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Community Level 5crustypaul


Chugga chugga widdly woo

AdvantagesMassive smooth sound, nice EQ, built like a tank

DisadvantagesCan be too much

"...bit of Sepultura then the Boss Metalzone is the distortion pedal for you. Plug it in and turn up your Marshall stack and you'll soon be chugg-a-chugging away with the best of them. This pedal has the typical Boss build quality i.e. you could pound it all day with a seven pound lump hammer and it wouldn't even show a dent and as with all Boss pedals you can power it from either a 9v battery or an external power supply. When an external power supply ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MackotheBa...


Let's Metalise-2 Review with images

AdvantagesSmall, good colour cheme, good tone, easy to use

Disadvantageseverything else.

"The Boss Mt-2 pedal. Now where shall i start? Ah yes. The rigerous _Boss Mt-2_ pedal is somewhat of a mystery. It comes in the standard box shaped...box and a 9v non-working battery (Makes great use if your trying to corrode someones body part with acid). The box comes with: *The pedal *The instruction manual *The dead battery Which is all well and dandy and whatnot, but the fact is... £82?!! i mean yeah its like made some sort of black ..." Read review

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Community Level 3brunocrosier


Show 'em Who's BOSS Review with images

AdvantagesGreat look, durable, nice tones


"The BOSS Metal Zone MT-2 has become one of the world's most commonly used effects pedals, and is the pedal of choice of most of the metal genre's finest guitarists. It has a three-band equaliser and semi-parametric midtone equaliser to provide an optimum range of tones to suit a variety of subgenres. It seems that BOSS are so confident in their product that they have offered a 5 year warranty with their product. Perhaps this is because it is built ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Paolo1



AdvantagesHuge Sound

DisadvantagesLoss of social life

"This pedal will convert your small combo into a full on marshall stack. No kidding! There are a range of distortions available from fairly light overdrive type distortions to full-on Metallica-esque distortion. The latter is truely awesome. By setting a scooped setting the sound is second to none. It features treble, bass and 2 midrange tone controls which gives complete control over the sound. For use in metal playing, sustained power chords or smooth ..." Read review

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Community Level 1budbudd123



AdvantagesLots of great sounds, will withstand anything you throw at it.

DisadvantagesCould be a little bit cheaper

"If you love to play heavy metal, grunge, rock, punk or any simular styles then you will like this pedal. With controls for volume, distortion, high, middle and low levels and middle frquency, it is possible to get an astonishing number of good tones from this pedal. The instruction manual that comes in the box has 8 example presets to get you started but just a few minuites of playing around with the controls will and you will easily find a sound ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cambria83


Boss MT-2 - Excellent distortion pedal!

AdvantagesGreat Sound, Extremely Durable, Lasts a lifetime


"...then I couldn't recommend this Boss pedal to you enough! it hosts a whole range of distortion levels from light to extremely heavy and let's you customize the EQ levels to fine tune the sound you want. When you buy a Boss pedal you know you're spending your money wisely, because not only are they built out of metal to last a lifetime but the audio quality is exceptional and will never let you down! I do recommend buying an Ac adaptor for ..." Read review

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BOSS MT-2 Professional Metal Zone Distortion Effects Pedal

The Boss MT-2 Heavey Metal Zone. BOSS Most Popular Pedal! Features dual-gain circuitry for ... more

thick, tube stack distortion with heavy mids and
lows and long-lasting sustain. A 3-band EQ with
semi-parametric mids takes your sound to the

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