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Not as easy as they would like you to believe

Advantageseasy to maintain

Disadvantageseverything else

"...seen the advert for the BaByliss easy hair clipper it sounded like it was perfect for me. When the easy cut arrived I was excited to try it out straight away but it needed to be charged for 16 hours before you could use it so I duly plugged it in and waited until the next day. Unlike traditional clippers the easy cut is circular in shape meaning it fits into the palm of your hand and you can just go over your hair in circular motions without having ..." Read review

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Babyliss easy cut.... the BLUNT truth Review with images

AdvantagesCordless, quick, can use it youself

DisadvantagesDoesn't cut, does't fit all shapes of head

"...seeing an advertisement for the Babyliss Easy Cut, on TV, I went to Argos and bought one for £49.99. My intensions were to use the Easy Cut to neaten up my hair, shave off bits that grow faster than others and to 'whizz over' my head on nights out. When i got the product home i was quite impressed. It was very durable, had a unique clipper blade plus looked and felt a quality hair clipper. It also came with a separate beard trimmer and a kit consisting ..." Read review

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Community Level 1RodentNoir


The Babyliss Easy Cut - not easy and doesn't cut!

AdvantagesI can't think of any.

DisadvantagesUneven cutting. Poor battery life. Not easy to use.

"...I decided to try the Babyliss Easy Cut. Straight out of the box it feels of reasonable quality. It needs a full 16hr charge before first use, which I did. And I lubricated it using the supplied oil as instructed. After the full charge the first thing I noticed was that it appeared to run quite slow and laboured as if it was running low. I noticed that if you plug it in it runs much faster than on a fully charged battery. As far as the cutting goes, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MICHAELGILL


It Trimmed well for me and its paid for itself!

AdvantagesTrimmed my thick hair good and neat and a few more cuts it would have paid for itself many times!

DisadvantagesHaving to trim hair first if its long with scissors and a long charge time.

".../>If you go to the babyliss website you will see there is a yotube video showing you instructions on how best to cut your hair with the product. Follow them exactly and you should be ok from my point of view. This does mean going over your head many times with the product and even starting from the back working your way to front in straight lines a few times before switching to a more circular motion a few times to finish the cut. Thats how ..." Read review

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Community Level 5kayleaf


Easy and cheap cut at home

Advantageseven easy cut, good value for money

Disadvantagesnone to report yet

"...always reccomend something from the babyliss range - call me a sucker for brands but I have never had a problem with the make when buying products before. The overall appearance isn't the typical appearance to clippers, at least not ones I've seen before but just like it says on the tin my partner found them easy to use and hold. Straight from the box the clippers use "Unique circular blade technology for multi directional cutting" which seem to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wakegirlno12


Very Disapionting Product...

AdvantagesGood idea striaght forward instructions

DisadvantagesVery uneven shave

"Brought this for my Dad as a christmas present after seeing it advertised on the television.After seeing the results I really wished I had read some of the reviews beforhand,I guess I was just taken into the gimmick .From the advertismant it appeared that this was a top quailty gift.The product itself looks impressive and was very easy to use,however Instead of leaving a even finsh (as promised) my Dad is now wondering round with random large patches ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Siorghra


Good idea but doesn't do the job

AdvantagesPotentially a good idea

DisadvantagesUneven cutting. Pulls hair

"I got this as a Christmas present from my wife as she had heard it was the best clipper on the market. I have to say though that I am very disappointed in the quality of the cut. I have fairly short hair (between blade 2-3) and the BaBlyliss felt like it was tearing the hairs out of my head. The shave itself was very irregular. I used it for nearly half an hour and it looked like I had Alopoecia afterwards! A friend with longer hair had an ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mandycross43


makes haircutting easy with the babyliss rechargeaable clipper



"...found them very easy,with the babyliss it does a great job,with the different lengh attachments you can trim your hair to just the right leangh,i bought this one for my dad for xmas and he loved it the same as me,i have 3 boys and use it on all of them and because of the price of haircuts it has already paid for itself,it really is great value for money,i would definitly recomend this to everyone,it has lovely sharp blades that don,t go blut like ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nobrandnam...


babyliss easy cut doesnt do what it suggests

Advantagesdont see any

Disadvantagesuneven cut guarentee, idiots guide says watch ears, dont use on other parts of body , really doh.

"wish id read some reviews before my partner bought this product as a gift, this is a classic gimmick hair cutting device, produces uneven results if at all. tore some patches of hair from my head. even though i started on highest safe setting with the idea of taking it easy. nothing then moved down to setting 5 then 4. it may be a lemon as it doesnt seem to have the speed associated with regular clippers. id advise anyone to find conventional clippers ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CarbonFree...


This is why you should NOT buy this product.

AdvantagesVery easy to use, battery powered,


"I am amazed by the number of reviews on the internet which say this is an excellent product. It is clear that people are too easily pleased! Do not be fooled by fancy marketing and other good reviews. The concept of this product is good, but the fact of the matter is that it doesn't cut evenly. Where traditional clippers have teeth which guide the hair towards the cutting blade, this product does not have anything like this. It means that you can ..." Read review

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