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Sleepy Time Review with images

Advantageshelp me sleep, small and easy to swallow, available over counter

Disadvantagesdon't keep me sleeping sometimes, can become addictive

"Boots offer 2 different packs of sleeping tablets which are formally named "Boots Sleepeaze Tablets". ===Sleepeaze=== Sleepeaze are available in either 25mg or 50mg tablets. This review discusses my use of the 50mg tablets. The sleeping tablets are suitable for relief of "temporary sleeplessness" Each tablet contains 50mg of an active ingredient known as "diphenhydramine hydrochloride". This ingredient is part of a sedating antihistamines medicine ..." Read review

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I slept with Eaze after taking these!

AdvantagesEasy to swallow, seem to work quickly, reasonable price, made me feel refreshed.


"...I spotted these tablets in Boots and they were available in 25mg and 50mg table form. I thought that I would go with the 50mg as I wanted something that was going to be very effective.These tablets come in a cardboard box and there is a blister pack holding the tablets in place. This is standard packaging really. There is also a leaflet within the box showing all the usual information about side effects and what not it ..." Read review

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Goodnight - but not with these rubbish tablets

AdvantagesEasy to take and relatively inexpensive

DisadvantagesThey don't work

"If I am stressed I have trouble with sleep, either I have trouble dropping off or if I do manage to drop off quickly, then I find I can snap awake during the middle of the night for absolutely no reason at all and it’s just impossible to get back to sleep again. I drive my husband mad as I start to spend ages wriggling around the bed, trying to find a comfortable cool position. Not wishing to resort to prescription drugs, I tried a bit of DIY and ..." Read review

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Boots Sleepeaze Tablets

AdvantagesHelp aid a good nights sleep, don't leave you feeling drowsy

DisadvantagesI still woke a couple of times

"...so I visited our local Boots chemist and got some ‘off the shelf’ sleeping tablets to see if they would help me get a good nights sleep. I purchased the Boots Sleepeaze tablets on the recommendation of the chemist in Boots and I specified that I wanted a mild sleeping tablet that would help me sleep through the night, but wouldn’t ‘knock me out’ to the degree that I wouldn’t be able to be alert if my son needed me and I didn’t want to feel groggy ..." Read review

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The worst I have had

Advantagesnone unless you want to stay awake

Disadvantagesnot a sleep aid

"...I cant understand how boots can charge nearly five pounds for this product (50 mg) when usually the cost for a similar product elsewhere is around £3.50 at the most. Also I found that not only do they keep you from sleep but also leave you feeling quite agitated and seems to give you restless leg syndrome. In future I think my advice would be to undertake a lovely glass of premium whiskey and tuck up with a hot water bottle and a damn good read ..." Read review

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