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Advantageswireless email, phone, calendar, diary, camera, maps, easy to personalise

Disadvantagescan cost up to £300 when bought alone

"...a firm convert to the BlackBerry smartphone revolution I am lucky enough to receive courtesy of my employer an upgrade each year. The last twelve months have seen me dazzled and impressed with the BlackBerry Pearl, a device I didn't think it was possible to make any better as it was small, compact, jam packed full of useful tools and software and incorporated a digital camera along with lots of other functional tools. It was with heavy heart that ..." Read review

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Do you want to play with my Blackberry?

AdvantagesWireless email on the go, call quality, calendar, diary, notes, camera, maps, full QWERTY keyboard

DisadvantagesTracker ball goes wrong,phone doesn't switch on straight away when pressed,beeps no email there

"...my husband got me a Blackberry 8310 many years ago now to mainly use alongside my business and for personal use. I remember he said to me, once you get used to this you will never go back to a normal mobile phone again, and those words are so true to me even to this day. Apparently when Blackberry first introduced their smart phones to the market they all had a blue cover and it soon got round that Blackberry's new nickname was to be called Blueberry, ..." Read review

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Community Level 7plipplopfr...


Blackberry Curve 8310 - A Real Smoothie!

AdvantagesEasy to use, excellent features, very simple layout, good design, durable

DisadvantagesBattery problems, not easily customised

"Blackberry handsets have grown in popularity to become the "must-have" businessman's gadget. The Blackberry device is particularly useful, because it combines a conventional mobile phone with facilities such as email on the move, Internet browsing and the functionality to synchronise with PC-based applications such as Microsoft Outlook. I'd have to be honest and say that I'd be lost without mine, which I use as a personal organiser, as well as a means ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Blackberry Curve 8310

AdvantagesGreat phone


"...but I received a new Blackberry for work a few weeks ago and I'm really pleased with it so I though I would write a review on it. The model in question is the Blackberry Curve 8310 Smartphone. I got mine free but with price plans available with the different service providers it can be anywhere up to £200 I believe. The first thing I noticed about the phone (which is what made me choose it and as you can probably tell that I'm not very technologically ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mariush123


Brilliantly put together

Advantagesuser friendly, great visauls and great durability

Disadvantagesbit expencive

"...life now revolves around a blackberry smart phone…well at least my office life does. After my Nokia N71 crashed into a software spiral and it didn't look as if the trust N series phone was going to get out of the whirlpool its stuck in and I had to make a plan very quickly, luckily all the things that I own is insured and I phoned the service provider got the insurance claim form, filled it in, and sent it back, within 10 minutes they phoned me ..." Read review

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Community Level 1amberdobber


Blackberry is sweet but has a thorny underside

Advantagessmall well made and functional

Disadvantagesnot easy to use.

"The old Blackberry device was getting a pain. It was too big and I still had a Nokia phone to carry as well, so whilst it was great to have e-mails at my finger tips there was the inconvenience of 2 items and the worry of remembering both items and carrying them round. Along comes the Curve and I dispose of the phone and use just this one sexy and convenient tool. Its look is sleek and shiney and it makes you want to hold it. Its shape is decribed ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jwl89


Blackberry curve 8320

Advantagesgood qwerty board and cursor

Disadvantagesrubbish camera, doesnt have wifi

"i recently got the blackberry curve 8320 as a replacement phone from cex, i am quite pleased with it, the cursor is really nice to move around the phone with, and the qwerty keyboard is really good and easy to use, i can send texts with it very fastly. this phone would be great if you have unlimited internet in your contract because it has a facebook app already on the phone and loads of applications ready to download. i say if you have unlimited ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pip104


I just got a Blackberry Curve - & I'd recommend it to anyone!

AdvantagesQWERTY keyboard, e-mail, internet

Disadvantagessize, because it is larger than the mini phones you see around, however it is still very sexy

"...Password keeper and of course Blackberry Messenger (I will talk more on this in a moment). It is also very beautiful for a smartphone, it is slim and has an easy to use QWERTY keyboard. 2) Installing the disk onto my computer was very easy, and now I can link information between my computer and phone very simply. My last phone had software provided too, but it was much fiddlier and the menus were not nearly as simple. 3) The ability to check ..." Read review

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Community Level 1trinst


Blackberry Curve 8310 - My First Smart Phone

Advantagesemails alerts, send and receive email, chat via Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, Blackberry Messenger

Disadvantagesdifficult menu for first smart phone user

"I got this Blackberry 8310 as a present a couple months ago. At first, I’m not interested in using such a complicated phone and I feel difficult to adjust from regular cell phone to this smart phone. But after reading the manuals and learning by doing, I find this blackberry 8310 is very helpful and interesting. Besides the usual features/ menus that we can find in ordinary cell phone, there are many useful features include in this Blackberry Phone; ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Thebanditg...


Great phone...8310 curve!!!

Advantagescompact, usability


"This I believe is one of the best phone out on the market at the moment, with numerous features which makes it well worth having for business and personal use. I bought this phone on a contract with T-mobile, 35 pounds per month, with unlimited web browsing and unlimited email use. The email application was very easy to use, with instruction very simple. All in all it took me roughly 5 minutes to set the email up, and within 10 minutes I was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1island78


The Blackberry Curve 8310 - i love it!

AdvantagesEasy to navigate, screen size is perfect, full keyboard is excellent.

DisadvantagesQuite expensive to buy if you are not on a contract.

"...decision to upgrade to a Blackberry - but i needed to receive and send emails on the move - and i felt this was my easiest option. In short - i love it! Look and Feel/Ease of use This is a great looking phone, slick, and smart. It is also surprisingly light (111g) and extremely easy to use. As a typist, having access to a full keyboard is heaven and the keys for me are big enough to easily write quickly. It has a perfectly sized screen so you can ..." Read review

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Community Level 1empeyzee


blackberry curve 8310

Advantagespush email

Disadvantagesoccasional web browser faults

"...live messenger, yahoo messenger, and blackberry messenger! you can also be signed into all of these accounts simultaneously! And it does not even deplete your battery at any higher rate from what i have experienced. the phone is slim and sleek, not big bulky and unnatractive sucha as previos rim designs! the only downside i have experienced with this handset is the difficulty involved when it comes to attaching audio as email attachments. it may be ..." Read review

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Community Level 1scoobiesal...


Great phone but rubbish battery if goes wrong

Advantageseasy for text ,great storage, good web browser

Disadvantagesbattery becomes useless, no video recorder, difficult to use until familar with phone

"Got phone as free upgrade via vodafone website, offer was not availble in shop Thought phone was great apart from the fact it had no video record mode, really quick to send text messages, great if you dont get on with predicitive text, web access brilliant as well as sat nav feature. Set up can be complicated but once sussed how to use phone was easy. Camera good but could be higher pix. Batteryu lasts for ages even if you use the phone a lot, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lkp_21


Blackberry curve 8310 - best phone for keeping in touch

Advantagesreliable, much on offer, good value for money

Disadvantagesbattery can wear down sometimes very quickly depending on what it is used for

"...I can say is this blackberry is the most reliable phone I have ever had. It gives me everything I possibly need as well as the added safety of a satnav/gprs. It is extremely light and portable and although looks big it fits comfortable into my hand and the qwerty keyboard means texting and emailing is as quick as it is on a regular computer. Not being a business woman I do admit that some of the facilities I do not always make full use of. But once ..." Read review

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Community Level 1burk33y


Blackberry Curve 8310 Review with images

Advantageskeyboard spaced out well, trackball scrolls smoothly, brilliant camera.

DisadvantagesVery slow, not enough memory, battery doesn't last long.

"The Blackberry curve 8310 is a nice looking phone for its price, its a social phone and includes great applications such as face book, twitter, blackberry messenger and so on. I currently have the Blackberry Curve 8310, the main off putting feature is memory, after installing a couple of applications it uses up memory and slows the phone down, which gets annoying if your speaking to friends on a instant messaging app. There are some disadvantages ..." Read review

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