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bad girls reviewon charecters

AdvantagesA very, very good book if you read it youll want to read it allover agin

Disadvantagestoo many charecters

"Bad Girls by jacqueline Wilson is a really fun book to read.It is very funny and the pictures are wonderful. It tells the story of a 10 year old girl who is being bullied at school and one day shhe breacks her arm and here mum wants to do something about it. Eventually when Mandy finds her self a new best friend she is having lots of fun, but her mum thinks that Tanya (her friend) is a bad influence on her. Mandys dad is does not think that. Kim and ..." Read review

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Bad Girls - Jacqueline Wilson

Bad Girls - Jacqueline Wilson

Mandy has been picked on at school for as long as she can remember. That's why she is ... more

delighted when cheeky, daring, full-of-fun Tanya
picks her as a friend. Mum isn't happy - she
thinks Tanya's a bad girl and a bad influence.
Mandy's sure Tanya can on...

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