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Community Level 2katyparles


Why study at the University of Birmingham?

AdvantagesExcellent teaching, sports, social life and environment

DisadvantagesVery few!

"...bad of the University of Birmingham to give prospective students a really well-informed idea of what it's like to be a student there. I'm sure there's already plenty of information on here, but I'm planning on avoiding reading it until after I've written this as I was an untainted picture of my life as a Birmingham student. It's relatively difficult to get into Birmingham to study one of the more classic university subjects as their standards are ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kittykatty31


Second city is my number one!

AdvantagesCommunity atmosphere, nightlife, city centre, Edgbaston is lovely and green!

DisadvantagesWalk to campus on cold mornings, having to explain that Brum isn't skanky to everyone

"I transferred to Birmingham University at the start of this year, having previously been at Southampton and having had a thoroughly miserable time! I'm pleased to say that I absolutely love it at Birmingham and its been so easy to settle in that I think transferring was the best decision I ever made. Transferring? The process of transferring was made really easy by everyone at Birmingham. I sent an email enquiring whether it would be possible, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Pompeii1986


Welcome to Brummieland. Next stop - Studentville

AdvantagesBig library; Excellent on campus facilities; Fantastic nightlife; Great IT facilities

DisadvantagesPoor lecturing at times; Library not always helpful

"...football pitches. As you can tell, Birmingham is not short of facilities on site. A short 5 minute walk into Selly Oak and you have four excellent pubs to enjoy, and a 5 minute taxi ride into town will take you onto the legendary broad street - home of the finest clubs and bars in Birmingham. This is where the true appeal of the University lies, with the numerous clubs offering student nights where only students are allowed in, and there are special ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Greenyman


The University of Birmingham

AdvantagesGreat teaching, facilities, opportunites and social life

Disadvantagesi am only here for 3 years, wish it could be more.

"...student at the University of Birmingham in my first year of the popular course; Sports and Exercise Sciences. Although it is a difficult university to get in to, there are hundreds of different courses to choose from if you are not accepted on your favoured course. Also, they are quite lenient with grades as I did not achieve the expected marks but still got in... shhh! So what made Birmingham my number one choice? As soon as I arrived at the ..." Read review

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Music to your ears Birmingham is Second to None

AdvantagesUniversity campus well laid out. Barber Institute is an excellent departmental HQ

DisadvantagesCity centre is a 15-20 minute bus or train ride away

"Birmingham is Britain's Second City, but the University of Birmingham is second to none. I first attended the University of Birmingham as an undergraduate from 1975 to 1979, where I gained a BA(Hons) in Music and German. I am now nearing the end of two years of part-time study for the degree of M.Phil. in music by research. After some 20 years away, there was no other place where I wanted to study for a postgraduate degree when the opportunity ..." Read review

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Community Level 5dan916


The University of today.

AdvantagesFriendly, spacious, well located and alive!

DisadvantagesRemembering you're there to study!

"Having spent 3 years at Birmingham University as an Undergraduate studying a BSc in Sports and Exercise Studies, I feel the true excellence of this University needs to be shared. Here are the main factors that give this University it's true appeal: 1.Location 2.Campus 3.Halls of Residence 4.Sports Facilities 5.Study Facilities 6.Socialising 7.Security 8.Extras Location: Situated just outside the City Centre, this Uni is ideally located. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jimstrong


Much more than a dank city

AdvantagesGreat social life, nice city, more than a bullring

DisadvantagesNot thought of as a nice place

"Upon hearing the name Birmingham you would think of a grimey city stuffed somewhere in the Midlands. I think you would be pleasantly suprised about how nice the city is. I'm not from Birmingham, i grew up in Somerset but was still taken back by the city. The campus is great, its very green and there are a lot of nice park areas where students sit in the sun and study in the summer. The guild bar is great and the atmosphere matches. The nightlife ..." Read review

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Community Level 1janicholls


An outstanding University in many respects

AdvantagesFantastic social scene, range of things to do, excellent IT/library facilities and lots of cheap beer

DisadvantagesSome of the halls of residence aren`t that good

"...campus, and your opinion of Birmingham will have changed forever. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1annabel


What is Birmingham University really like?

AdvantagesLocation, facilities, cheap prices

DisadvantagesYou won't want to leave

"...Coming from London,I wondered how Birmingham City Centre would compare and what the people 'up north' would be like. Looking back, it was the best decision i ever made, and loved every minute of my three years there. The University, set in leafy Edgbaston, is perfectly positioned, with the neighbouring area of Selly Oak housing all the second/third and fourth years within close proximity of each other and large green areas where all the halls for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sexybabe


Brum fantastic

AdvantagesTop uni, excellent facilities


"...uni but my time at Birmingham university has been amazing. I can't say I've enjoyed every minute of it but I've been here for two years and I've met so many new and interesting people, I've experienced so many different things and I have had the most fantastic time. When It comes down to it we are at uni to get a degree and Birmingham is one of the best universities in the country. It has impressive learning facilities, the sports facilities are excellent ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Excelle


Come to Brum - you'll have the time of your life!

AdvantagesAll on-campus, friendly and a nice place to live and study, close to city too


"The University Of Birmingham (that's in Edgbaston - not Aston, or UCE - I hate people who ask that!) is one of the countries top universities. Located right in the centre of the country, no-one should have much trouble getting there, as it's equally accessible from each end of the country. The uni is of a campus structure, meaning everything you need is based within 5 minutes walk of the centre, with none of the cross-city travelling you find in so ..." Read review

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Community Level 1KJayT


For a Well Rounded Learning Experience

AdvantagesWell thought of University, knowledgeable lecturers, great library facilities

DisadvantagesCan be a pain to get to if you drive in from outside of Edgbston/Selly Oak!

"...though I have lived in Birmingham all my life, the excellent reputation the University of Birmingham has tempted me to stay in my home town to study. As a result, I cannot reliably comment on the accommodation. However, I can say that it can be a nightmare trying to drive to the Uni in the morning in time for a 9am lecture - the Bristol Road is well known for its traffic build-up! Travelling in aside, once you get to Birmingham you find a University ..." Read review

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Don't panic if you get Griffin Close!

AdvantagesGood reputation, great fun social life!

DisadvantagesBit daunting when you start, but you soon find your way round!

"What can you say about your time at University? You'll look back and remember what a wonderful time you had there, and forget all the hard work! I did four years on a Manufacturing Engineering Course and Commerce (BEng BCom) - quite an unusual combination and pretty good to say you have two degrees! My whole experience was great. The course was fantastic, and I've been able to apply what I learnt at work - not many people say that. I lived for ..." Read review

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Community Level 2georgie-girl


For a real student experience

AdvantagesThe Student guild is amazing; fab location and fab social life!

DisadvantagesMembership fees to the Sports Centre

"...third and final year at Birmingham and the past 3 years have been amazing! Birmingham's Guild is massive and has recently been refurbished. It offers about 4 bars... (I forget there are so many), numerous student nights, a couple of cafes and a few other food outlets and shops. The Student nights are brilliant too, especially Club 99 (which costs 99p to get in, and drinks are 99p too)! Before I got to Brum, I thought the campus was going to be ..." Read review

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Community Level 1KEN2010




DisadvantagesToo many pubs so you are always in-toxicated

"...was out of this world. BIRMINGHAM i mean HOLLYWOOD!!!! ..." Read review

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