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Community Level 1katrinakub...


BaByliss You Curl- You're worth it!!!

Advantagesgorgeous curls, smooth shiny and straight hair as well!!

Disadvantagescooling thongs may damage hair a bit

"I would like to review BaByliss You Curl Styler from my point of view (read: point of view of person who has got big problems with making any hairdo, with very heavy looking hair). I'm not going to tell you all technical stuff about it, I'll just simply explain if…and how it works. Since I remember my hair has always looked a bit messy and trust me, I take a lot care of my hair, I spend quiet lot of money each month on all kinds of conditioners, anti ..." Read review

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Effective….once you get the hang of it

AdvantagesEasy to use once you get the hang of it, heats up quickly, swivel cord, eliminates frizz

DisadvantagesTakes a bit of getting used to, suited to longer rather than shorter hair

"...In terms of use, Babyliss claim that this styler will create curls “like magic”, because it’s so easy to use. The idea is that it uses the heated ceramic plates, and the curved cooling plates (the ones at the side) to heat, bend and curl hair in a single stroke. I have to admit that it takes a little practise, but I find this styler much easier than other curling products such as rollers and tongs which I have dabbled with in the past. The cord ..." Read review

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Community Level 3law3


Stylish curls, minimum effort!

AdvantagesStraightens and curls with minimum effort, long cord, auto shut-off

DisadvantagesTakes a while to get used to, doesn't have a stand

"...However, when I found the BaByliss You Curl I thought I'd struck gold! It straightens _and_ it curls, depending on how you use it. I have never had much success in getting my hair to hold a curl, so I thought that even if it didn't live up to the promise of curls I would at least have a good straightener. There are several similar products on the market and I weighed up the options before deciding that BaByliss was the brand I trusted the most and ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Gems87


The beach curls I wanted

AdvantagesDoes create good curls

DisadvantagesDifficult to use

"...few weeks later I recieved Babyliss You Curls for my birthday, and I was excited to try them out! They come in a sleek black box with a picture of them women on the front sporting the exact curls I wanted! On the back is a step by step instruction of how to achieve these curls, after a quick look I decided it seemed easy enough. Pulling out the curlers they looked quite odd! They were similar to straightners with the metal silver plates to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Suzykat


A must-buy!

AdvantagesFast heating, space-saver.

DisadvantagesCan be tricky to master the curling.

"I bought this product when my previous hair straighteners went kaput 6 months ago. At first I found it quite tricky to get the hang of the curling action but with practice, I got the hang of it. It works equally well as a straightner or a curler and you don't end up with those hideous tight ringlets that you can end up with from some curlers. Not only has it saved me the cost of buying a separate curler and straightner, but it has saved space too. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1starbabe30...


Babyliss You Curls - Best Curling Appliance so far

AdvantagesFast Heat up, step by step instructions, easy to use

Disadvantagesneed to get the hang of it first

"I bought the Babyliss You Curl as a friend recommended them.. I have medium length hair thats quite thick, i seperated all my hair and curled sections as instructed in the booklet that came with the tongs. You have to curl your hair in a certain way for it to work otherwise it just straightens but once you get used to it, it becomes a lot quicker and easier to do. I sprayed each section with hairspray before and after i used the tongs to help ..." Read review

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Community Level 2littlemiss...


Coz there not worth it

Advantagesheats up quickly

Disadvantagesawkward to use, can get better results with strightners.

"Waited a while before getting these as wasn't entirely sure they would do what they promised,but saw them an sale and thought why not give them a go. Wish i hadn't bothered. Even when following the instructions to the letter 9 times out of ten all i got was a bump in my hair, on the odd occaission i did get a curl it, it was litterally one in the whole strand of hair ( my hair is fairly long , midway down back) in addition to this the strighteners ..." Read review

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You Curl

AdvantagesStraightens well, heats up quick,

DisadvantagesDifficult to use the curling feature

"...supposedly a video on the babyliss website showing you how to do it, so that could be worth a wee look. The straighteners are really good as well. My hair always looks straight and shiny and smooth. One nice feature is that the power cord can rotate so you won't get tangled up when you're curling. Overall, it's an ok product if I figure out how to get the look I want. It heats up really quickly, straightens well and would probably curl excellently ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cherry247


these babyliss you curl curlers are great!!

AdvantagesQuick and easy to use

DisadvantagesTake a bit of getting used to, but they come with instructons which are easy enough to follow

"I recently received these as a christmas present and i was over the moon. I think they are great. I hinted to get these as i saw them advertised on t.v. I remember saying even if i dont get these for christmas i would go out and buy them myself. They do exactly what it says in the advert. In my opinion you have to get used to them at first but i think they are actually quite simple. I have had curlers before which completely fry your hair, these ..." Read review

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Community Level 0Olcia2507

Quick review of Babyliss You Curl

"a head full of curls as easy and fast as you wish, it is ready for use in few seconds, 3 temperatures - that's all you need!

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

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