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Community Level 1HollyWJ


The BlackBerry curve: organising your life one bit at a time! Review with images

AdvantagesBrilliant features, great look, popular, great for socialising, a good organisational tool

DisadvantagesFiddly controls, battery life

"After having an imitiation BlackBerry for some time (see my other reviews), I decided it was time for a step up, and invested in a BlackBerry Curve 9360. What appealed to me about it was the look, and quite frankly, the fact that the handset was so popular; but I found it it was far more than just a pretty phone. Firstly, the basics. The model comes in a variety of colours but I chose black for a timeless feel. The handset is light and so very very ..." Read review

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Community Level 1YumYumBubb...


He Says He Loves My Curves

AdvantagesSlim sexy design, lots of great features, good for organising, great way of staying connected

DisadvantagesBattery life, can freeze if you have too many apps

"...So I got this BlackBerry as an upgrade on my contract about a couple of months ago and I've never had a BlackBerry before so I was feeling really excited _First Impressions_ Amazing! It is slim, sleek and extremely light and compared with my friend's BlackBerrys, I have to say this one is by far the most attractive. Compared to other Curve models, this is slim and robust - the buttons on other Curves tend to become loose whereas on this model the ..." Read review

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Blackberry Curve 9360

AdvantagesFantastic new technology, simple menu navigation, beautifully designed.

DisadvantagesI will never know how it stands up to an iPhone as I havn't used one!

"Having owned a Blackberry 8520 for almost two years I decided to renew my contract and chose a Blackberry Curve 9360 as an upgrade (October 2011). Retailing at around the £250 mark for a Sim-free Blackberry 9360 I got my Smartphone for free as I am on contract with Orange. In comparison to the 8520 the only aesthetic differences are that the 9360 is slimmer and it has a dark grey band of colour around the top edge to contrast well with the entirely ..." Read review

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Great potential, but fails to deliver.

AdvantagesGood range of features.

DisadvantagesTerrible battery life!

"The BlackBerry 9360 has the potential to be great. Its slim, lightweight, has a decent camera and, after all, it uses the BlackBerry Operating System. However, it has poor battery life, awful keys and it keeps crashing, meaning that it fails to live up to the hype. Firstly, the good. It's very lightweight and ultra slim, meaning it fits in to your pocket nicely. It's a lot smaller than other modern smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone, ..." Read review

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Blackberry Curve 9360 - Cheap and worthwhile Review with images

AdvantagesHigh quality Camera; Attractive design; Many features included and downloadable; Useful on the go

DisadvantagesMay be difficult to use for inexperienced people; Applications can cause it to slow

"...many features included with the Blackberry 9360. These include things such as a: * 5 mp Camera with flash; * Video camera; * Mp3 Player; *Internet capability, including wifi, 3g, GPRS * Email capabilities * BBM Messenger * GoogleTalk * MSN Messenger * Calender * Alarm Clock * Youtube * Games * Memos * Google Maps * Calculator * Documents to go * Voice Recorder * Blackberry Protect And more... There is also access to Blackberry AppWorld, where ..." Read review

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the Blackberry - an average smartphone that could be a lot better

Advantagesgreat reception, great communication device, wonderful battery

Disadvantagesnot exactly a smart phone, not exactly a basic phone.

"...quite good looking for a blackberry - basically it's black, slightly curved and sort of nearly glossy. which is great if you like that kind of thing. But the problem is, even if you do like it, it's not going to stay like that for long. It's prone to scratches on the backplate, and the metallic strip running round it's edge. The screen is approximately 40% of the phone's size, and again is quite nice to start with, but prone to scratching very easily. As ..." Read review

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Community Level 1zoebarbieb...





"...o2 shop and purchased a Blackberry curve 9360 in black and at first I was really excited to get going and use it. Its 3g (at times) but this was rare as it mostly said GPRS which usually made my internet either be really slow or didn't work at all. There is no extra features on this model apart from it being thin which IS NOT a good thing at all, the battery over heats it's self all the time which means the battery life lasts about 3-4 hours before ..." Read review

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The Blackberry Curve 9360 - A Good Phone, Not A Great One

AdvantagesAttractive design, fast text and email services, good camera and social networking abilities.

DisadvantagesBattery life, freezes frequently, lack of apps.

"As the first Smartphone I have owned, I was not sure what to expect from the Curve 9360. I decided to fork out more for the 9360 than the 9300, or the now ancient 8520, as the 9360 is supposed to be faster, lighter, and easier to use. I have to be honest, this is a phone with many good points, overshadowed at times by a few (yet very obvious) bad points. Firstly, with regards to the design - it is far sleeker and easier on the eye than previous variants ..." Read review

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Community Level 1acclaimer


The brand new Blackberry Curve 9360 with updated OS7 software!

AdvantagesThe new OS7 software , Sleek Design , Very thin , Fairly Strong , Sensitive Trackpad and BBM.

DisadvantagesThe Battery could be improved , The memory could be increased.

"Blackberry Curve 9360: Introduction: Blackberry is a specific brand of various mobile phones that are often know for their 'QWERTY' keyboards and their sleek designs. Throughout the past few years Blackberry have been upgrading their software and have been developing new designs for future opportunities. Blackberrys were not really a source of popularity when they first started however after the 'Blackberry Curve 8520' prices and stocks piled up. ..." Read review

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I love my Blackberry Curve 9360 - Great choice!

Advantagesslimline, good looking smartphone

DisadvantagesBattery life

"I decided to upgrade my Blackberry to this version the BlackBerry Curve 9360 and am very glad I did! I had a Blackberry Curve before, an older version. In my opinion the BlackBerry Curve 9360 is alot quicker to use, especially using apps such as Facebook and Ebay. The phone itself is very slim and light, camera is great and also has a flash (my last phone didnt). Picture quality is high. I did purchase a silicone type case for this phone, as ..." Read review

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Community Level 1emilyb987


BlackBerry Curve Swerve

Advantages*Looks good *Downloadable apps *Reliable name

Disadvantages*Bad battery life *Small keys

"==Appearance== The appearance of the BlackBerry Curve 9360 is very good, with a neat layout and touchpad scroller. ==Useability== The touchpad scroller loses it's touchability after a while so that is one thing that needs to be replaced. Also the keys are quite small so it is hard to type. The screen, however, is easy to read and you can set out your own layout and formats. ==Battery== In my opinion the battery life is the thing that lets ..." Read review

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Good Phone overall..

AdvantagesMany apps, Range of features, Easy to socialize on the go.

DisadvantagesScratches easily, freezes with too many apps, bad quality camera overall.

"I've had my Blackberry for over a year now and I'm quite happy with it. There is a range of features such as a Facebook app and Blackberry Messenger which are very easy to use on the phone when I'm on the go and often come in handy. Unfortunetly the phone can scratch easily so if you are a clumsy person or someone who often drops their phone I recommend that you buy a strong cover. The Blackberry also freezes often from personal experience, and having ..." Read review

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Advantageseasy to use

Disadvantagesbuttons are too small

"i have been using this phone for the past 10 months and i have to say its a great phone to use. In my opinion the only bad thing can say about the phone is the buttons are too small for me. From my point of view the screen is too small as well compared to other phones that are now coming out. I had a few problems with my software on my first phone but other than that its never given me any problems. In my opinion the games on the phone are not that ..." Read review

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BlackBerry 9360 Curve Review

AdvantagesHD display, high quality camera, very fast performance

DisadvantagesFeels very weak, I feel that if I drop it it will smash

"The BlackBerry Curve 9360 Curve is a very good phone, although I am extremely disapointed with the battery life! I fully charge my phone in the morning and by mid afternoon its on red battery, then I am given the message 'Battery too low for radio use' and then shuts down. This issue needs to resolved!If you can put up with the frustrating power issue, it is actually really good! Unlike the previous models this phone has HD graphics. The phone ..." Read review

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