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Community Level 1chickensrock


Disappointing after sales service

AdvantagesAttractive bed, comfortable mattress

DisadvantagesPoor customer service, bed supports not made of sufficiently durable material

"I ordered a bed from bedworld.net last year, shortly before moving into my first house. Yes we had the same drama with delivery that it seems everyone else had experienced: we paid for a Saturday delivery, bed didn't turn up, I called bedworld and they informed me they couldn't deliver on a Saturday after all - I had to arrange for someone to wait in for it on a weekday for me but at least they refunded the premium for the Saturday delivery. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1prime586




DisadvantagesUnreliable delivery promises.

"Most of the positive reviews on here either point to pure luck, or are perhaps less than objective. My experience with this lot mirrors most of the other 1* ratings which are on here. Ordered bedstead/mattress three weeks ago. Delivery due last Thursday. Phonecall received on the Wednesday informing of no stock, so no delivery. Phonecall on Thursday morning informing that bed would be delivered, but not the mattress. Nothing arrived. A week ..." Read review

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Product is terrible, customer service is even worse.

AdvantagesThe mattress is an alright quality

DisadvantagesNo idea where I would begin

"Ordered a bed and mattress from Bedworld in early February of this year. Used the next day delivery service but only half of the order showed up on the day (at 17:45, after telling us that they'd be there between 09:00 and 16:00 - so we wasted a WHOLE day waiting) the other half of the order showed up 3 days later. When we finally started assembling the bed (the instructions are really very unclear, only one small A5 sheet printed on one side for ..." Read review

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Awful customer service



"Ordered a bed frame and mattress for my daughter which showed a 1-2week delivery on the Bedworld website. After a 4 week wait I started to make calls to the company. I was initially amazed at the way the company representative spoke to me, then angry. She was rude and dismissive of my complaints she seemed surprised I was annoyed about the situation! I have just come off the phone with them again, 6 weeks in, and it appears the bed will be delivered ..." Read review

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Community Level 1spikeydarrin


D. Graham



"I ordered a bed and matress from bedworld only because they offered next day delivery. I had just moved house and I expected the bed to arrive on the day I moved in. I also had this day off work so I was around all day to accept the delivery. I didn't hear anything, no emails no phone calls or anything. So on the delivery day I was waiting. At about 16:30 I decided to call them up going through their complicated telephone system. I finally got a human. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1krissharm


Drama in bedworld

AdvantagesCheap, on the web

DisadvantagesUnreliable, Very slow, condesending staff,

"Ok, so the senario was that I had moved out into my first home, but we wanted to get a new bed, pretty much as quickly as possible, and as reasonably priced as anyone knows your first home can quickly become a money pit! I searched google and came up with bed world, they were a supplier of a type of matress I had, had before, they are good, but thats another review. Bedworld were quick to take the money and called up about 3 days later to arrange ..." Read review

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Community Level 1006057


BedWorld/iMattresses - Sealy Backcare regular Mattress

AdvantagesCheap, good delivery guys. Polite and helpful call centre staff (bar one guy who was crap)

DisadvantagesLonger lead times than advertised, no communication unless you do the work.

"After ordering the above mattress from iMatresses.co.uk/BedWorld and waiting for the 1-2 weeks lead time , I thought to check on it's progress. I spoke to the call centre who helpfully said it would be coming into my local courier on Friday and they would call me then. This would be 3 weeks. (The lead time also changed to 2-3 weeks on their site website which was weird). It came to Friday but nothing, so called them back to speak to someone who ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pheonix2nd


Awful costomer service



"We ordered a bunk bed with a chair bed on the bottom, for our 2 girls. We were given a choice of color for the chair bed and we chose cream, We also had a choice of day for delivery and it arrived on that day, but while they were bringing it in i had seen that the matrice for the chair bed was blue. I called bedworld and the woman told me to accept it and then email them for it to be exchanged as this was the easier way to do it rather than re-order, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1beckyboo84


Bedworld.net should be renamed BEDHELL


Disadvantageseverything. BAD COMPANY

"OH MY GOD, stay away from this company I work for a small online furniture shop (which at present dose not sell beds) so i thought i would be safe buying from the largest on line bed shop in the uk. How wrong could i have been. I should have cancelled my order straight away. I ordered a guest bed for my little girl and wanted the pull out part for when my family come to stay. Found a lovely one for £159 but had to buy a second matress that was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ceri53



AdvantagesGreat prices, items and delivery


"I ordered a bed and mattress from Bedworld at a really good price (at least a third of the money I'd have spent on the high street on similar spec items). I was told 3-4 weeks for delivery and 3 weeks to the day afterwards I received a phone call at 8am to say that my items were ready and asking when I'd like them delivered. I was very surprised to find that I could arrange for delivery that very same morning and they turned up at 11am! (This ..." Read review

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Community Level 1finlaysong

Quick review of Bedworld.net

"Hi, I would like to share my experience and express my satisfaction with the services bedworld offer. We ordered a headboard on 2 August and expected a 28 day delivery. We were duly contacted on 30 August and delivery arranged. The headboard was delivered on the due date in September, well packaged and undamaged. All this at a price almost 30% less than the local shops. I would certainly recommend Bedworld to anyone who is in the market for beds, headboards etc. Thanks again, Graham

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Community Level 1CloneRanger


Awful in every possible sense


DisadvantagesVery difficult to talk to someone, Very rude staff, Inaccurate delivery times, slow refund

"...ordered a storage bed from bedworld.net for a very competitive price. The promise was delievered in 1-2 weeks. After 3 and a bit weeks my wife rang to see why where was a delay (they did not contact us). They told us (in no way apologising) that the bed would be a further 4 weeks. They then said for an extra £20 we could have the next bed up in the range and that was in stock and could be delivered the following day. My wife then gave them an extra ..." Read review

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Community Level 1roquetes

Quick review of Bedworld.net

"I bought a Pine bed from bedworld in early march which arrived smashed into four pieces and after eighteen unanswered phone calls one Email and one registerd letter I was told eventually by their office manager that as seven days had elapsed since delivery that nothing could be done by bed world, West Yorkshire Trading Standards could not achieve any result,I proceeded to take Bedworld to court and it was only then that they agreed to refund my account. Bedworld office manager called Phil took it upon himself to deny me my rights as a customer with a flagrant disregard to the sale of goods act,I have never dealt with a more unscrupilous company than bed world and I would advise any prospective buyer to beware.

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Community Level 1bmsakov

Quick review of Bedworld.net

"Absolutely dreadful. I received confirmation that I had been charged, and that the order was completed. The delivery date was set for the next day and all was well. Unfortunately no call came from the delivery wing and no delivery was made. They are only open on weekdays from 9-5 and are difficult to get on the phone even during those hours. I have no answer, no mattress, not even an excuse. Someone is apparently going to call me first thing tomorrow morning, but I'm not holding my breath. Have reliability and customer service become a thing of the past?

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Community Level 1annabelcow...

Quick review of Bedworld.net

"I would stronly advise people to steer well clear of this company. In my dealings with them I was spoken to by the "manager" Phil who was the rudest man I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. They never answer the phone... you are put through to an answer phone every time and they do not return your calls or emails. I have been without a mattress for over a week and they do not appear to be in any hurry or make any effort to put this right. I wish I had read the reviews on here before having any dealings with them. There is absolutely no customer service from this company at all.

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