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Community Level 2KneeDown


Vox That Rox

AdvantagesPrice, Performance, Finish, Stupendous Value

DisadvantagesNot an SM58, maybe a bit “bright” for some

"...of comparison between the two. The Behringer model looks very similar in size/shape/weight but is finished in darker shades of grey, and looks/feels physically to be every bit as well made and rugged as the Shure, and both use the standard balanced XLR connector, and both are omni-directional – meaning they only pick up what you point ‘em at ! From the blurb on the box, the Behringer apparently has the same dynamic frequency response ..." Read review

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Community Level 1adamwolters


Good for the money

Advantagescheap, effective to a point. look good

Disadvantagespoor checking, feedback at lower levels than other stage mics

"OK they are a copy of the industry standard sm58 (the most popular microphone in the world) the xm8500 (85 not 58 geddit?) in tests at the college where i work came out sounding similar - but not as crisp and realistic in the mid range. They also feedback at lower volumes than the sm58 in a Live test. We have a few come through our college, and some sounded great and some not so good. SO the checking is not as good...if you buy from a store check ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cornishlad


Behringer XM8500 great value

Advantagescheap, sturdy consruction

Disadvantagesnone at the price point

"...many "experts" I always find Behringer products to be good value for money and generally perform well. The XM8500 is no exception to this. I am "forced" to write this review because I was unable to post a brief comment on a previous review titled "Vox That Rocks" because I have not previously written one myself. So this is effectively my chance to comment :-) In the second sentence, the XM8500 is described as "an omni-directional" mic that "only ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Albinorhino


Good replacement for a SM58

AdvantagesGood durability good pick up

DisadvantagesTop end feedback is apparent, low end pick up a bit suspect

"I bought this microphone after four of my shure sm 58's broke during a show. The band did pay me a good price for the shures but I wanted something a little less expensive as it was a month of a good deal of heavier shows coming through. These microphones were much cheaper and felt just as well made and I knew my high school used to use them so I figured I'd give them a shot, in comparison they were quite a good deal similar picking up at the same ..." Read review

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