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Community Level 1allyb24


Spanish Romeo and Juliette, only better and more interesting!

AdvantagesBeautifully written, full of passion and Fatality

DisadvantagesIt all can depend on what translation you get

"...directions, however I couldn’t put Blood Wedding down. I must say now that this next part of the review contains some spoilers, although I knew what was going to happen before I read it and still found it brilliant and shocking. Lorca himself grew up in rural Spain, and this upbringing can clearly be seen to influence his later work, especially in Blood Wedding. The play is set in rural Spain where the land is dry and therefore goof, fertile ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Amadahn


Sex, Death and Betrayal in rural Spain

AdvantagesPoetic language; emotive plot; stylised characters

DisadvantagesBeauty of language might be marred by bad translation

"As the title suggests, this is a play steeped in blood, passion, and death - written by one of the most poetic playwrights of the Twentieth Century. Federico Garcia Lorca is probably Spain’s most celebrated dramatist, and I have always felt that ‘Blood Wedding’ is his finest play. The story is not a complex one – in fact it is almost archetypal in its simplicity: on her wedding night, a young bride elopes with her lover, ..." Read review

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Spanish Passion Reaches Fever Pitch

AdvantagesEngrossing, beautifully crafted language


"...about a love triangle and blood feud between two Spanish families in the heart of the Spanish countryside. There is a wonderful irony to this play in that Lorca, who is beyond doubt and exceptional writer, was actually homosexual and wrestled against the Spanish cultural norms of the day. The tensions he experienced are clearly evident throughout the book. Lorca begins by introducing the key characters and building the tensions between family members ..." Read review

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Community Level 1with_it


A gripping tale of anger, lust, jealously and love

AdvantagesA well-paced, thrilling and beautifully written and crafted play

DisadvantagesThere are no disadvantages with Lorca

"Federico Garcia Lorca's homosexuality led him to a place of solitude where he developed a particularly poetic quality of observation. 'Blood Wedding' highlights his genius, perhaps more than any of his other works. It is a story of lust, love, jealously and anger. It reveals what can happen when we allow pride to go unchecked. Perhaps, most importantly, it draws our attention to the cesspit of hypocricy that broods under the surface of so-called 'respectable ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bella44


Blood wedding, fantastic as an A level piece.

Advantagespassion and blood

Disadvantagesenglish translation of spanish play

"Blood wedding, is fantastic as an A level piece of performance for any teachers out there. The students quickly get to love it as it has so much sex and death in it and they find the poetry and lyricism of the piece with ease. Our approach for unit 5 owed much to The Godfather film and we transported the action to Sicilly. The father became the Mafia Don and it all flowed very easily from there, with ring kissing and allegiances owed to the ruling ..." Read review

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