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Community Level 8daisyleex


Benetint by Benefit

AdvantagesGood quality & long lasting


"...tint. It is described by Benefit as a product featuring a lightweight rose-tinted formula, with a liquid stain that adds a rosy hint of colour to cheeks and lips that lasts for hours. They also say on their website description that when used as a lip tint, it's 'kiss proof', which I can confirm is definitely true! They do also state that when used as a blush it is suitable for all skin tones - in their own words "naturally sheer & sexy on all ..." Read review

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Get Flushed Cheeks Without Any Exercise Review with images

AdvantagesGorgeous flushed cheeks in an instance and tinted lips that lasts through eating and drinking

DisadvantagesA rather high price tag of £24.50

"...stain. I use very few Benefit products but this is one that I buy from Benefit time and time again. I either use it instead of blusher or as well as blusher if it is for a night out. I also use it on my lips so as I have colour on my lips without the feel of having anything on them. Benetint is a red/rose colour and despite it looking quite dark in the bottle it can be made to look very natural. However, for those who think the Benetint looks quite ..." Read review

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Community Level 2April_Angel


Exactly 1000 words of Benetint Beauty!

AdvantagesPerfect blushing glow

DisadvantagesA no-no for pimply cheeks.

"-OVERVIEW- Benetint by Benefit is a very popular and very expensive cheek and lip stain. Stains are an alternative to blusher and lipstick, as they give a liquid stain to the skin and lips, in natural tones and shades. The advantage stains have over blusher are that stains are alot more long-lasting and give a more natural rosy look, as opposed to the powdery dramatic looks blusher can achieve. Benetint is one of the best selling cheek and lip ..." Read review

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Community Level 1supergirl182


Dewy skin in a bottle

AdvantagesNatural looking, long lasting, cult product (street cred), lasts for ages

DisadvantagesEXPENSIVE! difficult application, uneven on lips

"...in lots of boots stores, benefit stores, ebay (where I got my baby) and the benefit UK website which I love to check up on every once in a while www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk -Packaging- As the case with most benefit cosmetics, the packaging is positively delightful. It comes in a cute cylindrical glass bottle with a white plastic cap. It fits nicely into any handbag or makeup bag and although the huge plastic cap makes it look bigger than it is ..." Read review

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Community Level 4SarahSkas


You will Benefit from using Benetint

AdvantagesLooks completely natural, lasts all day and night

DisadvantagesVery expensive

"I had never heard of Benefit cosmetics until one spring day in 2004 when I went into Debenhams with my mother to look for a pair of shoes. We decided to take a de-tour to the shoe isle via the make-up counters and that's when we both, simultaneously, felt a strange allure to the vibrant, fun looking counter that was Benefit. We were 'just looking' when the assistant asked if we'd ever tried the brand before. Neither of us had so she offered us a makeover ..." Read review

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Community Level 4materialgirl


Sexy Glow

Advantagescreates a perfect, natural, rosy, sexy glow, easy application, doesn't rub off...oh the list goes on...

Disadvantagesstains fingers, expensive

"...that THEY NOW HAVE A BENEFIT COUNTER. Obviously I bought Benetint (and a few other essential items) and charged it all to my account card to be dealt with later. The 13.5ml jar cost me £21.50. Yes, £21.50. For blusher. You read correctly. That is VERY expensive for me. But there's something about Benefit that I can't resist. Benetint comes in a nice little red box in a nice little see through bottle so you can see how much Benetint you have ..." Read review

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Community Level 2MaggieBroon


Perfect for the daytime cosmetic bag

AdvantagesHandy & very easy to use, looks fab


"I first came across Benefit Cosmetics a few Christmas' ago when I recieved a Kitten Sparkle Puff as a gift. Living in a small town, I'd never heard of Benefit before and soon did some internet searches to find out more. I'm now a self confessed Benefit addict! Benefit Cosmetics are the brainchild of Jean & Jane Ford, two identical twin sisters from San Fransisco. Their products such as Benetint, Dr FeelGood, Show-Offs, Moon Beam & "Touch me then ..." Read review

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Not one of Benefit's best

AdvantagesGood colour, dried quickly, colour lasted

DisadvantagesPrice, drying

"One of the side effects that I experienced when I was going through my breakdown last year was that it left me incredibly pale. Even my lips were almost white, with a pale blue tinge. I did literally look like death warmed up slightly. I didn't venture out of the house much, but when I did, this was a fantastic help. I don't normally wear makeup, but I did keep this in the car so I could use it whenever I did go out. Benetint was first designed as ..." Read review

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Community Level 4rose1986


Natural Beauty

AdvantagesLooks fantastic, feels great, long wearing


"...have tried many products by Benefit such as their eye shadow's, blushers (wow!), mascara and eyeliner. What drew my attention to the Benefit counter in the first place was their unusual designs on the product packages which are far different from many others on the market. The designs are instantly eye catching! Not only this… but many magazines rave about their products, so I definitely had to give them a try. I heard BeneTint by Benefit was supposed ..." Read review

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Rose Tinted Lips

Advantagesnice results


"I love Benefit products and one of the more recent ones I've purchased is Benetint. I got the sample with Glamour magazine that I'm sure everyone got but I used it up very quickly and decided I liked it that much that I was going to pay full price for it. Benetint is a lip and cheek stain and is meant to enhance and add a rose coloured tint to these areas. It isn't the cheapest product but Benefit products do last a good while as it comes in a 12.5ml ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lizzie_hay...


If you don't own it - buy it!!

AdvantagesLooks gorgeous, easy to apply, lasts and lasts...

DisadvantagesIts a stain (so u can imagine the disavantages)

"...products. Benetint was the first Benefit product I tried and at the time, it was THE thing to own. It seemed this rosy-red cheek and lip stain was the trick of every celebrity and various make-up artists. Now, I have to say a product loses its status somewhat when you discover that everyone seems to own it. In Benetint's case, the spread of its appeal only reinforces its standing as a cult product that actually has worth beyond celebrity endorsement. ..." Read review

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There's a benefit to using Benetint

AdvantagesLovely colour, versatile, lasts ages, looks good

DisadvantagesPrice (although IMO it's value for money)

"...£23.50 to spend on the Benefit original. However, after Christmas I saw that the Boots website was selling the 'Tinted Love' gift set for around £19.50 - this consisted of a full-size 12.5ml bottle of Benetint, a 'Pocket Pal' (Benetint and clear lipgloss in a tube) and a little red purse. I liked the sound of the Pocket Pal, as I had been unable to carry the Collection 2000 stain around with me (it was prone to leaking, and as it's a stain it got ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11



AdvantagesGreat for lips


"...no further than Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics. Benetint is described as a rose tinted lip and cheek stain. Don't be put off by the name, it will not actually stain your face and never come off but it "stains" by giving you that natural lip bitten look. I am a big fan of Benefit cosmetics and although they are a bit expensive I think they give you a really natural look with all their products and are really quite a fun cosmetics brand. Benefit ..." Read review

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Community Level 2justsomegi...


Tinted Love!

AdvantagesCheeks & Lips in one, lovely rosy glow!


"...during my gander at the Benefit counter! I'm always attracted to Benefit, sadly not due to the great prices, but due to the colourful and intricate patterning of packages... forget your rich looking Clinique in the typical light green cases... ah no, multi colourer and beautiful little designs of people, girls, bags, bubbles, all different things decorate the shelves of Benefit! I'd read about Benetit before now but been a bit wary of the ..." Read review

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My face benefits from this lip & cheek tint even if my purse does

AdvantagesEasy to apply, works great on lips and cheeks, looks fantastic, easy to remove, long lasting.


"...and was very boring too. Benefit cosmetics were something that I knew about before last year but rarely purchased because I felt that they were too expensive for my budget and there were similar products for similar money. Now I still agree with this, in some areas, but Benetint is a product that I was first lent by a lady at work and then fell in love with and now it is part of my regular make-up bag. This product is a rose coloured lip and cheek ..." Read review

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Benefit Benetint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain 2.5ml Travel Size Tint

Benefit Benetint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain 2.5ml Travel Size Tint

benefit bene tint lip cheek stain in rose pink 2 5 ml 0 08 fl oz travel size travel size ... more

stain for lips and cheeks a 2 in 1 lip tint and
blusher a gel like stain providing a see through
rosy pink tint for cheeks and lips providing hours
of smudge proof...

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Benefit Mini Deluxe They're Real Porefessional + Benetint

Benefit Mini Deluxe They're Real Porefessional + Benetint

Beauty mega-brand Benefit boast a trio that will be new favourites to your make-up bag. ... more

Benefit They're Real! MascaraBenefit They’re
Real! Mascara in Black boasts a jet black formula
that lengthens curls volumises lifts and separates
lashes for a...

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Benefit Benetint lip & cheek stain

Benefit Benetint lip & cheek stain

Our original rose-tinted stain is kiss-proof, see-through colour for lips & cheeks that ... more

lasts for hours. Naturally sheer & sexy on all
complexions... its innocent yet provocative.
Originally created for an exotic dancer in the
1970s, benetint has soare...

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Benefit Benetint - rosetinted

Benefit Benetint - rosetinted

Benetint cheek and lip tint by Benefit . Featuring a lightweight rose-tinted formula, the ... more

liquid stain adds a rosy hint of colour to cheeks
and lips that lasts for hours. To apply draw three
small stripes across the apple of your cheek and
blend in a c...

Postage & Packaging£3.00
Availability1-3 Days

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