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Community Level 6michaird


Rancid, sweaty sin. I just love it.

AdvantagesDelicious, Creamy and unusual taste, fairly cheap

DisadvantagesRancid smell, unpleasant colour, Woah! those calories

"...different. That different thing is Boursin (you know: Du pain, Du vin, Du Boursin). It comes in a little 80g box for 90p, which I think it a bit of a bargain. Open the box and slide out a squat cylindrical foil package about the size of the palm of your hand (unless you have very large hands, common sense here people). Uncurl the foil around the edge and pull out the circular piece of foil in the middle, you will almost certainly get some ..." Read review

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Boursin Cheese- Tres Frais!

AdvantagesCreamy distinctive garlic taste. It's gorgeous!

DisadvantagesPrice and calories. + my blooming family scoff it before I get to it sometimes!

"...smuggle extra little portions of Boursin to me after my dinner because she knew how much I loved them. What it is to have a friend on the inside! My two kids used to dive on my bag when I came home from being there, they were more excited about the Boursin than about me getting home! Charming! It was first made by Francois Boursin in 1957, so it has just celebrated it's 54th birthday. I wonder if they made it a Birthday Cheese-Cake? He named it ..." Read review

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Community Level 5T21AMY


Boursin Soft Cheese - Yes Please ! Review with images

AdvantagesVersatile, tastes delicious

DisadvantagesPrice, high in fat (except Light variety), moreish !

"...day of the week and Boursin is one of the products I almost always have in the fridge - it's so versatileand can be eaten hot or cold at any time of the day - it's pure heaven. (".) What is Boursin ? (".) Boursin is a soft cheese like no other; I can't stand Philadelphia for example but this is something different. It is smooth and creamy but not in a sickly way, almost fluffy in texture but it will also spread quite easily onto a cracker. Boursin ..." Read review

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Community Level 3nightchild


orgasmicly creamy

Advantagesread review

Disadvantagesread review

"...to make a chicken and Boursin recipe which is absolutely divine, have I ever lied to you? Ooh you are excited aren’t you! Now you must have heard the of the advert “Du pain, du vin et du Boirsin (bread, wine and Boursin for you non French speakers). It was one of the most famous and successful French adverts in history. Packaged in a delightful aluminium cover, Boursin is recognised as one of the best French cheeses, by me anyway. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 4treley


More interesting than Cheddar! Review with images

AdvantagesTaste, texture, option of lower fat, easy to spread

DisadvantagesPackaging could be clearer.

"There is almost always Boursin in our fridge, mainly because just as I am addicted to Smoked Cheese, my other half is addicted to the Garlic variety of Boursin. Boursin is a French soft cheese with added herbs to make it more interesting. There are 4 varieties; full fat Garlic, full fat Pepper, and reduced fat versions of them both. The Garlic Boursin is delicious, but not for those who dislike garlic! It has a strong, but not too over powering, ..." Read review

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Community Level 7ashford


A Fresh and Light Soft Cheese from France

AdvantagesCreamy Rich,sweet flavour Nice table cheese

DisadvantagesVery Few

"Boursin soft cheese really is one of the great French cheeses.It is best described as a modern,creamery,fresh cheese of cylindrical shape and it comes without a rind. It was initially introduced in 1957 in the Normandy region by one Monsier Boursin,hence its name. This delicate soft cheese has a distinctive fresh and light taste with a rich,sweet,flavour and there is a rather subtle hint of acidity about it. It is normally flavoured with the likes ..." Read review

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Community Level 5JeffreyB


Made for wine Review with images

AdvantagesSpreads straight from the fridge

DisadvantagesA little too expensive

"...wine for sometime, I noticed boursin (Ail & fine Herbes) on the shelves of my TESCO metro. At £1.96 for 150g it was reasonably priced. It came in a white card box about 2 x 2 x 1 inches. ***INGREDIENTS*** Full fat soft cheese with garlic and fine herbs: pasteurised milk and cream, salt, garlic and fine herbs pepper. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: per 100g protein 7g, fat 41g. ***THE TASTE EXPERIENCE*** Open the card box and unwrap the silver ..." Read review

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