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Community Level 2Penfold49


Endless configurations for baby safety

AdvantagesMakes any space safe and has endless uses

DisadvantagesOnly for the rich…needs plenty of space

"...wall in my lounge, and BabyDan instruct that the gate must never be used in a completely straight configuration to maintain stability, I have found myself in need of a further panel. Now I purchased my BabyDen on the internet via Mothercare (more on suppliers later). When I placed my order I had a vague recollection of them supplying the extension pieces at a reasonable price. However, they now do not supply the extensions and I am unsure that they ..." Read review

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Community Level 7molelover


Baby Prison Review with images

Advantagesthree-in-one playpen, fireguard and room divider

Disadvantagestakes a while to convert from one thing to the other

"...but I went with the Babydan anyway - on the grounds that it is multi-purpose. It converts from a hexagonal playpen to a room divider, fireguard, or a stairgate. What I didn't realise was that you can't actually have all of them at the same time. You could have the stairgate (but let's face it, who only needs one? Most stairs I've seen have a top AND a bottom!) and then five sections left for a fireguard or room divider, but you can't make the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kazz42


Read the paper for the first time in months!

AdvantagesBaby is safe from big sister's toys!

DisadvantagesExpensive - worth the money though

"The Babydan Babyden is a big playpen/fireguard/room divider. It comprises of six panels with fix together in various ways to suit the situation. I use it at home as a playpen, I am taking it on holiday for a fire guard and I got one for our toddler group as a room divider to keep babies away from their siblings in cars! The panels fix together at any angle you choose, they just get held in place with a pole. It is very easy to put together, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5danniell


play safe



"We have this play pen except it isnt used as a play pen any more I brought this for £100 about 4 years ago It comes in pieces which you slot together and has a soft washable mat in the bottom, although my mat was red not gray as it is in the picture above. They also sold tent canopys to go on the top of this to turn it into a play tent for £30 which was great fun. This play pen has a multitude of uses, firstly it can be used as a play ..." Read review

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AdvantagesEasy to put together


"Was in two minds weather a playpen was a good idea or something that was going to be an expensive mistake that never got used. Well, I've had the Babyden a week now and its just perfect, I would recommend to anyone. My baby has just turned 9 months and just started crawling so its become another pair of hands when needed. Definately shop around for the best deal, we found the best deal currently on Kiddicare. It comes flatpacked was easy to put together, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1vlf6


Finally - the housework does not get neglected!

AdvantagesSafe, comfortable, roomy, easily accessible, well designed.

DisadvantagesChoose colour wisely - black looks like a prison! Quite a lot larger than traditional playpens.

"...- check dimesions before purchase. The Babydan babyden is available in white, silver or black. I chose black as it went best with the lounge where it would be situated, however I did find it looked a bit like a miniature prison! It is well made in a kind of powder coated finish so it is not as cold as a metal frame. We found it difficult to assemble at first but subsequently realised it is quite easy once you know how - don't forget to look ..." Read review

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Community Level 4racheldarcy


The best money I spent on baby products

Advantagesmultipupose, practical, useful, strong

Disadvantagesexpensive, complicated to put together

"I purchased the babydan Playpen before my twins were born. I think it was a man thing! My husband insisted that we have one. i thought it was a waste of money but he pursueded me. However, I now feel that it was a fantastic purchase. When the babies were tiny I used it for storing things in to keep the room tidy as they were still in their moses basket in the day. Once they were old enough to move around a bit, I started putting them in the playpen. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3f1re_cr4cker


Babydan baby den

Advantagesgreat for keeping newborns safe from toddlers!

Disadvantagesa bit expensive

"We bought this as there was to be a close age gap between our children and we felt our newborn may need some "safety" at certain times from our eldest child! We purchased it from ebay for £60 including postage. You could also purchase a playmat arch feature for it but we decided against this as we already ha a playmat which could be fitted into there. It came with a soft blue padded mat to go inside which can be washed. When opened up it does take ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shell_lou79


Babydan Babyden

AdvantagesGreat for more than one baby

DisadvantagesA bit expensive

"...avail. Then I spotted the Babydan Babyden in a catalogue and going by the sizes when it was in playpen form I knew it would be big enough. The twins had great fun rolling around in it and also learned to pull themselves up on the bars. Now they are 14 months old and walking everywhere I have attached it to the walls and have got it as a room divide. They have their own little room now within our living room away from the temptation of plugs, tv's, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jparker1965


babyden-baby safe!!

AdvantagesLarge play area. Easy access. sturdy. easy to assemble

Disadvantagesquite expensive at £69 - £89, but worth it

"As mum to six boys I have always found playpens very useful. This one, however, is the best we've had. It came more or less assembled in a concertina effect. It took us a couple of minutes to put it together and then our 8 month old was let loose. It has a large area for play so they wont feel hemmed in. As mum to twins I would say there would be plenty of room for two babies in there unlike most others on the market. The floor cover is quite well ..." Read review

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Community Level 2xblondebar...


best play pen ever!

Advantagesyou can change shape of the play pen

DisadvantagesThe mat is hexagonal, when you can change the playpen to square.

"...thats when we found the babydan baby den. I came in white, silver or black metal and we chose silver. It is great because you can have it as a hexagon play pen, a square playpen, or use it as a stairgate, a room divider, a fire gaurd. Its easy to change the shape and you dont need tools to assemble it. It comes with a blue soft mat that fits snuggly in the base and attches by little elastic hoops that hoop under the poles. You can also buy (seperatly) ..." Read review

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