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Community Level 2MyPOV


I'm a sole man (size 13)

AdvantagesShoes displayed by size

DisadvantagesNot as cheap as I thought

"...out of the City to Brantano the following lunch hour (even though most of that hour would be spent walking there and back) First impressions walking in - large, organised, modern and all very promising! Divided into Men’s, Women’s and Children’s all shoes are displayed in size order - saves trawling the shelves and racks looking longingly at the shoes you really want before digging out the ones you can actually have. So, straight to the men’s ..." Read review

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Community Level 3cher1974


Cheap designer labels, but keep the receipt

AdvantagesGreat shoes at attractive prices

DisadvantagesI wonder if some of the stock are slight seconds

"...shopping experiences in my local Brantano store. We have a largish store opened up in Marsh Barton industrial estate in Exeter. The store past seasons designer shoes and boots for children and adults, along with shoe care accessories. The shoes are all laid out on shelves and in pairs in shoe size (this is UK shoe size) and please be aware that the do not sell half sizes. This is a great shop to find great labels at discounted prices. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5leofluffy69


Dr. Brantano didn't read my mind!

AdvantagesSome cheap prices

Disadvantagesquite expensive, rude staff and shop very untidy

"...The advert shows how 'Dr' Brantano has discovered a "sling back synapse" in the brain which makes women go crazy for shoes. It goes onto explain that this 'synapse' is triggered by having to wait and not getting what they want. Therefore it describes that at Brantano shopping for shoes is an easy process as the shoes are arranged by size and in exact pairs to aid trying on. So you can imagine my excitement when we drove past the Brantano store ..." Read review

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Community Level 5chcouper


Brantano - the shoe shop with a difference

Advantages Location, easy to find shoes

DisadvantagesLots of cheap nasty shoes

"...interest that I heard of Brantano Footwear. They're recently embarked on a new advertising campaign which prompted me to write this review. The distinguishing feature of the store is that all of the shoes are out on display so there's no need to ask shop assistants to go and get the shoes for you. *Store Layout* The first thing you notice about Brantano stores is that they're huge. This is because, as I've already mentioned, all the shoes in stock ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Paigeoleary


I want thousands of shoes!!!

AdvantagesMany shoes!


"...my shoes, I went to brantano store and I was on my way. I wanted to buy a lovely pair of boots and I went in their and it was not packed and was not much people in there and I wondered why but I just thought it was because barely anyone could see the store but I could but it was because of the price, It was really expensive in their but I thought I would buy a decent pair that would fit and look nice. You can get these stuff: Ladies , Men's ,Kids, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5fuzzybear967


Foot Fetish Heaven

AdvantagesNo waiting for shoes to be fetched

DisadvantagesBit souless

"Typically you will find Brantano located on out of town retail parks and its speciality is shoe sales. It adopts the strategy of having a large open floor space with all of the shoes arranged on displays in rows according to size so you will see the same style of shoes repeatedly dsplayed under size categories, the great thing about this is that both the left and right shoes are on display which menas that you can try them on then and there without ..." Read review

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The Shoe Shop Doesn't Fit For Me


DisadvantagesOverpriced, old stock, cold and clinical

"...when it was announced that Brantano were opening a store you can imagine me excitement, and everyone elses. When it first opened, for the first week or so they had an offer on which I think was a 20% discount on all products. Customers flocked through the doors, myself includeed, and business looked really good. I purchased a brown suede bag which with the discount was a great bargain. As I didn't need any shoes at this time, I just had a quick ..." Read review

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After Sales Service...... What Is That???


DisadvantagesExpecting Good After Sales Service

"The management in the Brantano store I visited could do with extra after sales service training!! I have used Brantano's in the past as the shop is conveniently located for me fortunately I won't be making this mistake again. After buying a pair of trainers and a pair of shoes (the trainers not being the cheapest of items) I had reason to return the shoes as the covering on the toe of the shoes was slightly marked. I know you're probably thinking ..." Read review

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Community Level 3johanna18


Blue Rince Brantano!



"I really dont know why this shoe shop has been rated so highly. In my opinion is it well over priced and old fashioned. Brantano has a range of shops across the country, often in out of town shopping areas. They sell shoes/boots for men, women and children. They also sell accessories and hand bags. The shoes range from trainers to work shoes and party shoes (although theyre pretty old fashioned). They do a range of shoes to suit all budgets but ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AbundantBee


Brantano Online

AdvantagesShop from home!

DisadvantagesFailure to deliver, poor customer service

"I've used Brantano for a number of years as I've found that they're one of the few shoe shops that stock ladies shoes in size 10 - there's not a great deal of choice in size 10 but at least some are stocked. The last time I visited I didn't see any shoes, in my size, that I liked so I decided to have a look at Brantano's website, to see if there were any shoes I liked on there and order them online. I duly went on the website, found some shoes ..." Read review

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Community Level 1geraldjohn


the "real" face of Brantano



"...a lot of ither countries Brantano violates them all. Unions are avoided, people who come up for the workers rights are fired. In the Netherlands workers were fired round christmas time and Brantano violated their rights, especially of they who were 60+. Brantano a wolf in sheeps clothing! links: http://www.dft.nl/nieuws/7192897/Acties_op_komst_bij_Brantano.html http://www.indymedia.be/news/2004/12/90961.php?l=nl http://www.fnvbondgenoten.nl/printable.do/returnPage/3317/itemId/7235/menuId/3317/pageId/3600/sf/3600/instanceId/5490/ So ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bexingtons...


Not cheap, bad quality'

AdvantagesLocal, ok sales staff

DisadvantagesCheap quality shoes with expensive prices.

"We have purchased 3 pairs of mens and boys shoes from out local branch. Unfortunately, all 3 pairs have had to be returned due to abnormal wear after only a few weeks. One pair actually had part of the soul fall out leaving a gaping hole. Another had all the coating scuff off in a few days. Another, the inner sole perished after only a few weeks wearing leaving very uncomfortable feet! I will say one thing though, the after sales service ..." Read review

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