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New Yes, Better... In a Pig's Eye

AdvantagesIt looks nice, more subtle in most surroundings

DisadvantagesSignal, reliability, compatability

"When this summer BT launched their new version 2 Home Hub in stylish black the world, well BT Internet users were fairly excited. Not only was the new hub in a much desired colour, it boasted better reliability and twice the transmission distance of the original hub, to highlight this distance BT launched a new series of adverts featuring My Family actor Kris Marshall (fresh from a very nasty accident) experiencing the pain of distance separating ..." Read review

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Community Level 6phoenixgreen


Beam me up Scotty!

Advantages Wireless, its wonderful! Looks syoopa too!!!

Disadvantages price - notg cheap, but you get it free with upgrades and first time orders!

"Bt Total Broadband Equipment - Home Hub Review I've had Bt Broadband for a long time now, and when the new hub equiptment came out I jumped at the chance of upgrading my connection system. I'm not an overly technical person, so this is not an overly technical review, but I hope it helps! Bt Total Broadband comes with free equipment if you order it online - and with Option 2 this means a Home Hub, and with Option 3, you get the Home Hub, plus ..." Read review

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Community Level 1arry2007uk


BT Home Hub - mediocore but not without its uses

AdvantagesIt works!

DisadvantagesCheaply made but expensive to buy, can get free from BT

"The BT Home Hub is a Wireless Broadband Router from British Telecom. It's IEEE 802.11b standard (best known under its marketing name WiFi) and features compatibiliy with a wide range of other WiFi devices. Though not the first of BT's broadband devices it does happen to significantly mark the provider's departure from traditional telecommunications and towards a modern media and internet communication. The Hub connects using the standard ADSL connection ..." Read review

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Version 2.0 BT Home Hub

AdvantagesEasy To Setup, Free On Certain Packages.


"...service provider so I contacted BT to take out one of their packages. The service was switched on for me and I received a pack in the post which included this BT Home Hub 2.0. The Home Hub was well packaged with protective plastic on it to prevent it from scratches and it seems like since I peeled this off that it took on a coating of dust that is almost always there now. The Home Hub 2.0 is black and has a curved shape to it meaning that it’s quite ..." Read review

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Get connected

Advantagesfaster surfing no loss of connection

Disadvantagesnone so far

"I've had my BT homehub for about four months now as I used to be a customer of aol, but living in a rural area I found that aol couldn't provide the service I wanted and I was constantly getting kicked off the internet, which is very frustration if your writting a review or trying to buy something online, or bidding on an item on ebay. So, I changed to BT and can honestly say I have never been kicked off or lost connection since I installed the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tmlfc1





"I had a BT line installed purely to get broadband after many years of dial up modems and slow downloads.My cable phone was two years away from installing such equipment within my postcode so as you can imagine i was rather excited when the phone line was put in.I then received my box and was like a kid at christmas. The Product...... I had signed up with BT on a minimum contract of 12 months which i thought was reasonable and had chosen the ..." Read review

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Nice but nothing special

AdvantagesAll in one

DisadvantagesToo pricey

"...fitted and was surplus one BT home Hub, which he had previously received from his brother. Since it hadn't cost him anything he passed it on for the same price………zilch. They are very smart looking units being that it is basically a white box with some fancy bits on. It has an adjustable antenna in angle only and an array of pretty lights in its top right hand corner. These lights when illuminated green show that the said option is fully working. ..." Read review

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Bt Future


DisadvantagesSometimes cuts out

"We got the BT Home Hub when we moved in and it is an OK product. I find that with it being wireless internet or used with a lan cable is a great option to have, as it is wireless you have the internet throughtout the house in all room's to use your laptop or pc with. It has automatic updates to give the best optimum output for the internet at the present time of using it. It is great for connect alot of devices to the wireless hub, computer, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1yelliat


The BT Home Hub

AdvantagesIts free with some packages.

DisadvantagesIt is abysmal.

"...- its only usable with BT Broaband, unless you read around on the internet and spend ages trying to mess with it, making it pretty useless to most people. It does however come with a 'hub phone' in some cases. Retailing around £79.99, you might think these were good. No, they are not. The calls are generally more expensive than a standard BT corded line, and the internet call quality is appalling. If, instead, you want to use them for landline ..." Read review

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The brilliance soon reflected elsewhere...

AdvantagesLooks sleek but that's about the best of it (would also commend customer service and handset)

DisadvantagesSadly poor connection and restrictions on file transfer

"...best of experience with the BT homehub and sadly the greatest reward I have received by spending eighteen pounds a month on broadband has not been brilliant service or super fast internet - it was the free wireless (which caused problens later on which I will elaborate on later) Firstly the set up was rather laborious and time consuming, I encounter many problems with the position of the homehub so I will recommend anyone who is about to spend half ..." Read review

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Community Level 1PeteH010


BT's Plastic Box


DisadvantagesPlastic, Loss Of Connection, No Control

"...me to leave AOL - BT was the option I chose. BT Broadband has 3 packages available on offer - * £17.99 a month with a 2 GB limit * £22.99 a month with a 6 GB limit * £26.99 a month with a 40 GB limit I'm always on the internet, so decided to go with the £26.99 package. This also includes a free BT Home Hub and phone. I couldn't wait to receive my new gadget and have a play! It took 1 week for the switch over to complete - and in all honestly ..." Read review

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Community Level 4milly234


Happy Home Hub (2.0)

Advantagesgood connection


"...if you join up to BT internet! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MissPiglet


Mixed Feelings

AdvantagesInitial Setup is easy. When it does work, it works very well

DisadvantagesPoor customer service, too much software

"...decided to go with the BT Home Hub as I wanted an all in one solution. As I sometimes work from home, I needed a stable connection and as my partner and I enjoy gaming and have consoles and games that can connect to the internet we wanted it to be fast and wireless. We signed up for 8MB service which included the home hub and phone. As this is a bit on the pricey side compared to what else is out there, we thought 'you get what you pay for' and we ..." Read review

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Community Level 1brifindlay


Home Hub - The Future of Surfing

AdvantagesStylish, Fast, Modern

DisadvantagesCan have some problems with connection

"...at hearing of the New BT Home hub with it's integrated security and online storage. I ordered the package with the best option (8MB) partly due to me being on the internet whenever I am not working and partly because I always assume the more expensive, the better, the Hub came free with this option. I recieved my Home Hub a week later and was pleased to see how easy it was to set up and came with all the wires, discs and instructions you need. ..." Read review

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I have seen worse! (update 12-02-07)

Advantages Better than my old wireless modem

Disadvantages a little bit too big for what it is

"So, I ordered the BT hub and phone (free with option 3) after extensive research and hours of checking out everybody else's offers, download restrictions, fair use policy's and other small print. Now, I am no novice when it comes to computers, and BT is going to be my 3rd broadband provider, I live close enough to the exchange (less than half a mile) so the "up to" 8Mb will connect me at 8.1Mbps and downloads (obviously depending on conditions ..." Read review

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