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THE RACE IS OVER Review with images

AdvantagesDid the best format win?

DisadvantagesOr did the best marketing swing it!

"At the time of writing Blue-ray has won the battle to become the next generation media of choice in our living rooms. Following a number of high profile defections to the Blue-ray camp by studios and retailers alike, Toshiba conceded defeat to the Sony Corp led Blue-ray format. In truth, HD-DVD received body blow after body blow, most notably when Warner Studios decided to release the films and shows it owned on Blue-ray only. This, coupled with ..." Read review

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Quick review of Blu-ray or HD DVD, which is better?

"I have to say I think HD DVD is clearly better. For a start it's cheaper and has more functions at present. The only things that Blu-ray has over HD DVD is that it has more storage, although it makes very little difference in the end as it's what you can do with that storage. Why would you pay more than twice as much for a Blu-ray player when it does even less than the much cheaper HD DVD systems. Although I personally think that both of them should be obsolete, as the technology already exists to make a flash card that would be smaller and more robust, with more storage and would run at faster speeds. It makes me wonder how long these formats will be around for.

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is the end in sight?

Advantagesblu ray vs hd-dvd war drives prices down

Disadvantagesinvesting in the losing format could be costly

"...a player that is both blu-ray and hd-dvd compatable. I guess we will have to wait and see! ..." Read review

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