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What a nightmare!

AdvantagesReasonable prices, lovely beds

DisadvantagesVery, very poor sales technique & customer service

"...is mainly based on the Bensons Beds in Gloucester, which is a concession in Debenhams, Kings Square. For about the last five months I have had my eye on a gorgeous chocolate leather bed in Bensons Beds. Many times I have purposely headed out of my way into the homewares floor just to gawp at it, but as my husband dutifully reminded me, it wasn't cheap at £499 and there is nothing wrong with the bed we have. I was also slightly put off from Bensons ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Lizard_Lover


Bensons Customer Service goes Belly Up

AdvantagesLovely beds

DisadvantagesRude staff, terrible customer service

"...we duly trundled off to Bensons Beds in Coventry in November 2002. Bensons have stores all over the country, 220 of them to be precise, and pride themselves on being the largest bed retailer in the country. Details of your nearest store, should you ever be unfortunate enough to want to buy a bed from them, can be found on their website. The shop is very brightly lit, and has a comprehensive range of beds, both wooden and metal, old fashioned and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sierra_Fans


Thank Bensons for a good nights sleep!

AdvantagesGreat Product, Customer Services, Delivery

DisadvantagesNot experienced any.

"...pleasure to walk in to Bensons and receive a good level of customer service from the staff. She was considerate, well-informed and a good humoured. She gave us enough space to look around, but let us know that she was there if we needed her, which is a welcome change after feeling pressured by sales people in other well known bed stores. When we found the divan set we wanted - which consisted of a 4 drawer base and a high quality mattress with ..." Read review

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Community Level 6scuba_angel


Beds.... Eventually Review with images

Advantagesgood deals, good quality

Disadvantageslittle contact from the delivery depot

"I ordered a bed from Bensons in Horwich back in February of this year, when I initially placed the order I was living in Harrogate in staff accomodation, I had spoken to my temp manager and she was OK with me having my own bed and as my room was large enough for a double I decided thats what I would go for. But due to the leave dates for the job I had the earliest I could get it delivered was going to be the 19th March almost 6 weeks away. But the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kateybee123


Great if you like mould in your bed


DisadvantagesEverything, especially mold / mould in the bed and truly hideous customer service!

"...Relyon bed worth £1500 from Bensons in Hounslow. A year and 4 months after it had been delivered the mattress began to collapse on one side. On investigation it was very damp. Lifting the mattress we found mould riddled throughout the bed. This was a common complaint from other customers and one that Bensons were previously aware of but I believe we may be the only customers who got a refund without going to the courts. Because we bought on finance, ..." Read review

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Benson beds, I won't use them again.

AdvantagesProduct reasonable

DisadvantagesRude staff, Mattress was not delivered with the bed, Riddiculous delievery times

"...people sharing this experience of Bensons beds.Their products may be nice enough, but unless you don't mind waiting for a very long time, misdeliveries and taking 2 days off work, potentially thrown in with rude staff and delievery drivers who don't seem to have much reverence for the property they are transporting, then I do not reccomend Benson Beds. I had some dealings with Dreams about 4 years ago, which went very smoothly indeed. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5debbie_mar...


not a good nights sleep for bensons beds

Advantagesnone at all

Disadvantagesuxbridge staff have a limited grasp of the english language, they are unhelpful, never return calls on time, do not stick to delivery dates.

"...as we walked passed the Bensons for Beds in Uxbridge precinct. At the front window were two cabin beds reduced down to £299.00. My boys were promised they would have new beds but I wasn't expecting to buy from this company at the spur of the moment. However, I did purchase the two beds and was promised a delivery date of 18.2.04. The night before I dismantled my boys beds and took them to the refuse centre. On the delivery morning I received ..." Read review

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Community Level 1city27


Buzzcocks at Bensons for Beds!!!


DisadvantagesToo many to mention. Pass the buck!

"...email that was sent to Bensons Beds regarding a faulty bed! A total sham! Dear Sirs, A few months ago, I purchased a Minster bedstead and mattress for £249.95, from your branch in Glasgow. On 17 August 2004, I contacted the Manager (Jeanette) to report a fault with the bed. She was unwilling to listen to my complaint and instead told me to contact Customer Services Department (CSD). On the same day, I telephoned the CSD, based in Scotland ..." Read review

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bensons are a set of clowns..avoid at all costs

Advantagessleeping on the floor is preferable to dealing with Bensons for beds

Disadvantagessleeping on the floor

"I ordered a bed from Bensons during one of their endless sales. The bed I chose after trying each one (their bed station firmness guide gimmick being next to useless) was a Airflow 7000 apparently being made by their "sister" company Relyon, which afford them a faster and preferential service from the manufacturer. I was told the bed was being phased out and was cheaper for this reason. It would take 3 weeks to arrive and I paid my money in full, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lunarz123


Bensons - couldn't care less about customer

AdvantagesFrom what I remember in the show room, the bed is nice!

DisadvantagesIncapable of delivering when they say they will, very rude customer service staff

"...despite having very nice beds, Bensons could not care less about Customer Care. Having been told a delivery date and slot (8am to 1pm), taken half a day's holiday from work to accept the delivery, cleared the bedroom ready for the delivery and disposed of the old bed (exactly as instructed), like so many other people on here, the bed did not turn up. I phoned the warehouse several times, and they were still insisting that "they will deliver 8am ..." Read review

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Bensons Beds Faux Leather Headboard - mothball stink!

AdvantagesLooks good, seemingly well made.

DisadvantagesSmell outweighs any advantages and can't have the product in the house because if this.

"Nice looking store in Milton Keynes, very helpful non 'pestering' assistants. Wanted a headboard for spare bedroom and chose from very versatile range of different styles available in faux leather or material - lots of colour choices. Not an unreasonable price at £134.99. Chose 'deliver to store' as couldn't be asked to wait around all day or pay for delivery to my home. Told it would take 2 weeks, & it did, so pretty good service on that. Whole ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MrMuggings



AdvantagesNONE . This bed is no longer in their range, and has been replaced by another.


"...to come across our local Bensons For Beds while looking to replace our rather old uncomfortable bed. We ordered and paid for a MEMORY FOAM ADVANCED 1440 divan bed at the full cost of £834.99p including delivery charge. The bed was delivered as arranged 6 weeks later on 3/10/08, and assembled by us in our bedroom. We were quite pleased with the bed untill May 2009, when we noticed that the bed base was damp, mouldy and stained across both sections. We ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Leo23


Buyer Beware!


DisadvantagesToo may to list

"...frame and bedside tables from Bensons in July 2007. We eventually got a delivery date in September (after two cancelled dates) so we disposed of our old bed on the morning the new bed was due to arrive. Our mattress and bedside tables came but no bed frame. We are still waiting for the frame to be delivered! (due on October 15th now). They gave us a loan frame (because we objected to their suggestion of 'just sleep on the mattress on the floor'!). ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mikeroo


Bensons beds - forget it

AdvantagesGood range on display

Disadvantagespoorly trained staff, terrible customer service, insane delivery wait

"...divan bed with drawers from Bensons in Weston-super-Mare, I must admit that looking back the signs were all there that it was going to be a painful experience. I had been looking around at a few places and decided to buy from them for no other reason than when I was in the store, I had the money on me and I was sick of going into bed shops and trying all of the different mattresses, plus, they were ever so slightly cheaper than the last place I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1supajeff


Benson's Beds are King of Lousy



"...visitors. We have repeatedly contacted Bensons Christchurch store and received all sorts of promises about delivery of a replacement headboard and after several months, when pressed on a delivery date the staff at the store became abusive. We have still not received a replacement headboard for the bed and we do not believe we ever will. Bensons have taken good money and supplied a substandard product which they are either unwilling or unable to rectify. ..." Read review

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