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If only the future was this cool. Review with images

AdvantagesGreat online play, good unlock system, great stats system, good maps

DisadvantagesIn-game advertising, team killers etc.

"What is Battlefield 2142? Battlefield 2142 is a first-person shooter PC game. And is part of the Battlefield game series. The game is set in the 22nd centuray in a new ice age with two military superpowers which are the European Union (EU) and Рan Asian Coalition (PAC) which are at war with each other. Multi-player or single-player? The game was mainly designed and focused on it being an online multi-player game however a single player ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Swans_War


'Bugs Ahoy!' But It's Still Worth Playing.

AdvantagesExceptional multiplayer, ranking system gives you something to aim towards

DisadvantagesHas it's fair share of bugs, Punkbuster marred by problems, demanding system requirements

"...comes to a game like Battlefield 2142 it's hard not to describe the feeling you get in situations quite similar to this. The thought that you are on an enormous battlefield with real-life players slugging it out in a variety of guises is quite exhilarating. Except, on this battlefield, all sense of tactical awareness and the common sense mantra that shooting your teammates in the back isn't the best idea of the century, seems to be thrown out of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 4hippykiller


The War now is in the future fun indeed Review with images

AdvantagesFuture weapons are fun to play with

DisadvantagesGame is full of bugs and need improving techical

"...you are new to the battlefield series then it best that you to view the titan training video if not then find a good multiplayer game and get killing. Bonuses and ranks A continuing theme in the battlefield series is the ranking system in the game, the big difference there is in this game then Bf2 is the fact that to rank up you need a certain amount of career points to rank up the ladder. Now normally theses points used to be earned only by ..." Read review

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battlefield of the future

Advantagesfun, good team play and graphics

Disadvantagesno single player

"Battlefield 2142 is the fourth installment in the battlefield series. First there was Battlefield 1942, then Battlefield vietnam, then Battlefield 2 and now 2142. Its well over 2 years old now (im pretty sure), but in my opinion its still top notch. An online First Person Shooter, multiplayer style. There is a single player, but it doesnt really hold a candle. There are two standard "modes" in 2142, Conquest is tried and tested capture the flag ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ShadowCrea...


Could have been much better.

AdvantagesThe combat is somewhat fun, albeit clumsy. Some of the technology is cool.

DisadvantagesNo real improvement, could have been an expansion, looks more like 2042, clumsy mech, etc.

"So, here is the next battlefield game we have all been waiting for. And look, it's a huge disappointment. Gameplay: Uh, 6. Kind of fun, but boring. I could just play battlefield 1942, it's not really all that different. Hard to get into the battle if you do not have a vehicle. Vehicles are somewhat clumsy, and walking around for ages can be cumbersome. Some more things: 1. Really crappy storyline. Some random ice age, war, blah blah blah. 2. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Stew52


Epic Battle

Advantages The game play is superb

Disadvantages Not as pretty as it could be

"...not familiar with this series, Battlefield 2142 is an Online 1st person multiplayer game set in the future. The objective is to work as a team to capture bases dotted around a map. Each team has a number of tickets, once you've gained enough bases your enemies tickets go down. Once your enemies tickets reach 0 you've won. You can also lessen your enemies tickets by killing their team. In this addition of battlefield however, they have included ..." Read review

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Community Level 4lostsworld


Alternative to Battlefield 2


Disadvantagessame engine as bf2

"...pretty much the same as Battlefield 2 and many other capture the flag games. The titan mode is where you have to capture missile silo's to destroy Titan shields so you can board it and destroy the control centre. Due to the fact that it uses the same design engine as Battlefield 2 the graphics/environment is pretty much the same. ~ Why should I get it ? ~ This is a question often asked by Battlefield 2 players, with the view that it uses ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Xlixen


A step beyond modern warfare!

Advantages Enthralling, Great Fun,

DisadvantagesCan get pretty competitive, you'll find yourself cursing.

"Battlefield 2142 is the last first person shooter in the very popular Battlefield series featuring the titles "Battlefield 1942", "Battlefield Vietnam" and "Battlefield 2". The previous games and 2142 are all built on the now aging Battlefield engine. However, this does not mean it is not a good game - actually quite the opposite. I picked the game up around 6 months ago from play.com for around £25, a great price from the company set in the isle ..." Read review

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Community Level 2AdrianStew...


The Future doesnt look that bad...

AdvantagesOnline, massive maps, alot of possibilities

DisadvantagesOnline, boring sometimes, alot of bugs, can be choppy

"BattleField 2142 is a massive Online multiplayer first person shooter. As shown in its name, the year is 2142 A.d, the world is freezing over, so there is a full out war against two Coalitions, the PAC (pan asian coalition) and the EU (european Union). == Playability and Enjoyment == This Game is a great game if you have a very good computer, and a descent broadband connection. How ever, make sure you have atleast 1.5gb Ram for good performance, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Daz2001_uk


The new Ice age

AdvantagesGood game

Disadvantagesfast game play.

"The game is set in the future were the earth has gone in to another ice age and the people have to fight to survive. There are two sides that are fighting and you can be on either team, they are European-led (EU) and the Pan Asian Coalition (PAC). The game is mostly played online and a user account is needed from EA (which is free). Each game can contain up to sixty-four players at once. Once in the game you can chose how you play. You can play ..." Read review

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Community Level 1YOY9111


Only for multiplayer really

Advantagesfantastic online play

Disadvantagesno campaign wich is a dissapointing

"Battle field 2142 is a futuristic first person shooter where the object of the game is to blow up the other teams titan (a big flying spaceship thingy). I was walking through the supermarket when i stumbled across this game so i picked it up and had a lil look, there wasn't much of a description so i put it back down and forgot about it a few weeks later my friend had bought this game and was telling me about it he made it sound utterly brilliant ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Shaddow.o.m


A look into The Year 2142.

AdvantagesWide range, good ranks, good sound and graphics

DisadvantagesSometimes you get lag...

"Battlefield 2142 is a good game on the PC... Its set in the year 2142 when two coalitions, PAC and EU battle it out to fight for the remaining land while the Ice Age creeps in. ^^ == Playability & Enjoyment == If you have a good computer and dont mind getting owned sometimes, then you will enjoy the game very much. You can do much more than just shooting :D You can drive cars, fly helicopters, heal, revive, drive APC carriers (taxi driver ^^), ..." Read review

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Community Level 2aurelius


A True Multiplayer War

AdvantagesMultiplayer Gameplay


"...the main aim of the battlefield series is to bring multiplayer shooters to a vast online scale. The use of new weapons adds a twist to gamplay allowing players to take full advantage of their enviroment while still maintaining the fun of the earlier battlefiled games. The two game modes make gameplay fun with clear objectives. The classic conquest mode pits the opposition against each other in a battle to capture ground to win the game using any ..." Read review

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Community Level 1paulomcbut...


Battlefield 2124!


DisadvantagesJust like every other battlefield game!!! not much of a future feel

"Battlefield 2142 is great first person shooter and still keeps the same game play as previous battlefields. There are plenty of different game modes for you to explore, titan mode is more 2142 based, as you and your team work to control all the silos (that fire missiles at the enemy titan). Once the missiles damage the shield, you must board the titan and destroy the control center The large landscapes, big vehicles and aircraft is what allot ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Claw2504


World class multiplayer game!

AdvantagesAwesome multiplayer, new persistance system and tons of unlocks

Disadvantagesbugs with ranking system

"...of BF214. Rewards: As you tdominate the battlefield you earn more rewards including medals, pins, badges and ribbons. Literally hundreds depending on what skills you aquire on the battlefield. Titan mode: Battle it out for missle silos and take down the enemy titan. This is basicly a flying mothership which the oposition aims to destroy by using the missle silos to take out the shields and then destroy the core in various ways. The list ..." Read review

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Battlefield 2142 - EA Classics (PC DVD)

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