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Community Level 7Ruby.xo



AdvantagesIt looks good, it doesn't break

DisadvantagesProbably expensive

"This is only a short review on our dishwasher, I've tried to keep it short so that you can just take out all the information you want. ==Bosch SGV53E33GB == We've had this dishwasher in our family home for about five or six months now. I've wanted to review it since we got it but I thought the review would be a bit more accurate if I waited first to see how durable it was. Bosch is usually a reliable make and this dishwasher has so far lived ..." Read review

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Quality Assurance from Bosch

AdvantagesVery reliable

DisadvantagesNone so far

"...£300 on this dishwasher from Bosch but I cannot remember the exact amount, it was certainly not the cheapest in the shop (Curry's I think) but it was in the mid range when it came to price and certainly within our budget. I cannot fault the cleaning quality and also it is not overly noisy compared with a previous dishwasher that we owned. It has tackled and defeated some pretty stubborn food stains in its time and I certainly cannot fault the cleaning ..." Read review

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Community Level 4DonPaolo


Bish Bash Bosch - brilliant, quick and simple

AdvantagesLoads of space, very quiet, efficient and affordable

DisadvantagesDrawers not a sturdy as they could be

"...in the evenings. With the Bosch SGV53E33 we were absolutely not disappointed. Installation >>> We had the dishwasher installed about a month ago, and it took next to no time to fit. The plumber actually remarked that he had fitted a couple of the same model before and they were refreshingly straight forward to plumb in and fit. I have to say though, this plumber had installed the same unit before, and if you are self-installing, please be ..." Read review

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Great device

AdvantagesQuick, looks good

DisadvantagesNo major flaws except maybe for price

"Personally, I never saw the point of dishwashers before - it felt like an expensive and lazy machine to have in your possession. It turns out I was wrong, as owning a dishwasher can be an incredibly time-saving thing and this particular make is one of the best ways to go about it. What always gets me about big machinery like this is that they can sometimes come too large and make far too much noise. Clearly, this being a dishwasher, it was always ..." Read review

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Bosch Dishwasher



"Bosch are an extremely reputable company in kitchen gadgets and large appliances. IN MY OPINION this dishwasher is effective however if used incorrectly it can cause the purchaser some headaches. I was given this dishwasher free of charge by a person who no longer required it. Dishwasher widley available at most good outlets at approximately £350 new cost but mine was for free. Dishwasher has many functions and is not noisy to operate. Dishwasher ..." Read review

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Community Level 2irachx


A dishwasher that does the job

Advantagesquiet, quick, functional

Disadvantagescan leave some dirt

"I am not usually one to do a lot of cleaning (usually leave that to my mum!) but I have to admit, I do not mind washing dishes or cleaning up after eating, so I was a little weary to discover getting a dishwasher, especially as they are not the cheapest appliances! Luckily, we managed to get this dishwasher fairly cheap compared to some prices advertised, and I have to say I have been fairly impressed with this dishwasher. It is a good size so a ..." Read review

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