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If You're Not On The List, You're Not Coming In

AdvantagesWholesale prices, nice opening hours

DisadvantagesMembers only

"...is my own account with Booker – a national chain of cash and carrys. The key features of this type of place, for those unfamiliar with the concept are: • Entrance to members only To apply for membership with Booker you need some kind of corporate connection. They are set up for independent retailers, caterers, hotels and so on, but other groups such as schools and charities can also join. However, individuals wanting to save a bit of money with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1B00kerAmy


Reply to Lloyd Martin

AdvantagesDecent Boss!, Good Value!, Friendly Customers! =]

Disadvantages"awkward" customers, Short opening times.

"In regards to the review of Lloyd Martin, I value your opinion but I would have to disagree about Folkestone. Yes the place may be a bit of a dive, but as a colleague I would like to think thats it's a good place to work. I may only be a part-timer at the weekends but I enjoy it (well most of the time). But with your comment about the staff I am quite offended, I would like to consider myself as a friendly face and hardly ever will you see me in a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LloydMarti...

Quick review of Booker Cash and Carry

"your lucky down south in Folkestone its a different story... The staff don't know the meaning of the word service - This Booker C&C has gone down hill unless you like being threatened and shouted at. The staff here no longer treat customers with any kind of respect. To be a member of staff, helpfulness is not a prerequisite and as for manners the word is not understood. I blame the management for there lack of commitment to staff training, Beware Booker Cash & Carry Folkestone's only interest is meeting their targets and making profit above customer satisfaction...

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Community Level 1picardrules1


Reply to LIyod



"I have to say I agree with you mate, I work at bookers in folkestone and I have noticed this. Were all pissed off and annoyed, because there are way to many managers all who are competing against each other, I personally dont blame the starff because I think were all nice. Though that bloke on reception with glasses what a dickhead!!! He really is rude to the customers! Its just we have managers who make us all pissed off and its all there fault. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sunshineduck


booker cash and carry - huddersfield

Advantageseasy to use, friendly staff, reasonable opening hours

Disadvantagesstock availability

"i use the booker in huddersfield, i think they are involved with batley's too, part of the same company?? anyway, basically you have to be a member, own a business etc, but its amazing how many taxi drivers go! they have all kinds of produts, basically anything you would find in your average corner shop or cafe, plus a bit more. the staff are always friendly and helpful, and great fun on sunday mornings when everyones hungover! the warehouse is ..." Read review

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