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Walking back to Happiness Review with images

AdvantagesFeather light


"...place. I've heard a lot about Birkenstock sandals but never really investigated further as I thought they were some sort of glorified Scholl sandal which I can remember from days of old. Great heavy lumps of wood which were supposed to exercise the feet while you were wearing them. However, when I actually got to look at a pair I found to my surprise that they were amazingly light, didn't look too hideous and I was assured by the salesgirl that ..." Read review

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Walking on air

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"...ever-growing range offered by the Birkenstock Company. Its not that last years have worn out you understand, just that buying the latest, gorgeous addition is one of my summer vices! Before I tell you why I am hooked on these sandals let me tell you a bit about the company. A potted history. ******************* The Birkenstock name has been associated with footwear for over 200 years when Johann Birkenstock worked as a shoemaker in Germany. ..." Read review

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Clumsy & Comfy



"...I’ve bought a pair of Birkenstock sandals! Why have I waited for so long? Because they’re ugly and clumsy, why have I bought them after all? Because I needed white sandals, they were the only white ones I could find, they’re not expensive and they’re comfy. Some years ago it wouldn’t have made sense to tell British readers something about this brand, although Birkenstock was first marketed in the UK in 1975, it was not widely known, it was restricted ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sjrichardson


Birkenstocks Excellent quality and comfort - well worth the price

AdvantagesDurable, comfortable, reasonably priced, always in fashion

DisadvantagesCork sole tends to break with lots of use

"...The craftsmanship of the birkenstock goes back something like 250 years and this is evident through the firm support that they offer. They have a deep heel cup and contoured footbed in all their styles that gives arch support so that your weight is distributed evenly. They come in several different fabrics such as leather, swede, nubuck and non leather and throughout the last several years have continued to come out with new styles for every age. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ashers99


Birkenstocks give your feet the support they deserve!

AdvantagesExtremely comfy, last years, good for your feet

DisadvantagesNeed to regularly apply cork sealant in order to make them last longer

"...anymore. I went to the Birkenstock store in Covent Garden to have a look at the full range and came across the 'Mayari' style. I thought they were the most attractive pair in the store, and more feminine looking than a lot of their sandals. Copy and paste this URL to have a look: http://www.birkenstock.co.uk/index.php?m=catalogue &a=vw_prod&wprid=693 I tried on several styles and found the 'Mayari' to not only be the most attractive but the most ..." Read review

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Community Level 1greaves


I love my birkies!

Advantagesthese are the most comfortable sandals you will ever wear!

DisadvantagesDue to the high demand you have to queue up at their outlets or bid on ebay

"...pair of purple (madrid style) birkenstock sandals in May after a recommendation from another birkenstock owner! I wore them on numerous shopping trips and also out on those bright summer evenings which seem to have disappeared recently! After wearing them as an alternative to trainers (my old favourite style of footwear!) and also on nights out as an alternative to painful high heels my partner actually ended up buying me another pair in black ..." Read review

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Community Level 1corkycat27


Simply Sheer Comfort

AdvantagesComfort. Reliable company.


"I've had my Birkies for nearly 4 years and live and die in them all summer. They're the most comfortable pair of sandals I've ever had and would recommend them to anyone. Even after all the time I've had them there is only slight wear on the sole. I wear them to work, for casual and they look good with anything. Even on the hottest days they seem to keep my feet cool, especially the soles. At first glance they appear to be pricey but they just ..." Read review

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Community Level 2scottjones...


My girlfriend loves her birks more than me

Advantagescomfortable and practical


"Ever since she got her birkenstock clogs she has never taken them off, she says they are the most comfortable shoes she has ever bought and even when i tried them on i found the same thing even though they were 3 sizes too small! She wears them everyday all day and they don't look worn and tired. I'm not sure about the quality of service from the providers but i definately know the products are of very high standard. They are definately worth buying ..." Read review

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