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Community Level 7KathEv


To Kindle, or not to Kindle? That is the question!

AdvantagesStores loads of books and is light

DisadvantagesNo page numbering and the books are pricey.

"...may know I am a book nut. I read on average around 2-3 books a week so reading is where I spend my money. My reading maybe comes from my family as most of them are avid readers. Reading to me is so relaxing and is what I like to do to unwind. There is nothing better than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. To me, when the Kindle first came out I spent a long time dithering over whether I should get one or not, and whether I could justify ..." Read review

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I still have passion but I miss the smell! Review with images

AdvantagesBoth the book and the Kindle have both

DisadvantagesMissing the smell of books

"...worm alert== I am an avid book reader. Ever since I was a child I have loved to sit and read, it was and still is the best way to escape from the world. In an average month I can get through 3 or 4 books depending on how much they have me absorbed into the storyline and even when I am at my busiest times of the year on average I manage at least three books a month, so it can be a costly hobby but worth every penny. I love nothing more than filling ..." Read review

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Isn't kindle something you set on a fire? Review with images

AdvantagesSaves the rain forest.

DisadvantagesNot for me

"...untouched, that of the Waterstones book store, the angry young underclass boys missing out on the chance to get as much Harry Potter they could handle and, of course, the school books they used to get with their now defunct EMA. That is not only great news for Waterstones security in the future under the Tories but Londoners in general, a good chance the same school boys wont want to mug you for your Kindle on the same streets, the biggest seller ..." Read review

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As long as it can still be read does it really matter? Review with images

AdvantagesYou can still read it

DisadvantagesNone really

"...what chance''' '''does the traditional book have?''' I personally like both of them, they both have good and bad points. I have shelves full of books but I also have a Kindle full of books. Since getting my Kindle I have to admit I haven't once picked up a traditional book in order to read it. I feel a bit like a traitor towards the traditional book, for after all if it wasn't for technology and computers there wouldn't even be an issue here. I fear ..." Read review

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Books aren't just things to read, they're part of our personality

AdvantagesE-Books are great devices for travelling readers.

DisadvantagesCan never replace that tactile love affair book lovers have with their books.

"...are they folding corners as book marks? And if you really got to sit down and find out more about a person's life, you might find other little clues between the covers - things slipped between the pages, perhaps as a bookmark, and forgotten. Mysterious little notes in the margins, or certain passages underlined - was this person studying this book at school or college, or are those parts underlined because they hold a special meaning for them? My ..." Read review

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eBooks to come out on top Review with images

AdvantagesMore environmentally friendly, takes up less room, can have other features

DisadvantagesMay prefer physical form of a book, may feel uncomfortable bringing expensive device into public

"...eBook annihilates those problems. Every book that is added, and that can be a lot – as the internal storage space on a reader is generally big enough for hundreds of eBooks, doesn’t require any more space, or even take any more precious kilograms of weight from you and your baggage, that you could be using for better, more useful things. ===Features=== You don’t have to buy a ‘straight’ eBook reader like the Amazon Kindle – you could buy an iPad ..." Read review

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Community Level 5kayleaf


Book vs eBook!

AdvantagesSee review

DisadvantagesSee review

"...branching out to long lost book lovers. What's great about these programmes and applications is that it makes reading easier for some, you can enlarge the font, the brightness, a backing light or night light for those that like to read in bed and the stores usually have a huge selection of books to download both for free and, in my experience, a lower price than you would pay in store at times. Looking at my books you can see clearly the amount ..." Read review

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I Prefer Books When I'm Home But I Prefer E-books When Traveling

Advantagesbooks are cheaper, doesn't need much careful handling

Disadvantagesbulky to carry when traveling

"...I found that out myself. A book is easier to hold than a kindle. I don't exercise often, so I get muscle pain in my hands when I use my kindle for long periods of time, especially on the small finger and the base of the thumb area. Most of all, I love the smell of paper, especially new paper. I can't smell that in e-books. :) But when traveling, I prefer e-books because it doesn't occupy much space in my bag compared to bringing 3-5 paperbacks ..." Read review

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