Virgin about and it ..." Read review

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Nice Stylish Phones From BT

AdvantagesVery nice looking, work well


"...to offer and found these BT Graphite phones on there. There are three phones in the pack although they do lots of different packs with different amounts of phones. Three was sufficient for our family, we can now have one in the living room, one in the kitchen and another upstairs in my craft room. Its no good putting it in the bedroom and my Other Half works a lot of nights so this way it suits us all and we don't need to keep running down stairs ..." Read review

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A great phone on a budget!

Advantageseasy to use and set up, cheap, works fine


"...stuck it out with having BT for our homephone and line rental provider. However, when one month they sent me an intense bill for over £200 I realised they were having me over and realised it was definitely time to change providers for somewhere cheaper. It took a while for the transition but it ended up with us joining Tesco Homephone. At first I noticed that although we were given a new phone number the dial tone would ring but the phone would not ..." Read review

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BT Graphite 2100- Single.

AdvantagesLots of features, easy to use, good price.

DisadvantagesDoesn't ring that loud, has to charge for a long time.

"...reviews I settled on the BT Graphite 2100 which cost £24.99, I only bought the single handset as we live in a flat but they’re also available in double and triple handset packs for those with more than one storey in their house. ==BT Graphite 2100== The BT Graphite 2100 is quite a stylish looking black phone; it’s got a very curvy design and charges on a round base station. The buttons, although they’re not that big, are very clear and I should ..." Read review

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answer a call with ease

Advantagesgreat phones easy to use

Disadvantagesterrible ringtones

"...that I opted for were BT Graphite 2100 that were a Twin Digital Cordless Phones that came in Black. I picked these at the time as they were on special in Argos and I also had some vouchers that I need to use. But in looking around these phones are available from a wide range of different retailers and are on Amazon for under £25. As these are cordless walkabout phones I only need two of them, one for upstairs and one for downstairs, there were ..." Read review

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Not quite a Hello Kitty phone but a good one all the same

Advantageseasy to set up and use, look great


"...online I came across the BT Graphite 2100 phones which was two phones in the set so that was ideal for my house as it meant I could have a phone in my bedroom also without having to put a new phone line in up there. The phones are digital cordless ones which instantly made them more appealing to me as corded phones and my kitten really do not mix! When the phones arrived they were in a cardboard box which showed a picture of the two phones on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3k444tmc


ring ring ring... goes the telephone

Advantageslooks good & cheap when on offer

Disadvantagesbuttons get very dirty and worn and the low battery beeping is annoying

".../>I came across this BT Graphite 2100 twin set in the Argos catalogue in September 2011 and chose this set due to the appearance and the fact the they were cheaper than other similar sets. The twin set was supposed to be £49.99 but was reduced by £20 down to £29.99 - menaing you are paying around £15 per handset - I think this is excellent value for money. At the time of writing this review is is currently being sold at the same ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AAM123



AdvantagesGood features and value for money

DisadvantagesClarity changes once on loudspeaker but only slightly

"BT Graphite 2100 is a great product that you should have at home. It is available in most stores like Argos, Currys etc. and is great value for money. Price can range £14 for a single cordless phone to £42 for a trio of cordless phones so you can hear the phone ringing no matter where you are in your home. It comes with features such as loudspeaker, answerphone, cordless, change of ring volume, and many more! For those who wish to get the trio cordless ..." Read review

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BT Graphite 2100 Single DECT Phone ( BTGraphite2100DECT )

BT Graphite 2100 Single DECT Phone ( BTGraphite2100DECT )

Hands free speakerphone 50 Name and number memory 10 hours talktime 100 hours standby time ... more

Up to 300m range Transfer calls Conference call
facility GAP Compatible

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