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Barry M Lip Paint


DisadvantagesNone For Me

"...out some more of the Barry M collection for ages now after using the Dazzle Dust Pots and getting great results from them. Now I am a show off when it comes to make up the more the better and the brighter the better as far as I concerned so when I was in Superdrug the other day and noticed the bright coloured Barry M lipsticks on sale I just had to get one and even convinced my friend to buy herself one to! Now I'm not usually a fan of lipsticks, ..." Read review

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Not face paint, lip paint!

AdvantagesGreat range of colours, lasts well, doesn't feel dry or sticky

DisadvantagesSome colours highlight lip lines

"I like Barry M products because I think they are good quality and reasonably priced. The company also has a good "no testing on animals policy" so I like to support them when I can. I have recently been trying out some new lip stick colours and looks which bought me to the Barry M counter. I knew that they would offer some truly individual shades! Don't get me wrong, I wasn't looking for anything too outlandish, I just felt a bit bored with my usual ..." Read review

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AdvantagesGreat choice of shades and price is great

Disadvantagesodd touch up through the day

"===Introduction=== After applying the Barry M nail varnish and feeling dissatisfied with the consistency and the durability of the product I stayed clear for a while from the Barry M counter until one day after spending way too much money on clothes and Chanel cosmetics I only had a few pounds to spend on a lipstick and because Barry M is one of the cheapest make-up cosmetic counters in the Boots store I decided to have a look at the range to see ..." Read review

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Paint the town...lilac?

AdvantagesGreat colour range, cheap, long lasting

DisadvantagesSome are drying,

"...varnish... *Lip Paints* The Lip Paints are Barry M's lipstick range, and as is always the case with Barry M, they focus on highly pigmented colours which range from the way-out-there to the wearable. They are simply lip colours, they have no claim to be 'moisturising' or 'long lasting' or 'plumping' or anything else you might get from a different range (or at least so they say...) they are simply to give colour to the lips, nothing else. If ..." Read review

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Not a pouty trouty!

AdvantagesEasy to apply, sticks about for longer than alot of other lippies I own and its a great price!

DisadvantagesNot very moisturising, is not a paint lip Max Factor Lipfinity that stays put all day long!

"...bits and pieces.....on a budget! This Barry M Lip Paint I bought in Boots for £4.49 which I thought was good for a lippie and any contact I have had with Barry M products in the past (and still do!) have been worth it and of great quality. The packaging is simple. The lip paint comes in the usual tube style that lipsticks usually do, twisting up and down and with a lid that stays put securely and we are simply told what it is on it and on the base ..." Read review

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Barry M Lip Paint

Advantageshas good staying power, looks good on

Disadvantagesnone for me

"...I have been buying the Barry M Lip Paint Lip Sticks. This is a lovely lip stick that is easy to apply smoothly and evenly. It feels nice and smooth and velvety on my lips and it does not dry them out like some other lip sticks I have used do. I like to use a lip balm after applying this lip stick however just to make sure that my lips are not dried out and are kept in good condition. What I really like about this lip stick is that it lasts for quite ..." Read review

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Community Level 3hafsa786


Paint YOUR Lips

AdvantagesPackaging, Price and Colours

DisadvantagesNot suitable for dry lips & sinks into the fine lines of lips

"...my first time buying a Barry M lipstick and I am quite excited. I mainly picked up this colour as Lisa Eldridge had made a video about peachy lips and she looked stunning and as this looked quite similar but a bit more brighter I decided to snap it up! Packaging: The packaging is a sleek black matte tube and it is quite petite! It is absolutely adorable and its great to chuck into your bag or clutch! On the top of the packaging it says the BARRY ..." Read review

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Shame about the stain!

Advantageslovely unique colours, good range, good price

Disadvantagesthey stain!

"...of my other reviews on Barry M products then you will most likely know that I am a big fan of their products, but one thing I particuarly like within their rage is their lip paint, or as most people would call them, lipstick. These lip paints are avaliable in Boots and Superdrug, also I think they may be avaliable on their online store. They cost £4.99 each, which is a good price for any piece of good make up and can often be found on offers that ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Bounceback...


The best in staying power-ever!

AdvantagesNever comes off, great colours

Disadvantagesslightly chalk-like effect (drags a bit)

"...found out that it was Barry M. Before this I had never purchased anything from their range, and knew very little about the brand apart from that their products were cheap and the colours were bright. So I went along to my local Boots store, found a colour similar to the one she was wearing and purchased it. I was pleased to find that it only cost £4.25. Although I was slightly sceptical about whether the colour would suit me and whether it would ..." Read review

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Community Level 7CosmicLove


Barry M Lip Paint

AdvantagesCheap, bright colours, looks great on lips, not drying


"...It *~ I have got two Barry M lipsticks which I bought last year after seeing them on offer. I bought them mainly because they're a lot cheaper than MAC and Bobbi Brown lipsticks but also because I liked the cute, compact and simple packaging design. ~* Price *~ These lipsticks are very affordable and the retail price ranges between £4 and £5 on average. I got my two on offer and paid around £3 for each lipstick if I remember correctly - bargain! ~* ..." Read review

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Community Level 3dinosaur9211


SUCKER FOR COLOUR Review with images

Advantagesbest lipstick range

Disadvantageswaxy consistency

"I never really considered Barry M products for anything other than nail polish before until a friend of mine wore a shade of red which was to die for and I had to take a look at the collection myself. The packaging is simple as it is just a black lipstick case with a square shape and the shade on the bottom and brand on the top. The lipstick has the usual way of turning it to make it come up and give you more of the gorgeous colour to use! Mine ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Ruby.xo



Advantagesprice not too bad, lots of lovely shades

Disadvantagesnone for me

"...this lip stick from the Barry M range, and the shade I chose to buy it in was a pale, baby pink. The reasons I chose to buy this were: *My sister recommended it to me and she wears it a lot and I like the way it looks on her lips *It appealed to me on the shelf and looked nicely presented *it wouldn't cost me a penny anyway because I was buying it as part of the 3 for 2 offer (this would normally cost you £4.25) along with two other more expensive ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Andrada


Here comes the rainbow !

AdvantagesVariety of colours

DisadvantagesUnwanted dryness

"...the commercial on tv for BARRY M I must say I got so excited that I literally got ready and went to my local Boots to find out what is this brand all about and how come I`ve never heard of it before. And oh my, the colour palette captivated me big time and I end up spending £50 on Barry M products alone ! What can I say as a make up fanatic, colours are basically the essence of my make up persona. Out of all the products that I bought in that day ..." Read review

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Community Level 2doriee


barry m lip paint

Advantages30 different colours

Disadvantagesto thick

"...hours. If anyone has seen Barry M yet in the high street shop its very easy to get drawn in to this section because the sign is bright pink and they are a very vibrant brand of make-up. Their packaging is usually in black but then have a clear section to show of the bright colours, This does come in many colours from glitter red, mulberry, suede pink, magic green and to black. Mine that I am aiming my review at in particular is the shade of 'Marsh-mellow' ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Colpol


Every girl should have one..or two..OR THREE!

AdvantagesCheap, looks fab on.


"...tempted to buy something from Barry M, their products are different to other products on the market ( well, maybe not any more, but they was the first ones I noticed to be a lot louder, brighter with their products ). I have 3 of the 'Lip Paints' from Barry M. The colours that I have are: Vibrant Pink, this would make anybody stand out, a very bright eye catching neon like pink. Sheer pink, another very nice colour, a lot more natural looking ..." Read review

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Barry M Lip Paint Touch of Magic

Barry M Lip Paint Touch of Magic

Green goes pink with Barry M Lip Paint Touch of Magic. The alkali level of your lips ... more

determines just how pale or rich the colour will
go. The waterproof formula with added aloe vera
stays on for up to 8 hours for long lasting,
perfect colour. This lips...

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Barry M Lip Paint, 141 - Royal Raspberry

Barry M Lip Paint, 141 - Royal Raspberry

Get gorgeous colour with Barry M's fabulous Lip Paint The soft, smooth texture glides onto ... more

the lips, leaving them feeling moisturised and

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Barry M Cosmetics Moisturising Lip Paint Pink Pearl

Barry M Cosmetics Moisturising Lip Paint Pink Pearl

New ultra moisturising lip paint enriched with hydrating and lip nourishing Cocoa Butter ... more

for a soft and saturated finish. Loads of
Fantastic shades and colours to choose from!

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