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Community Level 7yackers1


Enjoying the taste of Starbucks anywhere Review with images

AdvantagesCheap, very easy to use, portable (ideal for camping)

Disadvantages1 cup version too small, a chore to clean, takes ages to boil

"...producing aluminium saucepans. In 1993 Bialetti was taken over by Rondine but the two companies didn’t actually ‘merge’ until 1998. The famous Moka Express range now had a new manufacturer. A full history of Bialetti can be found on their website. ==What is it?== The Bialetti Moka Express maker is a non-electric coffee maker that is of the stove top variety. It consists of an aluminium jug made out of two distinct sections. The first ..." Read review

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An excellent piece of kit

AdvantagesQuick and makes great coffee


"...method is to use a Bialetti espresso maker, available at varying prices from Amazon depending on which size you require. I chose the 6 cup since an espresso is very small, and I kinda like a big cup full. We have large cups especially for our cappuccinos and latte’s. == The Bialetti espresso Maker == The quite large unit is designed to be run from a gas stove, it may have problems fitting some hobs if you try to use it on the larger ring. For ..." Read review

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The perfect cup of coffee

AdvantagesEasy to use and makes delicious coffee

Disadvantagesfiddily to use and clean

"... I paid £14.99 for my bialetti espresso maker which I personally thought was a good price as it is clear from just looking at it that this is a quality product. I love the art deco shape and think it looks extremely stylish. With it being a silver coloured metal it should fit into the look of most modern kitchens with ease. The maker consists of three parts which all fit together to make the coffee. In the bottom half you need to add cold water ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Margherita


"L'omino con i baffi"

AdvantagesUncomplicated top stove espresso maker

DisadvantagesSo easy to make you'll end up a nervous wreck

"For as long as I can remember this coffeepot has been loitering on the cooker in my kitchen. Perhaps of the advertisers conditioning I was subjected to when I was growing up - I could sing you the tune! - , the distinctive mark - the man with the moustache pointing at the ceiling in his little suit and pointy hat- is a synonim for quality. This is one of a few topstove coffeepots available, and the coffee it makes is uncomplicatedely delicious strong ..." Read review

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Community Level 5victorias_...


A Cute Coffee Maker

AdvantagesEasy to use, inexpensive

DisadvantagesCleaning can be problematic, becomes very hot during use

"...or cappuccino, and when the Bialetti Moka Express was bought for me as a gift, I realised that instead of banishing it to the back of the cupboard as a useless object, I could use it as a starting point for drinks I enjoyed. To make a mocha I prepare an espresso from the Bialetti Moka as per if I was intending to drink it on its own. I then heat some milk, add a few teaspoons of drinking chocolate to it, then combine with the espresso shot. Similarly, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1louploup


espresso heaven

Advantageseasy to use, easy to clean, easy to buy

Disadvantagesremember not to let the pot sit on the heat once the coffee is through.

"Simply the best: so straight forward and idiot proof. I also have a collection sitting at the back of my cooker even when I go through periods of coffee abstinence. Yes you will need to replace the rubber rings and yes, every five years or so the filter cup starts to get holes in it especially if you are a slob and leave it sitting around with old damp grounds or coffee in it. Best to clean it every time for longevity's sake - in an ideal world. I ..." Read review

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Best coffee machine

Advantagesvery easy to use


"Just so simple to use, yet this machine makes such as delicious coffee, all there's needed is a good quality coffee such as Lavazza, I prefer the red label. The machine is plainly simple, you fill the bottom part with water up to the valve level, but without covering the valve as this is where the machine let's the pressure out as the water starts to boil, you then add the coffee in the middle container, this is where you decide how strong you want ..." Read review

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Bialetti Moka Express 12 cup Espresso Maker

Bialetti Moka Express 12 cup Espresso Maker

The Moka Express, made by Bialetti in Italy, is the original stove top coffee maker. With ... more

it you can make authentic espresso at home. It is
made from solid cast aluminium with a black
acrylic handle and knob. All pressure valves are
fitted with top qua...

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