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Overall a good concealer.

Advantagescovers blemishes & dark circles, good range of shades, can build up

Disadvantagesdoesn't look good on slightly dry skin, expensive

"...reviewing is Boi-ing concealer by Benefit which claims to be an industrial-strength concealer. The award winning concealer camouflages dark circles, shadows and discoloration without creasing or fading. Due to the popularity of this concealer it's now available in five shades ranging from light to deep. Although I went into my local boots store to look at this product I wasn't 100% sure that I was going to buy it or not. Although I currently use a ..." Read review

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AdvantagesHides dark circles


"...read several reviews on the Benefit Bo-ing, and nearly everyone said the product was amazing for their dark circles, most people said that they only used it under their eyes because it was too thick to apply anywhere else, I was quite curious as to what the product looked like anywhere else on the skin so I was looking forward to receiving my Benefit Bo-ing through the post from Amazon for £11 and see what it looked like on discoloured areas on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3cookie334


Boi I Like My Boi-ing

AdvantagesGreat coverage, blends well, good on its own, don't need much

DisadvantagesDoesn't cover spots well at all

"...before making your final purchase. What Benefit say about this concealer: You name it, Boi-ing hides it! This industrial-strength concealer camouflages dark circles, shadow and discolouration for a seamless, natural-looking finish without creasing or folding. It's the concealer that goes the distance. ** Packaging ** The concealer I have comes in a black screw top pot, a bit like a lip balm, and the lid has a clear circle of plastic with ..." Read review

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Community Level 7bubblegum_...


Boi-ing! And the circles are gone!

AdvantagesActually covers dark circles; good staying power

DisadvantagesEasy to apply too much; Can look cakey on dry skin

"...the best I've come across. Benefit make massive claims about the effectiveness of this, saying: "Say good-bye to circles and shadows around your eyes with boi-ing. Our industrial-strength concealer camouflages those pesky "problems" without creasing, smudging, or wearing off." I have to admit that, compared to most of Benefit's other excitingly packaged products, Boi-ing may appear a tad on the dull side. It has recently been repackaged and now comes ..." Read review

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I'm not go-ing to buy any more boi-ing

Advantagescovers dark circles, staying power

Disadvantagesmade my skin look shiny and draw attention to the area

"...for use under the eyes. Benefit also claim that this concealer will disguise problem areas without creasing, smudging or wearing off. Usually the concealer would come packaged in a round plastic tub, but as mine was part of a kit, mine was actually just a small amount in a little tray inside the kit itself. It comes in three colours - light, medium and deep. Normally I would have chosen the light as I'm quite pale, however the one that comes with ..." Read review

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Bye Bye Bad Skin

Advantageseasy to use, hardly need any, great coverage, lasts ages


"...when I went to using Benefit make up that I discovered Boi-ing. Boi-ing is billed as "industrial strength" concealer, and I think they really mean it!! I first tried some at the local Benefit counter when picking up my foundation one day, and I instantly fell in love. Just a tiny amount blended on with my finger and poof, no more dark circles! I was so impressed I bought a pot straight away and I have never looked back. Boi-ing comes in a small, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sunny22


The Benefits of Concealing!

AdvantagesExcellent coverage, lasts all day!

DisadvantagesMay seem pricey, however I think it's worth the investment!

"...looked even more tired! That's where Benefit comes in! Benefit is a high end make up line, which is also fun! I'm always intimidated by the girls on the posh make up counters, such as Clinique, Lancome, etc. Everything is just so sterile, and unimaginative. Benefit is the opposite - with fun product names, cute packaging, and original ideas, it's definitely one of my favourite brands! I was discussing make up with a friend of mine (as you ..." Read review

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Community Level 3dinosaur9211



Advantagescovers blemishes, lasts a long time, lightweight


"...found a new love for Benefit recently and went on a bit of a spending spree. I brought various products that I use almost every day and some which are only rarely used because I can't bring myself to use them all up!Dark circles are one of my main issues as I work/study 7 days a week and do coursework into the early hours most nights. I hardly ever sleep if I'm honest hence why I'm on here so much! No matter how many remedies ..." Read review

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Benefit Boi-Ing

AdvantagesLong Lasting & Blends Well

DisadvantagesThe Coverage Is No Better Than Cheaper Concealers Ive Tried.

"...thought Id restock with some Benefit sets. The first one I bought was the Confessions Of A Concealaholic and Ive been working my way through the products and reviewing them since I bought it so I thought Id try and finish with the final 2 this week. The first one of those products I got in the set was 'Benefit Boi-ing' which is an 'industrial strength concealer' according to Benefit so it seemed like just the kind of thing I needed for late nights ..." Read review

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Feel the Benefit of flawless skin with Boi-ing

AdvantagesGreat coverage

DisadvantagesSomewhat pricey

"...to make... I am a Benefit addict! I absolutely love lots of their products, and have found (despite the odd disappointing purchase) that their range is generally first rate for natural looking flawlessness and that perky fresh-faced look that my husband thinks I wake up with ;-) Despite my love of all things Benefit, I have to say that Boi-ing is my favourite beauty product of all time, instantly creating confidence and hiding what needs to be concealed. ..." Read review

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For my dark circles only industrial strength will do!

Advantagescovers up dark circles, easy to apply, lasts long

Disadvantagesa little pricey but does last, a little fiddly to open

"...Boots and I spotted the Benefit counter, which happened to have no customers around it so I decided to ask for some advice about concealers there. My sister is a fan of the Benefit range of cosmetics. She actually uses one of their concealers and recommends them highly so I thought I would ask the lady on the counter to try some on my skin. The lady suggested that the boi-ing concealer would be a good one for my skin and proceeded to apply some ..." Read review

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Community Level 1stardust187


Worth the price!

AdvantagesExcellent coverage, stays put all day

DisadvantagesPricey, takes a while to blend in

"...costs about £15.50 from the Benefit website, but can also be bought on the Boots, Debenhams and House of Fraser websites and at Benefit counters in those stores. I decided to splash out on this since I use loads of concealer to cover up my dark circles. At first I found it hard to blend with a brush as it's quite solid when you first pick it up with the brush. I found it easier to blend with my little finger since the heat from your fingertip will ..." Read review

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Community Level 6zombieflesh


The best under-eye concealer around

Advantagesgreat coverage, shades blend well against skin tone, lasts well, good for under-eyes and blemishes

Disadvantagesa bit on the expensive side but worth the cost

"Benefit are a big-name manufacturer of affordable high-end cosmetics. They have a range of innovative make-up products designed to highlight and accentuate different aspects of your facial structure. Boi-ing is a heavy duty concealer cream. This is available to buy from www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk and also at make-up counters across the globe in various department stores. I tend to buy from Boots and pick up lots of advantage card points at the same ..." Read review

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Community Level 1beckyf123


the one i always go back too

Advantagespigmented, long lasting, none shiny, fits in bag, great for under eyes

Disadvantagesonly 3 shades, can be drying, pricey, not for everyone

"i'm a teenager which means long nights studying and *ahem* partying, skin that does'nt every seem to want too co-operate with me...ever!! and very little money on things like makeup but after several frustrating mornings trying to slap on whatever i had to conceal the obvious red blemishes and dark circles, i decided i needed to splash out and invest on something a little more expensive. I'm not the sort of person who would spend £20 on some 'miracle' ..." Read review

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Community Level 6purdy



AdvantagesComplete cover, which lasts

DisadvantagesSome may find it too expensive

"...l bought a lot of Benefit products; they were simply bargains in comparison to the price one pays at home. With the dollar and pound rate being in favour of British shoppers l was getting the goods at just over half price. I needed a new concealer in my makeup bag, and after reading the Benefit catalogue l choose one called BOI – ING – strange name l will readily admit – but then most of the Benefit range are oddly named. I ..." Read review

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Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer No 05 ,100% Genuine In Box

Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer No 05 ,100% Genuine In Box

benefit concealer 05 new in box uk seller this award winning concealer camouflages dark ... more

circles shadows and discoloration without creasing
or fading now all gals can be imperfection free as
seen on i m a cleb get me out of hear 05 deep
posted with ebay...

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Postage & Packaging£1.99

Benefit Cosmetics Boi ing Industrial Strength Concealer - # 05 (Deep) 3g/0.1oz

Benefit Cosmetics Boi ing Industrial Strength Concealer - # 05 (Deep) 3g/0.1oz

A smooth concealer for flawless complexion Perfectly covers dark circles shadows & ... more

discoloration Imparts a seamless natural-looking
finish No creasing or fading away Available with 3
shades for every skin tone

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amazon marketplace health and beauty

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amazon marketplace h...
Postage & Packaging£9.95
AvailabilityUsually dispatched within 3-4 business days...
amazon marketplace health and beauty

Benefit Boi-Ing 01 - Lite (3g)

Benefit Boi-Ing 01 - Lite (3g)

Benefit helps you to hide all of your peskiest problems with this industrial strength ... more

concealer. You name it Boi-ing hides it. Dark
circles boo boos discolouration are a thing of the
past! Lite shade 01 is a popular choice for fair
skin. Use Benefit Bo...

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Postage & Packaging£0.00
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Benefit Boi-ing Concealer, Light Medium

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer, Light Medium

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer. This award-winning concealer camouflages dark circles, shadows ... more

and discoloration without creasing or fading. Even
better...the industrial-strength formula is now
available in FIVE shades, with a full range from
light to deep....

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Postage & Packaging£3.00
Availabilityrefer to website

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