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I've cut out the middle man and make my coffee myself now!

AdvantagesDelicious hot drinks ready in one minute, easy to clean & maintain, simple to use.

DisadvantagesMakes a little noise while making hot drinks, drinks can be expensive.

"I am a huge lover of coffee, particularly Costa coffee, and when I realised that I was spending around £20 a week just on Costa coffee while travelling I work I decided to look in to buying a Tassimo coffee machine. I have seen these machines for quite a while now and a relative of mine owns one too that I get to use from time to time. When I spotted this model reduced from £120.00 to £60.00 in Sainsburys I decided that I had to have one and promptly ..." Read review

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Does so much more than coffee

AdvantagesToo many to list! Wide range of lovely tasting drinks, no mess, no hassle

DisadvantagesQuite noisy, T-discs can be expensive, doesn't make cold iced tea/coffee

"We've had this Tassimo machine for about a year after purchasing it on offer at one of the big electrical chains (Comet or Currys I can't remember). We rarely treat ourselves to such extravagant gadgets, therefore a LOT of research went into this machine to ensure it would meet all our needs. ==What is a Tassimo machine?== The Tassimo machine is a coffee machine which uses shop-bought T-discs (pods containing the drink you require), to provide ..." Read review

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Brew's Up from the Tassimo T40!

AdvantagesDelicious drinks, easy to use, pods system is efficient, easy to clean

DisadvantagesDrinks expensive if used all the time

"I recently took advantage of a great offer from Costa Coffee and Tassimo, offering the T40 coffee machine for £30 using an online code that they sent to the first 55,000 customers to respond. I jumped at the chance because I'd been after a coffee machine for ages anyway! Once ordered, I must point out that the service from Tassimo's online store was superb and it arrived the next day. They also offered £20 off my first order of Tassimo pods when purchased ..." Read review

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Costa vs Costly

AdvantagesDelicious coffee, easy to use

DisadvantagesSmall drinks, pricey

"*Bosch Tassimo T40* I acquired this machine by complete chance. I regularly enjoy drinking coffee at my local Costa and when I do I use my Costa Coffee loyalty card to collect points. I received an e-mail from Costa Coffee, which at first I believed to be spam. The subject line caught my eye anyway so I took a closer look at it. The e-mail was offering Costa Coffee regulars the opportunity to buy one of these Tassimo coffee machines for just £30 ..." Read review

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A taste of Tassimo

AdvantagesVery easy to use and clean, nice drinks, no mess

DisadvantagesRubbish milk discs, not impressed with teas

"...to order them from the Bosch website (who manufacture the machine), but you can get them cheaper from Amazon. There are step-by-step instructions for descaling in the machine's manual. The process takes about half an hour, and is pretty easy to set up. The Tassimo T40 has lights on the front around the main button, which show standby, in operation, top up (to add more water to your drink as it finishes), water level low and descaling needed. As ..." Read review

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The aroma of fresh coffee - the taste of powdered milk

AdvantagesEasy to use, efficient, decent tasting coffee and a cracking array of flavours and brands

DisadvantagesThe taste of the milk in certain disks and the price (both of which can be avoided)

"==The machine of aromas and flavours (mostly positive)== Let me start by saying that this coffee machine does exactly what it is supposed to: it makes a convenient coffee (from a massive variety of choices) quietly, efficiently and quickly. Equally it is important to state the coffee’s taste a huge amount better compared to the coffee produced from an instant sachet The machine itself is very well made, I have had it for over a 3 months now and ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Helenofellon


Fresh coffee in an instant

AdvantagesA huge variety of drinks

DisadvantagesSome of the drinks are too small

"...searching, the owner of a Bosch Tassimo coffee machine. Our cheap filter coffee machine packed in so we have been relying on the cafetiere, which is great but you are left with bits of coffee at the bottom of your mug! I have read so many reviews on coffee machines and still couldn't make up my mind. I looked at a variety of machines in shops but they were often very bulky. The filter coffee machines in the past have always been good but I wanted ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Shortsharp...


Tease made in a Tassimoment

AdvantagesEasy to clean, makes a wide range of drinks quickly, quiet

DisadvantagesCleaning disc stored in a stupid place, cost of discs.

"...else and it takes seconds. Bosch have decided that you don't need to dismantle as much of the machine and unlike my older Braun model a warm cloth cleans externals of the machine with little effort. Bosch have also added a _descaling_ routine that gives the machine a good service and takes twenty minutes which prevents the build up of limescale that my old machine suffered from. In fact, the cleaning of the Tassimo has improved massively and it was ..." Read review

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A nice posh drink

AdvantagesNice drinks easy to use

Disadvantagesdrinks are expensive

"...so I came across this Bosch Tassimo T40 but the price was £119.99, but it did have five stars. So putting on my Argos card I decided to get it. I was a little bit gutted when I opened the box to find that you did not receive no trial packs in the maker so I had to go out and buy some. There were available in Morrison’s, although they did only have a few different type of drinks in, and the prices vary. For cadburys hot chocolate it was £3.79 for ..." Read review

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I'm getting my coffee fix at home

AdvantagesEasy to use, brews a variety of drinks

DisadvantagesT Discs can be expensive

"Tassimo machine was given to me as a gift from my husband last Christmas. It was a longed for present and I was glad that my husband finally bought me something that I actually wanted and needed! I've always wanted a coffee machine but considered it too expensive just for my own benefit. As soon as I saw the big present under the Christmas tree I knew it was my coffee machine. I wasn't surprised at all to find my daughters love it too. Tassimo machine ..." Read review

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Coffee In a Cartridge???

Advantagescompact, easy to use and makes an excellent hot drink, lots of variety


"...little coffee making machine by bosch is fantastic, offering the option to make a range of teas, coffee's and hot chocolate at the push of a button. If you love your hot drinks in the winter then this is the machine for you. For those of you with kids you can make a great cup of hot chocolate for them on those cold dark evenings before bed. Easy to use and doesn't take up too much space in the kitchen due to it's compact size, measuring in at just ..." Read review

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Community Level 3zoelou


bit of a bosch it job

Advantagesgood size

Disadvantagesthe length of one wash

"...was quite a good dishwasher.This bosch SGS 4012,had many features including 4 programmes and 1 temperature setting it doesnt really do the job on my delicates as they can only go on a cool wash. so for my delicates i still have to hand wash them. heres what bosch say about it: "Consumption: (65°C normal programme) - Energy: 1.64 kWh - Water: 20 litres - Programme time 97mins Dimensions: 850mm(H) x 600mm(W) x 600mm(D) without worktop 810 x 600 ..." Read review

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Great Coffee BUT.......

Advantagesease of use

Disadvantagescosts to run

"I thought that it would be nice to buy a coffee machine. Having looked around and enjoyed a coffee from a Tassimo machine I thought this would be the best one to go for. As a bit of a coffee addict (I need at least two in the mornings to wake up!) it is nice to have really good quality coffee almost on tap! I bought several different types of coffee and I liked some but some were horrid! As each pack cost a fortune it is worth buying a trail pack ..." Read review

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For the Non - Committal Coffee Drinker Review with images

AdvantagesEase of Use, Variety of Beverages, Compact Size of Unit

DisadvantagesPrice of T-Cups

"The Tassimo T40 is a great addition to any house, home or office, but the price of the individual coffee "T-Cups" make it more suited for those who drink coffee only occasionally. The unit itself only set me back about $60, but the individual cups cost about $1 a piece. The price of a classic "12 cup coffee brewer" is much more suitable for those who drink coffee regularly. However, for those who enjoy a latte or a cappucino, the Tassimo T40 is able ..." Read review

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ok if you want hit and miss TINY drinks!

Advantagesfast. light weight.

Disadvantagestiny drinks. no skinny choices. only 1 decaff option.

"Having bought this machine while it was on a deal at Tesco Direct for just under £70. Then paid £12 for some pods which are around £4 per pack, which is either 16 'SMALL' cups or 8 'large/xl' ones.. I chose Cadburys hot choc, Costa Latte, and Costa Cappuccino. I was disappointed to find that the machine doesn't even come with one pod for people to try out prior to buying their own, this would be a nice touch, and as the machine normally costs £119.99 ..." Read review

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Bosch Tassimo T40 Coffee Machine Multi Hot Drinks Maker Tas4011gb 2ltr Tank

Bosch Tassimo T40 Coffee Machine Multi Hot Drinks Maker Tas4011gb 2ltr Tank

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Bosch T40 TAS4011GB Coffee Maker, Silver

Bosch T40 TAS4011GB Coffee Maker, Silver

Automatic 1-button operation T DISC Patented Technology 2L Water Capacity Automatic ... more

cleaning, Manufacturer: BSHAE

Postage & PackagingFree!
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Bosch Tassimo T40 Multi Beverage Machine Silver

Bosch Tassimo T40 Multi Beverage Machine Silver

The smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee is delicious and with this Bosch Tassimo ... more

Multi Beverage Machine you can now enjoy your
favourite coffee at the press of a button. Pod
capsules of your preferred beverage - tea
cappuccino cafe crema espresso ...

Postage & Packaging£3.95
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Bosch TAS4011

Bosch TAS4011

Heißgetränkeautomat TAS4011 silk-silber Bauart halbautomatisch, Ausführung ... more

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Silber, Automatisches Reinigungssystem, Bauform
Standgerät, Farbvariante Silber,  Aluminium-...

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