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Booking.com - hotel bookings

AdvantagesNo deposit needed


"I have just booked a 3 night stay using this company and could not believe at not only how reasonable this website is but also how easy it was from start to finish. I came across this site through a comparison website as it came out the cheapest price so i went on to find the catch - well there wasn't one! The price was as quoted with no added extras and the best part was no payment until you arrive on your selected dates. No deposit needed - just ..." Read review

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impossible to book an extra bed and guarentee it

Advantagesits a website

Disadvantagesbooking an extra bed is impossible practically, pay in advance for something unavailable.

"We searched for two rooms for two adults and a child in each room. We were directed to a hotel and asked in the pre payment page did we require an extra bed - we ticked yes - the price changed accordingly. On the payment page it had removed the extra Ģ30 for the two extra beds and added it as an extra - payable locally. When we arrived we were informed that we hadnt made a "special request " for an extra bed at the time of booking and it was another ..." Read review

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are the booking.com hotel reviews trustworthy?

Advantagesno adavantages

Disadvantagesfiltering customer reviews

"do not trust booking.com hotel reviews. They choose which review will be posted and which not. This way they make some hotels looking good and some not. I came from the US to Europe. I stayed in a motel, left review and booking.com found it as a suspicious !!!!!! I will never use booking.com for my future reservations. Their customer support is a just machine generated replies to customer emails ne treba vjerovati booking.com dojmovima. Oni nisu ..." Read review

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Advantagesnone that I am aware of

DisadvantagesIf you wish to pay far more than the going rate, Booking.com is the agency to use

"...nights. The best price that Booking.com could find was $NZ 700 per night whlst other booking sites offerred $NZ 124 pper night. This is a major discrepancy bordering on the ridiculous and certainly deters me from booking with Booking.com. I would suggest that their name be changed to Booking.con. I checked the currency excahange iin case the price was quoted in another currency but there appears to be no discrepancy in that area. Hotel Baron ..." Read review

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If I could have given a rating of less than 1 star i would have


Disadvantagesunexpected changes and increased costs

"I booked a standard double room in Jury's Inn Bradford through Booking.com. The original booking included breakfast and was non refundable Due to attending a funeral I called customer services to cancel and asked if i could re-book 2 days later. I was given a new tariff of 65.02 .which was more expensive but I accepted it under the circumstances. I assumed the cost would also include breakfast, i was not informed that it would not. When I received ..." Read review

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Non cancellation reservation

Advantagesefficiency of on-lie booking

Disadvantagesabuse of position; contradictory document terms

"...a three day reservation through Booking.com at a hotel in the south of Spain. Cost for three day stay: Euro 199.50 Reservation confirmation stated: and : . I had to cancel the trip because of emergency hospitalisation and surgery on my brother in law the day before scheduled departure. I notified hotel of cancellation before scheduled arrival at the hotel. Followed a game ..." Read review

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Deceiving website! Beware!!!

AdvantagesIt lists cheap hotels

DisadvantagesIt's an extremely deceptive website

"Booking.com is a very deceptive and badly constructed website that reflects the kind of business done through it. I strongly recommend any traveler to use a different hotel finder than this one. Unaware of it's awful reputation as it has, my husband and I tried to make a reservation to stay at the Country Hearth Inn in San Francisco for March 16th and the reservation was made for some time in January! When you start making a reservation on Booking.com ..." Read review

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sweet talk, zero help, deceptive pictures and reviews

Advantageslooking at the web site, you may think you are dealing with reputable business

Disadvantagesunless you are booking one the chain hotels who has known standards, never venture to book here

"Booking.com is in the business of making money regardless of anything else. Their customer service talk sweet but they do nothing for the customer. In a trip to Florida, I booked 2 rooms in a "3 star" hotel according to "their" classifications. The hotel name was "Hollywood beach Hotels" on 1915 North Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL . The "3 star" hotel beds had hair, hair clips, blood clots, freezer dripping melted ice on the floor, coffee in the coffee ..." Read review

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Best Hotel In Blackpool

Advantagesfar too many to mention, see above!

Disadvantagesthe only negative aspect was the fact we couldnt stay longer

"Arriving at the Guyz Hotel 16 Lord Street Blackpool. We were greeted by the most friendliest welcome from Mark, made it clear to me from the onset the stay was going to be a pleasurable one. The hotel was beautifully decorated, the rooms comfortable and imaculately clean. Mark has vast knowledge of the blackpool night life ( our reason for our trip). We had a very peaceful sleep despite being right in the ctre, 2 minute walk to funny girls, mardi ..." Read review

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Booking.com, terrible no custumer service support at all


Disadvantagesa lot

"...the information and photos from booking.com were not accurate. I wrote them, but didnīt get an answer, the total stay of 3 days was charged to my account a week in advance to the day of scheduled arrival, I had to pay an awful and expensive hotel. It īs very dissapointing, Terrible service to clients, I will never ever use that site again, nor recommend it to my friends! ..." Read review

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"Booking.com sucks"



"...am from Lebanon, I used booking.com to book hotels before, everything went alright. The moment I am writing this review, is the moment i just hanged up from booking.com support. I was planning a trip to turkey, first thing I booked was the hotel from booking.com, i booked a Suite in Grand Durmaz Hotel. After I got the confirmation I bought the airline tickets to leave from Lebaonnon to Istanbul according to the hotel confirmation from booking.com. Few ..." Read review

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Cheating by Booking.com

AdvantagesIt has a collection of apartments plus hotels

DisadvantagesI do not recommend booking.com as it is not reliable for the above reasons I mentioned

"...to Amsterdam. I reserved through Booking.com a what is called Purple apartment, but it was not at all. What was written on the website is something and on reality is another. First of all the check in was at another location and in this way the renting office had not seen the apartment for a long time I am sure. when we reached there, the bed linen was old, the washing machine was full will towels that has been washed may be one week back and still ..." Read review

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Useful for finding hotels and quick booking

AdvantagesGood range; worldwide; quick and easy booking

DisadvantagesSometimes too much choice! Overall appearance of the site isn't inspiring.

"...day or so ahead through booking.com very easily. There are small, privately run B & Bs and guesthouses shown as well as large and some quite expensive and luxurious hotels. If you've put in specific dates, only hotels with availability will be listed so if you want more of an idea of what's in the area, don't put specific dates. == Pricing == From what I've seen, the prices are much the same as if you go into one of the chain hotel's own websites ..." Read review

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Beware Booking.com

AdvantagesPotential convenience of booking online.

Disadvantagescancellation of booking with grossly inadequate notice

"...received a phone call from Booking.com informing us that our booking had been cancelled. No explanation for the cancellation was offered. After complaining bitterly about our treatment we were offered a room somewhere else in Seattle. We live in Vancouver, Canada, and were are not familiar with Seattle. We were assured that the room was only 15 minutes away by car. I informed Booking.com that we had traveled to Seattle by train. We eventually managed ..." Read review

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they only care about themselves


Disadvantagescustomer service is crap - THIS MIS MY PERSONAL OPINION

"...owner. So stay away from Booking.com - they are a good research tool for hotels but stay away from their booking system. Customer service will treat you like an idiot, they don’t update your records so if you call 2-3 times you will have to explain everything again and again and again - and please make sure the person at the other end of the phone speaks English. And remember, they record all the telephone calls but only for their personal gain. This ..." Read review

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