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Bensons Beds Faux Leather Headboard - mothball stink!

AdvantagesLooks good, seemingly well made.

DisadvantagesSmell outweighs any advantages and can't have the product in the house because if this.

"Nice looking store in Milton Keynes, very helpful non 'pestering' assistants. Wanted a headboard for spare bedroom and chose from very versatile range of different styles available in faux leather or material - lots of colour choices. Not an unreasonable price at £134.99. Chose 'deliver to store' as couldn't be asked to wait around all day or pay for delivery to my home. Told it would take 2 weeks, & it did, so pretty good service on that. Whole ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MrMuggings



AdvantagesNONE . This bed is no longer in their range, and has been replaced by another.


"...to come across our local Bensons For Beds while looking to replace our rather old uncomfortable bed. We ordered and paid for a MEMORY FOAM ADVANCED 1440 divan bed at the full cost of £834.99p including delivery charge. The bed was delivered as arranged 6 weeks later on 3/10/08, and assembled by us in our bedroom. We were quite pleased with the bed untill May 2009, when we noticed that the bed base was damp, mouldy and stained across both sections. We ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Leo23


Buyer Beware!


DisadvantagesToo may to list

"...frame and bedside tables from Bensons in July 2007. We eventually got a delivery date in September (after two cancelled dates) so we disposed of our old bed on the morning the new bed was due to arrive. Our mattress and bedside tables came but no bed frame. We are still waiting for the frame to be delivered! (due on October 15th now). They gave us a loan frame (because we objected to their suggestion of 'just sleep on the mattress on the floor'!). ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mikeroo


Bensons beds - forget it

AdvantagesGood range on display

Disadvantagespoorly trained staff, terrible customer service, insane delivery wait

"...divan bed with drawers from Bensons in Weston-super-Mare, I must admit that looking back the signs were all there that it was going to be a painful experience. I had been looking around at a few places and decided to buy from them for no other reason than when I was in the store, I had the money on me and I was sick of going into bed shops and trying all of the different mattresses, plus, they were ever so slightly cheaper than the last place I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1supajeff


Benson's Beds are King of Lousy



"...visitors. We have repeatedly contacted Bensons Christchurch store and received all sorts of promises about delivery of a replacement headboard and after several months, when pressed on a delivery date the staff at the store became abusive. We have still not received a replacement headboard for the bed and we do not believe we ever will. Bensons have taken good money and supplied a substandard product which they are either unwilling or unable to rectify. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gally1


MRS Gallagher

AdvantagesBuy now pay in 12 months all interest free.


"...my husband and I chose Bensons because we wanted quality but easy access payment method and they were local. I read the poor rating given Bensons on this site so felt a little trepidation in choosing them. I have to say it is one of the best stores I have dealt with. We called at the Oldham store on Alexander retail park a couple of weeks after Christmas (sales) and were greated by a very helpful man who honestly couldn't do enough for us. After ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lazy_Lady


Bensons help us sleep in comfort

AdvantagesWide choice, well laid out showroom, prompt delivery

DisadvantagesNone that we experienced

"...were a little suspicious of Bensons because of negative reviews, we visited their showrooms in Harrogate and Thorp Arch (Boston Spa/Wetherby). Harrogate was small and we wanted more choice, so went to Wetherby, which is a large and pleasant showroom with plenty of good quality beds. Another bed shop at Thorp Arch was much shabbier and less relaxed - I felt comfortable in Bensons and unrushed about making a decision. Staff were helpful, and not too ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hummingbir...


Bensons for Beds-A real nightmare!!!!


DisadvantagesVery bad customer service.

"...frame and mattress from Bensons Bed shop. When we ordered, they said they will deliver it as soon as possible and set a date for delivary. It was supposed to be delivered on Monday. So they gave a call on Friday saying that they can deliver only mattress on Monday and the bed frame will be delivered on Friday only. So I asked them to do it together on Friday. They said they will arrange it for Friday both the bed frame and the mattress. Then on Monday, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AlysonW


Invisible Mattress

AdvantagesCan't think of any

DisadvantagesThere are too many to mention

"...husband informed the driver that Bensons had cancelled but could be there in 20 minutes. Driver wouldn't wait. Re-delivery arranged, but when I rang to confirm nothing on system. "Re-ordered" but had to write to find out what happening. Promised new mattress 3 weeks from end of May but we still don't have it! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1treestubbs


Bensons non delivery of promised bed


Disadvantageshaving to sleep on a sofa bed because the store failed to deliver

"I ordered a bed from this store and delivery was arranged for 3 September, I had to put this off as I could not get rid of my existing bed and they said they could deliver the following week as it was in their warehouse. On 9 September I received a call to say it would be delivered 10 Sept between 8 & 1. I took the day off work. At 10am I received a call to say they would not be delivering it as it was not in their warehouse. That was that. Clearly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tobs


avoid bensons for beds

Advantagesthe display bed looked good

DisadvantagesBed damaged, workmanship appauling, branch staff are rude and not interested once a sale is made

"Terrible - metal parts on bed were welded badly, wood was chipped on numerous places and the veneer was lifting off in several parts. Staff at the branch were rude and unhelpful - not interested once a sale is made, they just referred us back to a call centre, who referred us back to the branch again! They refused to refund & collect, saying they were only legally obliged to exchange on the first occasion - we checked this out and it is totally wrong ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pittodrief...


Ah yes, wonderful Bensons


Disadvantagesmany many many

"Many years ago, fresh out of uni, I went for a job with these guys as a store manager. I was offered the job and went to work,then things changed. They are a nightmare both to work for and to buy from. Things may be different now but I wouldn't bet on it. Firstly, they do not care about their customers whatsoever They delivered only one day a week. In my area it was a wednesday which was inconvenient for all the customers (it cost £25 for delivery ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Hilary54

Quick review of Bensons Bed Shop

"I also am currently having a dipute with Bensons. I bought a kingsdown bed....assured it was the most comfortable. The mattress very quickly developed an uncomfortable dip in the middle so that I was sleeping in a hole. After a long performance they agreed there was a problem and changed the mattress. I am having the same problem with the second mattress. Trying to get someone to make a descision and give me a refund is impossible. The store? Customer services? They pass you backwards and forwards and rarely return calls when they promise. I am heading for the BBC, local radio and solicitors if something doesn't happen soon. How to make your customers happy? They failed the course big time!!!

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Community Level 1jtrev

Quick review of Bensons Bed Shop

"Excellent. Having ordered an expensive bed from Bensons, and coming upon this site by accident, I have been really worried about what would happen. The salesman was really helpful and recommended a bed suitable for our individual needs. They gave us a delivery date, phoned us 2 days beforehand to confirm the time slot, phoned 24 hours beforehand to confirm again, and then phoned exactly 30 minutes before they arrived. We are thrilled to bits with the quality and the service. So sorry that others have been unhappy, but I felt I ought to let people know that they can get it right. I have been worried sick for 3 weeks and it all turned out brilliantly.

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Community Level 1namraw

Quick review of Bensons Bed Shop

"Weston-Super-Mare shop, met saleswoman, showed us around, she went, we decided on Hip Hop, she said 3 week delay with £30 delivery, she didn't come back, left. Came to Bensons Bridgwater, saw same bed, asked salesman if he wanted to sell a bed, advised no charge for local delivery. This was all on a Monday morning. We bought, he said would Thursday delivery be OK. Wednesday he rang and said between 8am and 1 pm. Delivery made 0830. Assembled same afternoon, slept well ever since. Speak as I find, excellent service, nothing wrong with the bed. Good on you Bensons Bridgwater Boo to you Bensons Weston.

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