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Community Level 1seth66


Booking.com helps hotels cheat customers.

Advantagesextensive database of hotels, many quite inexpensive

Disadvantagesif a hotel cheats you, they will apologize, but do nothing.

"...tried for months to get Booking.com to address my complaint. I have reserved rooms using this service in the past, and have been very pleased. This, however, came to an end this summer. I booked a room at the Travel Inn in Reykjavik, only to find, upon arrival, that my wife, son, and myself were escorted to a car with no explanation. Eventually the clerk told us that we would be driven to the "other" location. The Travel Inn has, it seems, bought ..." Read review

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Deceiving website! Beware!!!

AdvantagesIt lists cheap hotels

DisadvantagesIt's an extremely deceptive website

"Booking.com is a very deceptive and badly constructed website that reflects the kind of business done through it. I strongly recommend any traveler to use a different hotel finder than this one. Unaware of it's awful reputation as it has, my husband and I tried to make a reservation to stay at the Country Hearth Inn in San Francisco for March 16th and the reservation was made for some time in January! When you start making a reservation on Booking.com ..." Read review

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Worst travel agency

AdvantagesConvenience if book with good hotel

Disadvantagesworst system, unhelpful staff

"...receipt from the hotel. Also booking.com will never know that hotel charges the customers until they get the confirmation from their customers. So, you think about you travel in the region and you book 2-4 hotels from booking.com and booking.com give your credit card detail to 2-4 hotels that they can charge your credit card any time. So, as I said before, if you book with good hotel, this system works but if you book with bad hotel, you will find ..." Read review

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Community Level 1engholm_ni...


Overpriced rooms with untrustworthy categorisations


DisadvantagesDiscount rates in fact overpriced. Classifications untrustworthy. Price guarantee with no value.

"...saw the same hotel at booking.com advertised with a 70% discount... looking closer at the room rate the price had been even more inflated Best regards ..." Read review

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Community Level 1swinslow


the horrific upgrade


Disadvantagesno late dining, needs a updte

"...based on the hype on booking.com , it was almost like a auction. I happen to take a room for 3 even though there were only 2 of us simply because I know in general that British hotel rooms are small. This particular room I chose because it was quoted as 300ish down to 2 rooms available and a special price of 117 uk pounds, Upon our arrival, I was given a upgrade to a quadruple, first floor next to the dumpster. From my point of view , I cant even ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Telic


Read the small print, and don't complain unless...


DisadvantagesNo mention was made in the hotel description that it was also a night club = NO SLEEP

"...one about the fact that booking.com took the payment for my hotel booking prior to my arrival at the hotel, when normally I have been used to paying on check out. I was aware that it was a non-refundable price, but had not read that they would take payment immediately, and felt that this information should have been much more clearly stated. Their response was to initially blame the hotel, then to misunderstand my complaint by saying that it was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1OxfordProf...

Quick review of Booking.com

"I booked to stay at Hotel Post in Kelkheim, Germany, with booking.com, but needed to change the duration of stay from 2 nights to one. I followed the instructions to do so via contacting the hotel giving 3 days notice. However, when I got back, I found I'd been charged for two nights. Whether it is fault of hotel or booking.com is hard to say, but what is unforgiveable is that neither of them responds to emails. No point in booking.com giving out an email for customer service, as they don't actually serve customers.

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Early, and paid booking on "booking.com" resulted in nightmare !!

AdvantagesEasy booking, receive immediate confirmation and guarantee.

DisadvantagesNo meaning of "Confirmation/ guarantee" . No response/ no follow up from booking.com.

"...about the booking. I asked booking.com to add more days at the hotel in the beginning of the set booking period. - they informed me that they did not have any availability but that I can cancel my booking, should I wish to do so (I really found this slightly odd as with the inititally booking no cancellation could be done without losing all my money) The second time around I asked for more days at the end of my booking - with yet exactly the same ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wayside7

Quick review of Booking.com

"WARNING! Beware!!! I am still trying to resolve a very bad experience with booking.com. I had a CONFIRMED reservation with "Red Bed and Breakfast" in Sofia, Bulgaria. This place turned out to be nothing like the advertised representation. Our room was switched, it was dirty and the breakfast was unavailable at the times stated on the website. Months of trying to resolve this in some way have gone unaided. If you think booking.com will step in to help you when dealing with unscrupulous hotels, THINK again!

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Community Level 1sukraine

Quick review of Booking.com

"Booked a hotel with Booking.com but could not use the room due to a family problem. i cancelled a month before I was due to go and received confirmation of my cancellation. Two days after the planned trip I found my credit card had been debited the full amount for the room. I contacted booking.com and received an e.mail saying they would look into it. Not what I expected which was an immediate refund. I have heard nothing since then despite sending at least three e.mails. Appalling treatment, will never use them again.

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Community Level 1john_


Booking.com help dishonest hotels to cheat you !

AdvantagesCustomer service easy to reach

Disadvantagesbut USELESS !

"...the help they need from booking.com ! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1London61


ANGRY! Credit card charged after cancellation on Booking.com

Advantageslarge selection of hotels and offers

Disadvantagesno guarantee you get what you booked or that you can cancel - no redress when things go wrong

"...Thursday, September 2, 2010 through Booking.com at the Hotel Agenda Louise in Brussels for a stay of 3 nights 27-30 Sptember. My plans changed so I cancelled this hotel on 25 September 2010 in the afternoon, within the permitted limit, by following the link provided in my booking confirmation. The website displayed a screen saying that my booking was cancelled, so everything seemed ok. On the 28 of September I received an angry call from the hotel ..." Read review

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booking.com is not what it seems


Disadvantageseverthing but esp. loss of money with no recourse

"...will pay a commission to booking.com and get nothing in return. A rate discount?! HAH! What is $40 when you get no support? You are taken out of the loop, you are in the middle and have no leg to stand on, a small discount is definitely not worth this heartache! Recent experience, out $1700 dollars and still fighting! ..." Read review

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Non cancellation reservation

Advantagesefficiency of on-lie booking

Disadvantagesabuse of position; contradictory document terms

"...a three day reservation through Booking.com at a hotel in the south of Spain. Cost for three day stay: Euro 199.50 Reservation confirmation stated: and : . I had to cancel the trip because of emergency hospitalisation and surgery on my brother in law the day before scheduled departure. I notified hotel of cancellation before scheduled arrival at the hotel. Followed a game ..." Read review

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Booking.com-Promises made, no deliery, then poor customer service

Advantagesreasonable rates

DisadvantagesDo not book your chosen hotel, refuse to address any problems, poor service

"My experience of booking.com was good up to the point of checking in the hotel booked. Despite my proof of reservation at booking.com there had been no reservation made at the hotel at all. The Hotel had rooms but at £40 extra per night than previously booked. The customer service at Booking.com was next to useless, asking them to re-confirm the booking over the phone, they absolutely refused saying they had already done it and the hotel must have ..." Read review

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