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Community Level 4laura2310


The TV of the future.... Today!

AdvantagesThousands of shows on demand, clear picture, no need for an aerial

DisadvantagesCould be cheaper

"...only other viable option was BT Vision. I'd heard about it and was intrigued, I knew you could buy programmes from 39p per show (which may sound cheap but would easily mount up) but I didn't know they did subscription packages. Here's the dream.... You know how you can watch recorded programmes on Sky+? But you can only watch the things you have already recorded, and have to wait for something to come on TV before you can record it? Well, ..." Read review

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BT Vision - Hundreds of shows, but still nothing on

AdvantagesGreat Equipment, Occasional great shows/films

DisadvantagesOn Demand content lacks hit shows

"BT Vision is the on demand television service from BT. It comes as an add-on package when you take out the BT Broadband Option 3. For a few extra pounds a month you get access to the somewhat large and varied library of films, TV show, music videos, sport and kid shows as well as some other specialised content like replay TV, subscription channels and adult content. The BT Vision box which BT provides you with is also a fully functional Freeview box ..." Read review

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Great way to get lots of TV on demand

AdvantagesCheap alternative to Sky

DisadvantagesYou have to have BT Line Rental and Broadband

"I decided to start using BT Vision about a year ago after receiving a call from BT offering me a great deal as I was already an existing customer through the broadband and phone line I have with them. The thing that I love most is the On Demand service that comes with BT Vision offering you 1000s of hours worth of popular TV shows such as Lost, 24 and CSI all available when ever you want them. On Demand offers films, TV, sport, music and kids shows ..." Read review

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BT's TV Dream

AdvantagesNo contracts, high quality On Demand TV

DisadvantagesNo over run facility on recordings

"...standard I decided to give BT Vision a try. BT Vision offers a more advanced service that has the basic freeview set up at its foundation. Top Up TV really did not do it for me, it was slow and clunky, and frequent downloads of TV shows and movies failed. With a similar system to Virgin's offering I wondered if BT Vision would go one better. BT Vision has the aid of On Demand services in order to make it more attractive, and after years of anticipating ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Ottavia


BT Vision - Cheap, Reliable and Extremely Entertaining.

AdvantagesHours and hours of entertainment (recorded telly and packages), cheaper than other providers

DisadvantagesPackages could be a bit more developed (except film) but then it would cost more.

"The BT Vision package was the only purchase I've ever made after being asked if I was interested in 'some information' on a product (usually code for 'at least 20 minutes of naff scripted sales pitch') and I'm so glad I did. Not only is the service a hell of a lot cheaper than it's competitors, but it's basic package alone offers more hours of entertainment than any other. I've been recommending this to family members and friends who are all on less ..." Read review

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Community Level 2steven3001


BT Vision Review with images

Advantageson demand, large content, freeview, good prices

Disadvantagesthat you have no choice of broadband supplier

"...a weekend or holidays away. BT Vision meets the needs of our ever changing lifestyles. Can you remember when Corrie and Eastenders used to have 20 million viewers a week. They now hardly ever achieve 10 million == So what is Vision? == BT Vision is a set top box that allows you to pause, record and rewind, record 2 programmes, record 80 hours of TV, but most of all has a vast world of On Demand like no other out there at the moment. It used ..." Read review

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Glorified feeview box

AdvantagesNice design

DisadvantagesExpensive, rubbish channels

"...that only left me with BT Vision really as a option, so I looked into it and it looked OK it said it had over 100 channels which sounded a lot and I decided to pay the extra £5 a month for on demand channels. All together with my broadband and phone the package come to £42 a month which was more than I wanted to pay but my other half really wanted a TV package so we went ahead with it. It is also a two year contract which is awful but I had no choice. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jegb


Freeview with extras

AdvantagesCheap way of getting a freeview recorder

DisadvantagesOn demand content is limited and could be updated/added to more often

"BT Vision is BT's attempt to grab a market share into the digital tv sector. It is an add on service to BT Broadband Basicly the Vision box is a freeview reciever with a 80 hour hard disc recorder built in. It also has on demand features alowing for pay per view tv when you want it. The freeview side obviously needs to be in a freeview area. If not then this side of the box will not work. The box has 2 tuners built into it. This is so that the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Brianmini


Does everything Sky does without the Satelite dish

AdvantagesNo satelite dish, works in non-Virgin areas, feature filled.

DisadvantagesNeeds polishing as a service

"...meaning you can setup your BT Vision box to tape an entire series of your favorite show. 2. You get an 80gb drive allowing you to record up to 40 hours TV and pause and rewind live TV, just like Sky. 3. Internet conectivity allowing you to access several channels of replay service, such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Netplayer, 4 on Demand, Demand 5 as well as others. 4. With the bronze package you get access to free channels on demand including MTV, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cw180


Great in theory

AdvantagesGreat on demand section, good on paper

Disadvantagessee review, there are plenty

"...through the HDMI lead and BT Vision have no answer for this other than the box isn’t compatible with all models of HD TVs! The picture quality at either 720p or 1080i does not look anywhere near as good as my built in freeviews and despite having 100% signal quality the box is showing it outputting in 75%? The on demand section, whilst easily the best part of this is let down by constant picture and/or audio stuttering making some programmes unwatchable. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kilmurray


Bt Vision: Seeing past Sky

AdvantagesChoice, price

DisadvantagesLess channels than Sky

"...pricing and technical details regarding BT Vision as prices change and technical details bore me to death. So what I will do is explain why I chose BT Vision over the other main competitor, Sky. With Sky you will get all the main digital channels, you will also get a lot of channels which you wonder how many viewers these actually get. Admittedly, with Sky you will get a lot more for your money, but as we all know with TV, do we want to watch it ..." Read review

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BT Vision - wonderful!!

AdvantagesOn Demand

DisadvantagesNoisy fan

"BT Vision is a fantastic concept and supposedly the future of TV. With the Digital changeover we're all going to have to have Digital TV of some sort so BT Vision seemed the perfect product for me since I already have my telephone and internet with BT. BT Vision is essentially a freeview box with an 80GB hard drive and a recording feature which allows you to watch one programme and record another or record two programmes at the same time. You ..." Read review

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Community Level 1babyboo1


BT Vision on demand!! All in all a good buy

Advantagesplenty of selection, rewind, fast forward, pause and record live tv.

DisadvantagesNo HD channels available!

"...package available. We went with BT for our internet and heard about the vision package available. As I can remember it was easy enough to install. At the beginning we had a few minor problems with connection and the picture kept jumping. We eventually got that sorted and we are now happy with it. There are so many great channels and programs to choose from, we are constantly watching films on bt vision. There is an option called 'picturebox' which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1firebeerme...


BT Vision

AdvantagesExcellent on demand service, recording of digital TV is a nice feature

DisadvantagesCan't turn off at the mains as long wait at start up. Fan constantly on

"BT Vision is alledgedly the future of TV. At first glance the 'V-Box' you get for Vision is quite a hefty piece of equipment. Its a lot bigger than your average Freeview box but it houses some nice features. There is an 80GB hard-drive to record from the in-built Freeview reciever. Its a dual-reciever, meaning that you can watch one channel and record another at the same time. Alternatively, if your not in, you can record 2 different channels at once. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1samanthase...


BT Vision - A novelty worn

AdvantagesGood for the first 3 months!

DisadvantagesLots of hidden costs and repeats of films and programmes.

"...decision to switch over to BT Vision, we looked in to this a lot before we made any choices as we knew we would be signing up for a 12 month contract. We already had our Broadband and Telephone through BT so it made sense to combine everything. So we called sky and were quoted an amount or £47 per month for the whole package. That was Line rental, top specification broadband and BT Vision. When we read the adverts online and spoke to the sales agents ..." Read review

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