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Community Level 2Goran


not my personal favourite

AdvantagesDoes not snap easily

DisadvantagesDoes not get trapped food out

"...bought something new. It was Boots dental tape. It was the first time I had used dental tape and I thought it looked a lot better than the floss. When I used it, I found that it slipped in between the teeth a lot easier than floss did. It was thin and wide, so it could clean most of the tooth whilst being easy to put in between the gaps. The dental tape is made of what seems like a polythene material. It does not snap easily and is ideal if ..." Read review

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Community Level 1HArmfield


Tape recommended by my dentist

AdvantagesDoesn't cut into my fingers as much as other brands

DisadvantagesOnly comes in a waxed version.

"...He specifically suggested the Boots one on price and ease of use. And he's right. This tape has just the right feel to make it comfortable to use. It doesn't cut into my fingers and slides easily between all my teeth, including up into the gumline. As it is available unflavoured I don't need to worry about it interfering with homeopathic remedies so I can use it after I have taken the last one at night without waiting for more than ten minutes ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kathycunnea


a different type of floss

Advantagesrecommended by my dental practice


"...and easy to use. We recommend Boots Dental tape for our patients. The reasons are as follows:- * It is tougher than your average floss so it wont break or fray so easily. * It has a flatter waxed surface so it glides in and out through your teeth easer and with less effort * It wont cut into your fingers like floss can do It is a very popular tape and is available from all boots stores, large and small from a price of around £1.69 this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sky7


Have you flossed today

AdvantagesGood for getting between narrow gaps in teeth

Disadvantagesbleeding gums

"I've only just discovered dental floss after being told to use it by my dentist. I've had a fixed retainer brace for 10 years and have just had it removed so only now am I able to use it properly. I've found this dental tape to be more effective than floss, due to my brace my teeth are very close together and usual dental floss is too thick to get between the gaps. The tape is cheap at about £2 and you get quite a bit in the dispenser [sorry, not ..." Read review

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Community Level 2shanee


Tape is better

Advantagesthin, easy to use


"...at the moment is a Boots one but the Oral B one is as good, if not better. Dental tape is basically a lot thinner than floss and so it gets between teeth better. It is quite strong as I have never broken it while using it. You can usually get regular and mint varieties, and the mint one is better. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1paullis


Recommended to me by my dentist

AdvantagesEasy to use. Recommeded to me by my dentist. Attractive case.

DisadvantagesNone, that I can think of!

"...The dentist said that Boots tape was as good as any other. The case has an easy open lid, with a built-in safety blade that cuts the tape easily. In the year that we (me and my wife) we have used it it has done wonders to the look of our teeth and gums and never has broken during use. It's so easy to use and works well. We did try tape on offer by a well known manufacturer but was fraying easily and breaked normally ater maybe 3 teeth, so as far as ..." Read review

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