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Community Level 7purebitch


The BEST Hair Removal Product I have Found

AdvantagesEasy to use. Cheap. Effective. Re-useable.

DisadvantagesLeaves a white powder, but it can be rubbed off. Will tear, if excessive pressure is applied.

"We all hate shaving, don't we? It is one of those mundane tasks that we all have to do, but hate! If you have read any of my other shaving opinions, then you will know that I have not had much look in finding a product that I like. I don't like razors, as I am a little too clumsy for my own good and always end up cutting myself. I don't like hair removal cream, as they all smell revolting! As for wax, well I have to be honest, the idea of appling ..." Read review

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Community Level 5nicolemorgan


show off those sexy legs

Advantagescheap, exfliates, leaves skin smooth

Disadvantagescan irritate very sensitive skin, takes time

"...few days ago, I trawled Boots looking for some mini treats to pamper myself and I purely by accident came across ‘Silky Mit.’ My memories drifted back to those high school days as I tried to recall the last time I shaved my legs (Chris is working away so I can get away wit it at the moment!) But with him being back at the weekend I need to sort them out – and so I forked out…. -------------------------- Packaging and Price -------------------------- The ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mum52


Smooth and silky!

Advantagescheap; doesn’t shred your legs; unscented; leaves skin smooth; use on dry skin; does not use electricity; easy to take on holiday.

Disadvantagestakes some time; the mits don’t fit easily over large hands

"I tried these last summer for the first time, having got fed up with the various creams and lotions, the tiny cuts which take ages to heal and quick re-growth from using even an electric razor and I’ve never really had the courage to use wax of any sort. I’m always suspicious of things that are cheap so, for less than £1 a pack of three, I couldn’t believe this product would really work! When I opened the pack it I found three small flat “mits” ..." Read review

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Community Level 6MissDirect


Silly Glove

AdvantagesLeaves skin beautifully soft, the hair doesn't grow back as quick as with shaving.

DisadvantagesIt takes AGES!!!

"I used a Silky Mitt before I went away on holiday and I have to say, although they are strange at first, they give good results. A silky mitt is a kind of glove made out of what feels like sandpaper. It can be bought in Boots, Superdrug and other large chemists, in the hair removing section (The section with razors and Immac anyway). You slip your hand into the "glove" and you can de-hair yourself. Silkymitt can be used on most places on the body ..." Read review

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No Razor Required Review with images

Advantagessilky smooth legs, no razor

Disadvantagestakes time

"...about 5 years ago in Boots at a reduced price of 59p. ( Now I have seen them in Boots for about £1.15). I was only 14 at the time and didn't own a razor (I used my Dad's :S *cringe*) and was off to torquay on holiday for a week with my friend, so I thought what the hey - they're reduced and I don't have to take a razor with me. Taking them out of the cardboard slip, I found what looked like three pieces of grey sandpaper. What are these?, I thought. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5lulu2004


Silky mits are the pits

Advantagesgood as an exfoliator

Disadvantagesnot very effective with hair

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sliky skin with silkymit

Advantagesreally smooth skin, easy to use, no cuts possible

Disadvantagestime consuming to use, maybe hard to use in some areas.

"I have used Silkymit for a couple of years now and it's grown on me - just like those pesky hairs! Silkymit hair removing glove looks more like a mitten. It appears as though it's made from a fine grade sandpaper. To use it is very simple - you just slip it over your hand and work it in circular motions across your skin. Despite the harsh look of the product, it doesn't hurt at all when you are using it. A fine powdery dust appears but this is ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tehuti


No cuts, no smells

Advantagescheap and efficient

Disadvantagescannot use under arms or on face

"The simplest and cheapest solutions are often the best! With respect to removing hair from my legs, I have tried ordinary razors, electric shavers and depilatory cream (although I'm too much of a coward to try waxing!). I always ended up cutting myself with razors, while electric shavers seemed to make a poor job of removing the hair. Also, stubble would appear the next day making my legs feel dreadful. I found creams very messy and time-consuming ..." Read review

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Community Level 2chocybox


easy hair removal

AdvantagesEasy to use, leaves legs smooth

Disadvantagesleaves a slight white powder over legs, which has to be moisturised away

"...of Boots!) and came accross Boots own brand “Silky Mitt Hair remover” Acts as an exfoliating ‘glove’ to rid your legs of hair and smooth your skin at the same time. Conveniant, quick to use. Comes in a pack of three, which can be used again once wiped. Deffinately a must for my holiday! I have difficuly using it on upper leg hair, though. And can't be used for under arms. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Belfastgirl


aka sandpaper 90 word challenge


Disadvantagessee text

"That’s what my boyfriend rightly calls it... On the packet it told me something along the lines of... for those in between days... as a quick alternative to shaving short re-growth, or following waxing. For a short period of time it did make my legs feel smooth, then I realised it was because it was acting as an exfoliator. I found that, quite like sandpaper, it tended to bend with the shape of my legs, making it useless. I gave ..." Read review

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Community Level 2isogashi


Easiest hair-removal ever

AdvantagesCheap and easy to use, no need for water, not messy

DisadvantagesHair grows back quicker than after waxing

"I have been using Boots Silky Mits for a few years. These are gloves you slip over your hand and in a circular motion you remove the hair from your legs. It is very fine sandpaper essentially, but does not hurt or damage the skin in the least. It is quick - about 3 minutes for each leg and is cheap. Three of the mits cost a bit more than a pound. Hair grows back as normal but is less stubbly than after shaving. Also because the mits have an exfoliating ..." Read review

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Community Level 1juney007


wipe the hair away

Advantagescheap, effective, good for the skin

Disadvantagestakes a while to complete treatment

"When you use these for the first couple of times you may not be impressed - so my advice is to keep trying, perhaps twice a week. Also you may see some small red dots on your skin the first couple of times but again don't be put off. I have tried every painful, smelly and sharp method of hair removal and if you want smooth legs this is the one to go for. The effects last longer than the razor and the skin is exfoliated which makes your legs ..." Read review

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