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Community Level 3cocoklo


The sound of a revolution

AdvantagesGreat sound, sturdy, easy to use

DisadvantagesOnly runs off mains power

"...putting on my iPod yet. The Bose sound-dock is a piece of mastery in the area of audio technology. Beautiful, sleek and streamlined; it's large frontal speaker provides both volume and sound quality. The music I play on the sound-dock sounds almost incomparably better than CDs played on a CD player. It is almost unbeleivably easy to use. From opening the box to playing my favourite tracks took a grand total of about 30 seconds. It's as simple ..." Read review

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Community Level 1PeteLuv


Bose Sound Dock (2nd Generation)

AdvantagesIncredible sound from such a small unit, good build quality


"I bought this unit in November this year. There are two models, the original sound dock which I think is about £199 and the second generation one (the one I bought) which was £279 from John Lewis. The second generation one is basically the same as the first except: a) it has a rechargeable battery b) it has a swing out dock c) it has an auxiliary (3.5mm) jack input If you just want a basic model, then go for the first gen one. I got the second ..." Read review

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Community Level 1supercolly


Bose rocks

AdvantagesUnbelievable sound Quality


"...want to state that the Bose soundock is an exceptional piece of kit. Before i bought mine i toyed with the idea of a lesser quality and obviously less expensive option but was lucky to hear a freinds unit before i spent any money,needless to say the difference in sound quality is like compareing a honda to a porshe. Personally i'm a convert but i will try to be unbiased. SIZE 6.65" H x 11.91" W x 6.48" D . 16.89 x 30.26 x 16.47 cm . (Basically ..." Read review

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Community Level 2moosemac


Not up to usual Bose standard.

AdvantagesEasy to use speakers.

DisadvantagesPoor sound quality and quite pricey.

"The Bose Sound Dock.... where to begin.... well I bought this in autumn 2004 to go with my apple ipod. I had great expectations but sadly I was disappointed. The unit looks smart in the usual Bose way but in the areas you need it to excel it just doesn't. Firstly this isn't a cheap speakers solution, so you expect a reasonable quality product from such a specialised manufacturer. I own other Bose products but this one doesn't meet the same ..." Read review

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Community Level 1alex123654


Bose sound dock, Great sound and build quality, unbelievable!

AdvantagesFantastic Audio Quality, Good Battery Life, Very Portable,

DisadvantagesLimited in Features, Expensive

"I bought the Bose Sound Dock Portable in New York this year. Having been quite undecided about purchasing due to the price etc I finally decided to go out a buy one after seeing / hearing a friends system. I can honestly say that this is the best portable speaker system I have heard. The audio quality is fantastic with what ever genre of music. My music taste changes quite regularly going from Jazz to the Latest top 20. The Sound dock makes every ..." Read review

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Community Level 1eschelaz


Bose SoundDock Portable, fantastic product, if a bit pricey

AdvantagesOutstanding sound quality and a major step up from similar product (Soundock)

DisadvantagesNot cheap!

"The Bose Sound Dock portable represents a major step up from the previous Sound Dock product. The crisp, clear sound quality remains without having to fix it to one spot. It's portabilty makes it one of my most used technical items, as its ideal for parties and barbeques etc (not to mention the fact it's bloody loud at full volume!) A further development launching it far above it's predecessor is that it is possible to connect to other MP3 players ..." Read review

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Community Level 1joshm12


BOSE: Music for the soul

AdvantagesGreat sound quality, perfet at loud volumes, just in general FANTASTIC

Disadvantagesnone so far

"Anything made by BOSE can be trusted. Its sound quality is always at its best, no matter what soundsystem you use from bose, and it's true... you get what you pay for. Jus plug it in and press "ON" and you're set up! IT'S THAT EASY! bose is a big brang name, and everyone expects the best from, and how right they are. The sounddocks simplistic design brings out the best of your mp3 player, making it the whole music experience that much better. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bia49


I'm glad I chose Bose!

AdvantagesAmazing sound quality

DisadvantagesCan only be used with iPod

"...a review about the amazing Bose SoundDock. There are lots of speakers around for MP3 players covering a huge price range. I didn't want a cheap tinny sound, but am always a bit wary about spending a lot of money on electronic goods - how much are you paying for the quality of the item and how much for the hype of the name? My brother has these really dinky Bose cube speakers for his own sound system and they sound amazing so I figured Bose was probably ..." Read review

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Community Level 1slt576


Can't say enough good things about the Bose SoundDock

Advantagessize, ease of use, sound quality

Disadvantagescan't connect to a computer, price

"I got this as a very generous housewarming gift after I had been lusting after it for months and I really honestly cannot say enough good things about it. The sound quality off of it is properly amazing, to the point where you can pick up all sorts of subtleties in songs you've been listening to for years that you may have never heard before. It's phenomenal how something so wee can produce such sound, this sits unobtrusively on a side table, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LondonGirl...


Bose SoundDock is remarkable quality, clear and crisp sound

Advantagesstylish, perfect clarity, long lasting, valuable remote


"In my opinion the Bose sounddock was a great spend. I was looking for a quality product to enable me to listen to my iPod. I shopped around and tried out a few other speakers, e.g. JBL onstage. The Bose sound was remarkable. It was so clear it was unbelievable. I got a surround sound feeling whilst listening to the speakers and there was no sign of the low hum or odd crackle one sometimes finds accompanies certian speakers. I have now had my Bose ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shuggy1001


Good things come in small packages

Advantages Excellent Sound Quality, Loud, Alarm Clock, Charges i-pod

Disadvantages Lack of ipod control, No PC connection

"...few years ago in a Bose store and was blown away by the quality of the sound it produced. Since then, Bose have made it smaller again but there seems to be no loss in sound quality. There are no stickers stuck to it saying "Accentuated Bass" or "3D Sound" or any of that rubbish - this is because it doesn't need any of it. The sound is rich and provides a great output across all frequencies giving a clear and accurate reproduction of the audio you ..." Read review

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Community Level 101smartc


Bose..... Wow!!!

AdvantagesPure Sound, Great Bass, Suprising Volume!


"...such a small speaker! The Bose SoundDock is a small, compact speaker system for the Ipod range. It has great looks, amzing sound quality and suprising power! There are two different sound docks.. the first one was basically a plug in speaker system just for use with the ipod, perfectly good for anyone who is looking for amazing quality. This one costs £199. The second one they bought out, which i have also got, is the same system apart from it ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MyArtIsDeath

Quick review of Bose SoundDock Digital Music System

"Amazing sound and build quality, if you own an iPod you will love this piece of kit. Bose customer support is first class answering any and all questions that you put to them with complete honesty, they go out of their way to assist. First class product !

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Community Level 1adamp2010


Quite simply brilliant...

AdvantagesExcellent sound quality


"...now looking to get the Bose 'wave' system...whist its expensive i'm definately converted to Bose sound quality! Summary: You wont find better sound or style in an ipod dock ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ziggy246


Excellent Sound Quality

AdvantagesExcellent Sound Quality

DisadvantagesWeak Design

"I've had these speakers for over a month now and am very happy with them. The sound quality is superb and has just the right mix of Treble and Bass which I find is a major drawback in most cheaper Ipod speakers. I host a large amount of party's in my house and finding speakers which are able to go to a high volume without depleting in sound quality has been a difficult task for me. I shopped around on Google for a while and found a good deal on these ..." Read review

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