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Battlefield strikes again

AdvantagesVery good graphics, real world warfare sounds, very good multiplayer

DisadvantagesPoor singleplayer, vehicles can be difficult to control

"...is the direct sequel to Battlefield 2. It has been released in 2011 on the following platforms Microsoft windows PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. == Pros and cons == === Pros === *Very good Frostbite 2 engine graphics *Real world sounds of warfare *Very good multiplayer === Cons === *Single player mode might come as a let down *Some of the online vehicles are difficult to control == My opinion == The first Battlefield game that I played was ..." Read review

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Battlefield 3

AdvantagesAmazing graphics, gameplay, incredible online

DisadvantagesShort campaign

"...sure what to expect from Battlefield 3. Having played Battlefield 2, and ranking it very high in my favourite war games, I had mixed feelings. But since playing this game, my doubts were gone within a hour of playing. It is the best Battlefield to date. Everyone compares Battlefield to the Call of Duty series of games. Whether it's critics or gamers, they see a rivalry between these heavyweights in the gaming industry. For years Call of Duty has been ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mypetsloveme


Finally a competitor to COD

AdvantagesAmazing graphics, gameplay, loads of vehicles, incredible online


"Battlefield 3 is a first person shooter game which was developed by EA Digital Illusions and is published by Electronic Arts. It was released on the 28th October 2011 and is available on PS3, Xbox and PC. WOW just wow is the only way this game can be described. Since it arrived on my doormat last Saturday morning, I have done very little except play this game. It is quite possibly one of the best games ever created. I pre-ordered this game way back ..." Read review

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Battlefield 3 - The multiplayer games that you ought to own

AdvantagesGreat graphics, Great Physics, Great Sounddesign, Coopetition, Great multiplayer game

DisadvantagesNot designed to play solo - it sucks

"...its long waited multiplayer sequel Battlefield 3, a few days back. There has rarely been a combative shooter's game that have gathered such enormous fanatic admiration from the original game to sequels as the EA's Battlefield franchise. 2. It is one thing to gather a frenzied following on a time-tested bell and whistle but it requires innate innovation, plenty of guts and lots of belief in order to repeatedly raise the benchmark for others to follow. 3. ..." Read review

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Beyond and above the call - Battlefield 3 Review with images

AdvantagesStunning sound and graphics, great single player and multiplayer, re-playablity.

DisadvantagesServers (multiplayer) can be buggy.

"Battlefield 3 (BF3),one of if not the most anticipated games of the year, and personally I am can say with 100% confidence that I am not disappointed. First off, the campaign/single player, it starts off with a kind of tutorial mission, but whilst keeping you in the middle of the action. The story of the game itself is my opinion is outstanding, and throughout the campaign you become emotionally attached to the main character - Henry "Black" Blackburn, ..." Read review

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Not the original Battlefield FEEL

AdvantagesFast paced action, great graphics, nice destruction, great sound effects

DisadvantagesFast paced action, relatively small levels, limited number of players, no team work

"...a huge fan of the Battlefield series, especially Battlefield 2 on the PC which was really fun, then moved onto Bad Company, 1943 and Bad Company 2 which were fun to play on the PS3. However when playing the game on the console, you never get that original Battlefield atmosphere. The game wasn't a huge disappointment don't get me wrong, I still played it and enjoyed the new environment destruction, but the game lacked one major thing that previous ..." Read review

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Feel the battle

AdvantagesAmazing multiplayer mode!

DisadvantagesAI only seems to target you in single player mode

"...their place here as the battlefield is a lot more open. You can make use of a range of vehicles from jets to tanks to jeeps and helecopters, most which you can customise by changing your loadouts to include heat seeking missles and smoke. The frost bite engine allows you to really open up the battlefield by allowing you to blow holes in walls and cover, level buildings killing anyone inside. You can edit your loadout at anytime durring the time ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jireth


Competition and Excitement comes your way. Review with images

AdvantagesGraphics, Competitive, Longevity,Multiplayer.


"...of innovation and creativity, try Battlefield 3(PS3) it is the right game. As for the parents who are looking for this stunning outstanding game will help you keep your kids off the streets. The game has good sound effects and its difficulty and complexity is almost suitable for almost everyone. In my opinion I found Battlefield 3 (PS3) more lively compared to all the other games I have played. In conclusion this game is interesting and can go for ..." Read review

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Battlefield 3 review

AdvantagesExcellent multiplayer, excellent graphics and sound, very fun and action packed, large weapon choice

Disadvantageshard to control vehicles, very poor campaign, difficult in the beginning

"...honestly used to hate the Battlefield series, but I decided to take a chance. I have to say it did pay off, the game is the best first person shooter I have ever played easily topping COD in multiplayer. This game is a extremely fun and action packed, every sound from the shooting of the gun to the reloding of your clip sounds outstanding! I have let all of my friends play this game and they all have said the same thing, the multiplayer is great. ..." Read review

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great game

Advantagesgreat fun from the start

Disadvantagessome elements of multiplayer can be hard to catch but become fluid with experiance

"...but last year i gave battlefield 3 a shot and it was easily worth the money i put into it. i have put hundreds of hours into this game, and i still come back to it. i'm glad i didn't waste my money on the last two Call of Dutys. with a gripping main story and an extraordinary multiplayer this game never gets old. almost all of my friends that have tried Batttlefield 3 prefer it to any call of duty game. the multiplayer maps and game types ensure that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rclevi


You will be playing it for years

AdvantagesGood campain, vast amounts of unlocks in multiplayer

Disadvantagesneeds a bit of practice to master everything

"...the main reason people play battlefield it will keep you playing for years, there is so much to unlock and do you are spoilt for choice on what to do when you start do you climb into a tank or do you risk flying a jet. the down side to all of it is that it takes time to master the controls and tactics for each one, so there will be alot of dying and raging to start but with practice you will be dog fighting an enemy and locking on to them and blowing ..." Read review

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Battlefield 3 (PS3) - PlayStation 3

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