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Advantagesgood idea

DisadvantagesJack didnt' like them

"...vegetarians and vegans plus the Bickiepegs themselves are Kosha. So with all this being taken into account, plus the fact that a single packet contains 9 individual biscuits (35g total) and costs under two pound at £1.98 you would think this was a sound purchase. Wrong! The Bickiepegs not only look revolting as they are a woody brown colour with flecks of darker brown inside them, they don't smell too appealing either and Jack was having none ..." Read review

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Relief for toothypegs

AdvantagesOffers relief for teething babies, recommended by doctors and dentists

DisadvantagesNot enough safety ribbon

"...suggested we try him with Bickiepegs whilst we were out and about and bought Alex a pack for £1.75 from Asda. Bickiepegs were developed back in 1925 to provide the correct exercise to aid the correct development of the jaw and baby's teeth whilst helping with the pain of teething. Bickiepegs are in a small rectangular box with the image of a baby on the front and the purple writing of "Bickiepegs". I found them in the aisle with rusks but as they ..." Read review

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Not enough ribbon for the bickie

AdvantagesEasy to use, nothing added

DisadvantagesNot enough ribbon, Sophie got bored

"I remember these from when my sister was teething and she is now 21 so you can see that this sort of thing has been around for many years, when I looked them up for the purposes of this review I found they have been used since 1925. When my eldest began trying to chew on everything I asked my Mam about them and she bought us a pack. The product comes packaged in a mainly white and lilac cardboard box with a picture of a happy little baby on the ..." Read review

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Bickiepegs - they don't make them like they used to

AdvantagesA tempting taste and good for relieving teething pain

Disadvantages Smaller than they used to be and babies may bite right through them

"...think I remember stealing his Bickiepegs myself for a bit of a nibble when I was a toddler. So it went without saying that as soon as my daughter started teething I went out and bought a box of them. On opening the packet my first thought was how small they were. Much smaller then I remembered them. Obviously I was small myself so they would have seemed bigger but I would have had to be Thumbelina size for these biscuits to have seemed as big ..." Read review

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Community Level 5tinkerbell...


A Great Soother for my son's sore teeth but I have my concerns ab

AdvantagesSoothing for my Son & They last a Long time before they break up

DisadvantagesCould be a Potential Choking hazard

"...relatives suggested that we try Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits but I couldn't find any in the Supermarkets and shops whatsoever, I assumed they had stopped making them. But I was on the Kiddicare website last month browsing through items in their sale when I spotted a packet of Bickiepegs, finally. I bought a box of 9 which cost £1.72 (Sale Price) and I was optimistic about their effects since I'd heard such great things about them. Only a week ..." Read review

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Community Level 4coyoteugly


poor ikul teggies Review with images

Advantageseasy to use and priceless

Disadvantagescould do with a couple of extra laces for rest of biscuits

"for me bickiepegs teething biscuits really are a great thing, my son is 7mths and has been using them for quite a while. he has no teeth at the moment but we will get there soon i hope there is still the conflict of the sleepless nights which nothing can cure yet. UNFORTUNATELY lol so what are they? well they are 9 little biscuits which are made from wheat flour, wheat germ and water. they are made into a long stick shape which a little hole ..." Read review

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Community Level 1christina1...


Who'd of thought a teething biscuit could beat soothing gel!

AdvantagesSafe, tasty and work a treat.

DisadvantagesNeed a separate ribbon for each biscuits for slavering tots.

"Bickiepegs teething biscuits are the best thing for teething in my eyes and I tried everything! They are one of the cheapest teething products and work a treat! I thought twice about buying these due to them been quite old (my Nana told me to try them because she used them with all her children), I thought the newer things would work better due to them been updated often and due to most people recommending them but after been bitten trying to rub ..." Read review

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My son was more interested in the ribbon!

Advantagescan distract your baby fro the pain!

Disadvantagessupposed to throw away after 20 mins!

"I purchased the Bicklepegs for my son when he started teething at 4months old. I had seen them in the pharmacy and supermarkets and my mother had told me that they were around when my brothers and I were young and that she had brought them before so I thought it was worth giving a go. My son was really suffering with his teeth coming through and I used the teething granules for him which weren't particually doing to much to help. When I first got ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lauraprice10


Bickiepeg Teething Biscuits

AdvantagesEverything About Them. Price. Taste.


"Bickiepeg Teething Biscuits. My daughter is 2 yrs n a few months. I bought these from boots when she was about 4/5 months old when she was teething...although it didn't bother her i just thought i'd buy something for her to chew on just to help. They are made from wheat flour and water....(so i have been told) they have little white laces on the top of them so you can attach them to your childs wrist. Obviously you still can't leave them unattended. ..." Read review

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Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits 38g

Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits For Babies Complete with Safety Ribbon Contains No ... more

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Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits 38g

Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits 38g

Teething Biscuits for BabiesAll babies cry and teething babies cry (or seem to) even ... more

louder.This was the inspiration behind Bickiepegs
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