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Community Level 7waynehorri...


Beware The Shortfalls

AdvantagesGenerally friendly and quite efficient

DisadvantagesShortfalls, based in a call centre

"...later. Having spoken to BUPA and other insurance companies on a daily basis for the last six months, I would like to share my knowledge and experience of BUPA. GETTING THROUGH ----------------------------- I am not a policyholder of BUPA's and only call the claims helpline. This is LO-CALL number: 0845-7553333 based in Manchester. Generally you get straight through to a human voice after 20 seconds once a camp Mancunian voice has welcomed you ..." Read review

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A broken man but we can mend him

AdvantagesSpeed of treatment

DisadvantagesCost I guess

"...signed up for the companies BUPA policy which was at a 50% reduced rate and I have been a customer off and on ever since. Currently I’m rather fortunate to get BUPA free with my current employer, they see the benefit of reduced time away from the work place saving them the cost of a replacement teacher and I get the benefit of health cover at a vastly reduced rate as the only cost to me is the benefit in kind adjustment to my tax code at my marginal ..." Read review

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Community Level 6bazzaolear...


How Covered Are You ??

AdvantagesSuper Quick Service, Great Facilities


"...private health care policies and Bupa is probably about as big as they come in the sense of customers and facilities available for their customers. Everyone who works in this country pays their stamp and therefore pays for NHS treatment should you need it but the reality of it in the real world is that although if you are in urgent and life threatening need of treatment you will get it but otherwise you could be waiting years. I have always thought ..." Read review

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BUPA - getting less than you thought!


DisadvantagesNot value for money

"We have held a family BUPA health insurance for the last 10 years, but in light of recent developments, I am about to make a move away from this insurer for the following reasons: 1. Our health insurance premiums rise each year by an amount that massively outstrips inflation. Okay, I realise that as we age, we become a greater health risk to insure, but I feel that the increases go beyond this. 2. BUPA have recently claimed ..." Read review

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Community Level 7dave27


Bloated and directionless monster


DisadvantagesExpensive and limited

"...certainly isn't the case and BUPA only got to be the best known provider of PMI because for many years it was virtually the only provider and had an absolute monopoly. Let's go through the history... BUPA was formed in 1947 by the amalgamation of a number of provident not for profit associations, following the creation of the NHS. The name itself describes it and stands for the British United Provident Association. The optimism of those well ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mirrah


Bupa Tried and Damned

AdvantagesNone that I experienced


"Bupa health insurance cover for my family. I've tried it and I damn it. What a shambles. We signed up to Bupa to cover the whole family in the possible event that one or all of us may need an operation. We thought we would have peace of mind. More like I gave Bupa a piece of my mind. Firstly we sent off the application forms, then a letter came advising us that a Bupa respresentitive would call at an appointed time. He did and he was late. We ..." Read review

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Community Level 3bsky


hospital or hotel

Advantagespeace of mind. treatment when you need it.


"I joined a Bupa scheme several months ago with a special package that was attatched to my salary. As with all insurance I did not expect to have to use it. However my husband became ill and had to visit our GP. The GP advised he would have to go back to hospital as he had a re-occurrance of an old illness. He was advised that the necessary forms would be sent to our local NHS hospital and he would hear in due course. Not happy at having to wait ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ordy


Super Bupa

AdvantagesQuick Private Medical Treatment

DisadvantagesCost can be onerous

"...new Harry Potter book. Price wise bupa are certainly not the cheapest. Whilst I don't pay for mine someone in their mid 30's should expect to pay £50-£60 per month for a decent level of cover. This is quite affordable to middle income people, but as you get older the cost will move against you and once you reach 55+ it may be cheaper to self insure. There are several different schemes designed to suit different pockets. The basic equation is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1arve


Think twice before using BUPA

AdvantagesThere is nothing good to say about BUPA

DisadvantagesVery Poor company

"...to let people know how BUPA did treat us. My family and me live in Thailand and were going on holiday to Norway and bought a worldwide travel health insurance with BUPA Thailand as we have done before. The times we have used them before we did not need to claim anything so we thought we were going to be safe using them again. What happened this time when we were on holiday was that my wife got a strong toothache and severe pain after one week on ..." Read review

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Community Level 2marcb


Good but expensive health cover

AdvantagesGood coverage, quick service


"...have been a member of BUPA for around ten years and have generally found the level of service to be quite good. I have claimed for both inpatient and out patient treatment and find that they usually settle claims very promptly. For inpatient treatment, there is an excellent selection of hospitals. There used to be a constraint that, unless you were on the highest level of cover, you could not use some of the London teaching hospitals, but this ..." Read review

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Community Level 3elvina


BUPA - Old at 35!

AdvantagesGood if you are ill and want treatment but dont want to wait for NHS

DisadvantagesLots of things that are not covered and prices rise dramatically at 35

"I was a member of BUPA from 18 to 35 and during that time did have treatment which was paid for by them and I was glad that I had made the decision to take out cover with themselves however when I was 34 I required some explorotary tests regarding infertility, no treatment, just tests to find out what if anything was wrong. BUPA would not pay. They said that they would pay if my partner and I were both members and had been for 4 or 5 years, I can’t ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lindylou


Can you put your trust in BUPA

AdvantagesFairly honest


"Private Health care has become a fast growing market which clearly shows that there are big profits to be made. The trouble is you pay your premiums, perhaps year after year, and until something nasty happens to you you never know whether your particular insurance company is any good. Bupa claims to be non profit making but since it charges pretty hefty premiums someone somewhere has to be making a few quid. If the bills one gets from consultants ..." Read review

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Community Level 4REG


Can you afford not to?



"Yes BUPA is expensive but if it saves your quality of life and perhaps even your life who counts the cost. I have been a member for 40 years the first 30 of which was paid for by my company. However, I have had to fork out for the last 10 years from my pension. Not easy but I am so glad I did, not just for me but my family. In an ideal world the NHS would provide all we need but it doesn't and clearly never will. So I'd rather have access to hospital ..." Read review

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Community Level 2maryjo


Do It Yourself and save a fortune

Advantagesprivate health care

Disadvantagespremiums too high

"...private health care and BUPA members for many years, my husband and I cancelled our subscription in protest at huge premium increases. Although we were lucky enough to not make a claim, our premiums continued to rise steadily each year. We now invest the monthly amount we used to pay BUPA in ISAs and Tessas. Our money is earning interest, and we know it is there if we need to pay for private health treatment. Most private hospitals offer fixed-price ..." Read review

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Beware: After 1st yeat premiums skyrocket

AdvantagesSlick operations

DisadvantagesSlick operations used to hide aggressive profit motive

"...skyrocket – and to force Bupa to do so from now on); as well as asking them to compel you to advise all your members on a single email, without any other distracting information - and logged in the RE-heading - the percentage increase in rates you are about to impose upon annual renewals. Finally, I will be cancelling my policy as soon as I can make alternative arrangements. Perhaps you will be so kind to explain to the managing director that for ..." Read review

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