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Review: Battlefield 3 Review with images

AdvantagesThe best multiplayer you will get your hands on | Great visuals | Sounds great

DisadvantagesNot the best campaign | Need to install a textures disc totalling 1.5GB's | Not on PC, so not as g

"...a true sequel to DICE’s Battlefield 2 that made an appearance back on PC almost 7 years ago now but finally it is here, on consoles as well as PC boasting spectacular graphics, huge vehicular warfare and the best online gameplay you can get your hands on. Arriving on two discs, one for the campaign and the other for HD textures (more on that in a bit), Co-op and Multiplayer, Battlefield 3 gives you a wealth of options to experience but the truth ..." Read review

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Battlefied 3 Review

AdvantagesGreat multiplayer experiance

DisadvantagesSometime the servers have struggled in the past

"The best first person shooter of its time. You've got to love the huge maps filled with its beautiful graphics and relentless all out warfare. It is not so much of an arcade war game such as the call of duty series, but instead puts you into the feeling of real life scenario in which you have to give it your all for a good possible outcome. You do not call in helicopters and tanks but instead you drive them yourself. Unlike most of the first person ..." Read review

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Hands Down Best Shooter Game This Year

AdvantagesLifelike, modern, good graphics, awesome muli-player

Disadvantagesnothing I noted

"...spent so much time on Battlefield multiplayer alone it is incredible! Multiplayer: In my opinion this was the best part about the game. I love the huge maps and the long games. The gun unlock ables aren't to hard to achieve. I also enjoyed that the main focus of the multiplayer wasn't just team deathmatch, they had so many other game modes you could choose from. The vehicles on each different map also made a huge impact on the game. For some large ..." Read review

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Battlefield 3, fly mode in mutliplayer and singleplayer

AdvantagesSingleplayer story, graphics, multiplayer mode etc

DisadvantagesShort story

"Battlefield 3, I just love this game. Especially flying mode and these new perks, the fly mode is so realistic and give you the feeling that you are flying an actual plane. And of course flying the helicopters in multiplayer mode is excellent were you can take passengers with you and kill the enemies by manning your machine guns. The ghillie suits when you choose sniper class is so good and hard to detect the snipers, which gives you the advantage ..." Read review

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Nothing left out

AdvantagesCave in buildings, Gun Loadouts, and Variety of Fire rate change ability.

DisadvantagesBipod placement, Random Suicide Spots, and 1 less bullet after reload with empty mag.

"...happen in some cases of Battlefield 3 but at points there would be a part where it would allow you to participate and breach the door yourself. Now lets move into graphics now even though it is a little edgy on the graphic control it sometimes beats other games in the long run. As in the maximum height of a structure show in a DLC the map Azadi Palace. Will then show grand structure that hold onto fallen walls which then make a long stretched bridge. ..." Read review

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Battlefield 3 the beautiful game reviewed Review with images

AdvantagesNew game engine ( Frostbite 2.0 ), lots of customization, great sound effects

DisadvantagesFrag rounds in multiplayer, getting caught up on random objects in multiplayer, god like Helicopters

"...the big attraction to any Battlefield and this one is no different, there is so much to do and unlock in terms of weapons, camos and also perks, there is a very good arsenal of weapons at your disposal also including different gadjets in every class, and lets not forget what Battlefield does better than anyone... Vehicles! There are many types vehicles at your disposable including land sea and air vehicles so whether you love to fly or keep closer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1reigec


Great game, but has flaws (as does every game.) Review with images

AdvantagesGraphics, Sound Quality, Online Gameplay

DisadvantagesMinor Glitches

"I pre-ordered this game a few weeks before it came out. I was extremely excited to get it after playing the beta demo and couldn't wait until release day. I went out and bought it that night I could get right down to playing, or so i thought. The online game play servers where down the same night so I couldn't play online. I was very disappointed, but that wasn't their fault, EA Games is in charge of the servers. So I decided to start playing the ..." Read review

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Probably the best multiplayer i've ever played!

AdvantagesMultiplayer, variety of guns, maps, vehicles....

DisadvantagesSingle player could be more interesting

"...i liked most about all Battlefield games was the multiplayer. Unlike most other games you can use a variety of vehicles from helicopters to boats. The multiplayer maps on Battlefield are HUGE! Furthermore, they are all different and varied in their own way. This means that no 2 games in battlefield are the same (unlike in another popular fps). Another thing i really like about Battlefield 3 is that there are always new maps being brought out. For ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SwagKiLLer11


Best first or third-person shooter i have ever played in my life

Advantages"great" graphics, authentic gameplay, fun objective matchs

Disadvantagesinviting friends to a party never guarantees being on the same team with the party's squad

"...other game will compare to Battlefield 3's game-play because of how much everything from the weapons to the clothes the soldiers wear completely resembles actual war situations. I never even get tired of playing death match because there are so many ways to kill people, unlike call of duty and other first person shooters. It givers whoever plays it a complete gaming experience which is what every first-person shooter game released has been missing. ..." Read review

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Worth every penny, battlefield 3

AdvantagesEasy to play, easy campaign, good community, cheap, never gets old,

DisadvantagesLaggy online somtimes, bad customer service,

"In my opinion, the battlefield series is the best. This includes 1,2,3 and all the ones before. Dice tried very hard to make this one ill promise you that. Even though battlefield 4 is out i still enjoy battlefielde 3 and ceases to get old. You will not regret purchasing this game. The game itself has a few addons which are very well worth the money as the game has been out for a while and it is now very inexspensive to buy. After finishing the great ..." Read review

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Community Level 0edgareatis...


Excellent game. Can't stop playing it.

AdvantagesReally customisable, lots of vehicles, vast array of weapons, Plenty of gadgets

DisadvantagesCan be glitchy but usually fixes itself

"...game. It is almost a battlefield simulator, love it. ..." Read review

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Community Level 0craigdownie


my thoughts

Advantagesamazing graphics

Disadvantagesservers where down on release but has been solved

"i bought this game on midnight launch as a last minute buy. game has a very good feel and is really understand. There is plenty of cinematic moments which is a ++ if you have a hd tv as this game plays with the frostbite 2 engine so wether it is playing the story mode to seperate missions for co-op or playing with friends online you will always fnd yourself being amazed by the graphics. Very good product and would recommend yo anyone who is intrested ..." Read review

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