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Community Level 2Jarvissa


Number 4373839938 on the list of great agencies

AdvantagesFree training (silver service etc), Flexible, Immediate start

DisadvantagesStaff can be downright dumb, wages low as 4.85 an hour

"...up, off to temping agency, Blue Arrow it was! I live in Manchester, and having no office skills or experience to speak of, decided to hit the catering branch of this agency. I walked in, was kept waiting an interminably long time (but hey, that's okay - I'd keep my prospective employees waiting while I sat chatting to my friend at the next desk too...) "Suzy" eventually calls me over, and she's actually fairly nice. Has me fill in a plethora ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Mclbee


Blue Arrow's service

AdvantagesHelpful, friendly and fast service

DisadvantagesNone at the moment

"...recently went to see a Blue Arrow recruitment company . When I went in, a man greeted me and I asked me to take a seat at the lobby. Just about 3 minutes after that, a lady consultant came up to me and asked me about how she could help me. I didn't even need to walk up , but she came and sat next to me. How nice (sounds too good to be true, right?). So she asked to see my CV and took a copy of it. I told her about my job options and that I was open ..." Read review

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Community Level 4richardjmeek


Worth a Try - IT got me out of a hole


DisadvantagesLoer wages

"Blue arrow in my experience are a very good recruitment agency, I have experience only with the liverpool branch though. I first went to blue arrow after a string af very short term positions on of which is now my chosen career. I approached blue arrow regarding my desire to gain experience within the IT industry. Blue arrow were completely honest with me and stated that they did not usually deal with IT positions. They took my details and had a informal ..." Read review

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Community Level 2saxon


Mixed Feelings

AdvantagesBig client base, well known agency

DisadvantagesSeems you have to be lucky

"With Blue Arrow, it seems, your experience mainly depends on where you sign up with them, which could mean that it's up to the staff. The first time I worked for Blue Arrow was in Edinburgh in 1996. I was temping for them and had no lack of work whatsoever from day one. Since I just moved to Scotland from Germany then, I was quite desperate for money (the exchange rate DM/£ was a joke), I rold them I'd do as many hours as they could give me. And ..." Read review

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Community Level 4fna2007


Careless Staff

AdvantagesStaff wouldnt know what you done in your timesheet so add hours

DisadvantagesStaff dont care dont ring you up on first days to see how you doing

"Blue Arrow A year back when i was in the need of a job my two friends had gone through this agency to get into places.Blue Arrow once you join them if you are looking for temporary work will take your CV and in some cases like mine put you on a data entry test. Blue Arrow once i registred with them said they would be in touch, they always seem to have positions up outside their shop saying urgent but they never seem to contact everyone as those ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lovepiercing


I want a job

Advantagesdon't need qualification

Disadvantagesneed to have good conatc with the manager

"...made weekly. Concerning the staff of Blue Arrow, you have to have a good contact with it because if not, they will give you bad jobs. If you work good and are flexible , you can be the the temp of the month. One of my friend was the temp of the month and he was given £10 and his photo was in the agency. I think, it's a good temping agency. Sorry for the mistakes ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gemimathecat


Good agency clueless staff

AdvantagesFull time and part time work available, friendly staff

DisadvantagesEmployers often don't recognise your true skills

"I have actually done quite alot of temping work and found that Blue Arrow actually paid quite well. However I did find many of the recruitment staff very friendly but a bit clueless when it came to recognition of qualifications and skills. Unless they had been to college themselves they often did not recognise my qualifications or did not place me in jobs where I could gain valuable training, which would have been both a benefit to me and to them. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jimmy12345


Blue Arrow and bluearrow.co.uk make sense

AdvantagesThey have a very user friendly website

DisadvantagesDidn't have the job I was looking for

"...find the right job with Blue Arrow, but I would certainly recommend the Newbury Blue Arrow branch and using bluearrow.co.uk. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1robbostew


Agencies and Time Management.


DisadvantagesTime Wasted

"I have contacted Blue Arrow on several occasions by email and visited a London branch in Holborn. I have had no feed back from any of these contacts! i just wish potential employers, agencies in particular would give some feedback, they may not like my CV but that is their problem, i have used my CV in the past successfully to find work using the 'direct' approach and cutting out the Middle Man. Agencies are only good for short term temporary work ..." Read review

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Blue Arrow in a nut shell

AdvantagesWant some quick money. Great ppl you meet at work placement.

DisadvantagesThey rip you off, ain't got my final weeks wage yet.

"...the marks on offer. The Blue Arrow recruitment team were not bright, seem to be quiet slow when I needed to know things, whenever they had a problem, I was always there for them, answering calls for jobs right away, never turned down a job, but contantly let down whenever I had a problem with them. It's like a upwards hill climb, long hard and exhausting. If you need a quick job, and your not too bothered about being pushed ..." Read review

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